10 Reasons Why Some Men Find You Intimidating

Ways to Deal With Mixed Signals from Your Male Friend

As you walk gracefully into that room, do you feel the shivering in people’s hearts? Do you feel the hair on their skin rise? Do you feel they are feeling subdued? Or has anyone been bold enough to tell you that you’re intimidating? Don’t fret, dear lady. “Intimidating” is a label that many strong, confident …

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10 Signs You’re an Elegant Woman

Elegance is not merely about wearing fancy clothes or possessing material wealth; it’s a quality that emanates from within.  As soon as you see an elegant woman – whether she is wealthy or middle class, you will know.  Her presence always leaves a statement.  An elegant woman carries herself with grace, poise, and a certain …

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8 Ways to Stop Being A Boring Woman

  Feeling like your life is as thrilling as watching paint dry? Tired of the monotony of doing the same old routine every single day? No worries!  You’re not alone, and there are plenty of ways to stop being a boring woman. Whether you need ideas for activities, conversations, or just living in general, we’ll …

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