8 Simple Tricks to Make Your Man Feel Special

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Whose man doesn’t want to feel special?

Definitely not yours.

Telling you to make your man feel special isn’t really about validating him or massaging his ego.

Because, to be honest, if you are not making your man feel special, someone else is.

It is a way of telling him how much you really do love and appreciate him.

It’s also a way of demonstrating your commitment to the relationship.

When you make your man feel special, you strengthen your bond and bring more joy to your partnership.

Here are eight simple tricks to make your man feel special, valued, and loved.


8 Simple Tricks to Make Your Man Feel Special

1. Compliment Him

Tricks to Make Your Man Feel Special

To be honest, you should be your man’s personal hype man.

If there’s anyone else complimenting your man more than you are, you are doing it wrong.

He wakes up in the morning, glowing like the sun?

He should hear it first from you.

He is ready to go out, and he’s looking all crispy and clean, and his fragrance is giving peace and tranquility?

Say it to him.

Really, you should normalize complimenting your man.

Complimenting him is different from flattery.

Flattery is excessively sweet talking about something, even when it’s not good.

But your man is good, and sincere compliments can work wonders in making him feel like the number one man in your world.

Compliment his achievements, appearance, his dress sense, and the way he handles things.

This will not only boost his self-esteem, it’ll also make him see how much you value him.

2. Surprise Him

It’s not only ladies that like to receive surprises that’ll make them “aww.”

Men love the surprise, too.

Especially in their relationship.

They like it when their woman has some elements of spontaneity in her.

He returns from work to see that you have helped him fix up something that would have taken his rest hour.

He’ll be super surprised and grateful.

Surprises are a surefire way to keep the spark in your relationship alive and burning.

No one wants a boring routine in a relationship.

There are tons of things you can do to surprise him.

You can give him something he wasn’t expecting or plan a surprise birthday party for him.

Or take him on a surprise shopping spree.

Or show up for him when he least expects it.

There are several things to do.

Surprises are a way of telling him that you are mindful of him.



3. Listen Actively

Tricks to Make Your Man Feel Special

“Being heard” should be included in the list of love languages, really.

It’s a whole different ball game when you have someone who hears you in a world where everyone is talking.

“Being heard” is when your thoughts, feelings, and opinions are actively acknowledged and considered by others, making you feel understood and valued.

Validating your feelings is just everything in the world because we’re in an age where people believe that others do not have the right to speak because their own situation is worse.

The way to show your man that you do not just hear him, but you also understand him is by really listening to him.

Engage in meaningful conversations with him, ask about his day, and show him that you are really interested in his thoughts, feelings, and all that goes on with him.



4. Support His Goals

Energy speaks louder than words.

To be honest, it speaks even louder than actions

Someone can be in a place, doing a thing, but it’s the energy that will tell what the person is or isn’t.

Do you want to make your man feel special?

Support his goals and aspirations with good energy.

Don’t just support him so that they’ll not say you’re unsupportive.

Instead, support him because you believe in him, and it’ll make you happy to see him win.

Treating his dreams like they were yours and supporting him to reach them gives him the assurance that he is not alone.

If there are areas where you can actively participate in his journey to attaining his goals, do it with joy.

Be his loudest cheerleader.

Let the picture of you applauding him and cheering him on stick to his memory.

It’ll provide the strength he needs to scale through.



5. Affection and Physical Touch

Tricks to Make Your Man Feel Special

Physical touch in a relationship goes beyond sexual intimacy.

It encompasses a range of tactile expressions of affection, including holding hands, hugging, and cuddling alongside sexual intimacy.

These acts of physical closeness serve to convey love, desire, comfort, and emotional connection in your relationship.

Physical closeness and affection play a crucial role in building and sustaining intimacy between partners.

It’s a non-verbal way to express your feelings and make him feel desired.

It’s a way of telling your man that you not only love him, you also want him.

And it’ll be such a special feeling for him, being wanted by the woman he loves and wants.



6. Show Gratitude

Tricks to Make Your Man Feel Special

Gratitude always opens the door for more.

But beyond that, when you express gratitude to someone, you are telling them, “I see you, I see what you do, and it means a lot to me.”

Being seen is just as important as being heard.

Of course, there are people who love to operate in the quiet and are not loud about their achievements.

But even if your man likes to work quietly, it’ll make him feel special to know that even if everyone isn’t seeing him, you are.

Say thank you for everything he does- small or large.

When you show gratitude, you’re telling him, “I see what you did, and I’m really glad you did what you did.”



7. Personalized Gestures

Tricks to Make Your Man Feel Special

How would you feel if your man knew your clothes and shoe size, preferred styles, designer, and color and got these things for you without much ado?

Yeah, that’s exactly how he’d feel if you paid attention to his preferences.

Paying attention to his preferences and tailoring your gestures accordingly shows that you are intentional about him and the relationship.

It’ll also help you know how to reach him dearly.

It’s one thing to do things for someone.

It’s another thing to do it the way they want it.

Whether it’s planning an outing he’d enjoy or getting him a personalized gift, offering personalized gestures shows that you know your man well.

8. Quality Time

Tricks to Make Your Man Feel Special

Quality time is the dedicated and undistracted moments you spend with your man, where you both are focused on sharing meaningful interactions with each other, deepening the emotional connection, and nurturing the bond.

Seeing a movie together with your man while scrolling through your newsfeed on your phone can’t count as spending quality time with him.

Going out on a date with him while you’re mind is calculating other stuff you want to do does not count as quality time, either.

Quality time involves genuine engagement, active listening, and shared activities.

The aim of spending that time together is to create a sense of closeness and intimacy that ultimately strengthens your relationship.

When it’s time to be with your man, put away every form of distraction and focus on him.

This gesture will make him feel both loved and respected.



There is an out-of-the-world satisfaction that comes with seeing the joyful look on your man’s face when you do something that makes him feel special.

So, making him feel special is fulfilling both for you and for him.

Making your man feel special is also one very effective way to sustain love and passion in your relationship.

If you want to build a relationship that’ll stand the test of time, you know what to do to make your man feel special.

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