8 Responsibilities A Married Man Should Never Avoid For A Strong And Happy Marriage

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Marriage is a function of two willing and working people, each with their own responsibility. 

While there are other things that may compete for a married man’s time and attention, he must know that his duty is first to his wife and to his marriage. 

Every other thing is secondary. 

Knowing this, he must work tooth and nail to see that his responsibilities to his wife and marriage are well fulfilled, and that he does not shy away from any of them for any reason. 

In this article, we have outlined 8 responsibilities that a married man should never avoid. 

These responsibilities are essential for maintaining a healthy and successful marriage.

8 Responsibilities a Married Man Should Never Avoid for a Strong and Happy Marriage

1. Emotional support

Responsibilities A Married Man Should Never Avoid

This is one of the first responsibilities of a married man to his wife. 

Everyone needs emotional support, and married couples ought to fulfill this need for each other. 

If a man fails to provide emotional support to his wife, he is putting her in a place where she will seek it outside the marriage. 

And, of course, she will lean in to anyone she finds. 

While this may seem completely harmless, it is good to know that where there is emotional support, there is emotional connection, and emotional connection often provides a good breeding ground for infidelity and other marital issues. 

As a responsible man, you must provide emotional support and be there for your wife during both good and challenging times. 

This often involves showing empathy, understanding, and validation of your wife’s emotions.


2. Financial responsibility

This is another key responsibility of a married man

It is generally accepted that men are the breadwinners of the home, with few exceptions here and there. 

It is often advised that any man who cannot bear the financial responsibility of his marital home should not bother with marriage. 

Because outside the exceptions, all eyes are on you in respect to the family’s finances.

A man who provides for his home is well honored in the society and among friends, and a man who doesn’t is often an object of scorn and ridicule.  

It is your duty as the head of the family to share financial responsibility as it should be, and make sure there are no lapses in the family’s financial needs. 

Things like budgeting, saving, and making decisions about financial goals and expenditures together should be done alongside your wife to make for smooth running of the home, and the exclusion of financial related marital challenges. 



3. Household chores and childcare

Responsibilities A Married Man Should Never Avoid

Household chores and child care can become overwhelming if left for the wife alone. 

It is a full day’s job to clean, cook, attend to the children’s needs and run household errands, and this responsibility is not a one-man affair in the home.

A responsible man must share in the day to day running of his home. 

Apart from the fact that it reduces your wife’s work load, it also helps you to be a part of the happenings in the home. 

If it involves child care, sharing in the responsibility brings you closer to your children and creates a good impression of you in their minds. 

Doing household chores with your wife is also a way of creating timeless memories together; memories that will sustain the marriage through challenging times. 



4. Respect

As a married man, you should understand that your wife is an integral part of you, and must be accorded the same respectful treatment you desire for yourself. 

Respecting your wife is also a tangible proof that you truly love her and are concerned about her needs. 

If you respect your wife, you will listen to and value her opinions and ideas, and not shut her up when she brings them forth. 

You will also consider her needs, and see that they are met.

These needs may sometimes include her need for space and personal time, and as a proof of responsibility, you should be able to respect her boundaries.



5. Loyalty and fidelity

Responsibilities A Married Man Should Never Avoid

Being loyal and faithful to your wife is a fundamental responsibility in a monogamous marriage. 

And it can never be old fashioned. 

Maintaining loyalty to your wife does not just show that you have respect for your marital vows and bed, it also shows your love for your wife and commitment to your marriage. 

Infidelity, whether emotional or physical, can severely damage trust and the foundation of your marriage.

Meanwhile, staying loyal and faithful to your wife strengthens your marital bond, and saves you the stress of dealing with the aftermath of infidelity. 



6. Quality time

Although spending time together as married couples often looks like a natural thing in marriage, it is also a marital responsibility every married man must fulfill. 

Many times, you will find a married man saying that there is no time to spend with his wife because of other marital and work demands taking all of his time. 

But this is the saying of an irresponsible man, and one that has caused many marriages to suffer shipwreck. 

Spending quality time together with your wife is a primary marital demand that should not be substituted for anything; and it is essential for maintaining intimacy and a strong emotional connection. 

In your busy schedule, include “time with wife” in the most important section. 

This may mean taking her out on date nights and vacations, doing chores together with her, or simply enjoying each other’s company.

You should always remember that you are your wife’s first friend, and while she likes it that you fulfill her other demands, she ultimately craves your attention and presence.



7. Conflict resolution

Responsibilities A Married Man Should Never Avoid

Disagreements are inevitable in any relationship, including marriage.

One of the proof that you are a responsible man is your ability to resolve the conflicts in your home whenever issues arise. 

Because conflicts are expected, every marriage must have a workable conflict resolution plan laid out for bad days.

A married man should take responsibility for addressing conflicts in a healthy and constructive manner, seeking solutions that work for both you and your wife, and restoring peace and  harmony in the home 

This also means that you must take responsibility for shortcomings and apologize when you are wrong.

Failure to properly and intelligently address and handle conflicts in your home will only lead to prolonged fights and may provide a breeding ground for hatred and resentments. 



8. Health and well-being 

The health and well being of yourself, your wife, and your marriage lies primarily in your hands. 

They are your responsibility. 

At every time, you should be concerned about your own and your wife’s physical and emotional well-being. 

Pay attention to every health detail and quickly notice when something is amiss. 

It is also your responsibility to encourage your wife to take her medication, supplements, or see a healthcare provider when necessary, even as you do the same. 

You must also lead a good example of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and providing support during times of illness or stress. 

If you are not attentive to your health and that of your wife’s, you may make room for serious health damages that could have been easily averted if it was noticed.  

The good health of both you and your wife is equal to the good health of your marriage. 

So, if you do not want your marriage to suffer, take care of your health. 



When both partners are not lagging in the fulfillment of their marital responsibility, they have the promise of a blissful home. 

The responsibilities as listed above are not definite; they may vary based on cultural, societal, and individual factors. 

Successful marriages often thrive on collaboration, compromise, a mutual understanding of each other’s needs, and a commitment to each other’s happiness and well-being.

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