10 Ways To Say No To a Booty Text

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The phrase “booty text” is surely unfamiliar to many people.

But the deed isn’t.

There are several other more familiar ways to refer to it, but for the sake of being respectful and abiding by policies, we will stick to using “booty text.”

So, what is booty text?

Booty texts typically refer to text messages or communication with a romantic or sexual intent.

Questions have come up several times about whether or not it is appropriate to engage in such conversations.

But that completely depends on the context and the consent of both parties involved.

So, in a situation where you do not consent to be “booty texted,” how do you express your lack of interest to your texter in a way that is polite but firm?

Here, we have listed 10 ways you can say “no” to a booty text and have the texter back off.


10 Ways To Say No To a Booty Text

1. Be straightforward

You don’t appreciate having people booty text you?

Then you should let them know without mincing words.

You should maintain politeness but firmly express your feelings.

For example, you can say, “I appreciate your message, but I’m not comfortable with this kind of conversation.”

People can stop disrespecting you, but they need to hear you say, “Stop.”

And beyond this, they want to see that you are serious about it.

When you are uncomfortable with something such as booty texts, but you’re engaging in it alongside the texter, your “no” will be discarded as an unserious joke.

So being straightforward goes beyond you saying, “I don’t want you to text me this way,” to the things you do in between: your non-verbal cues, etc.

This also helps to determine whether or not you are straightforward with your response.



2. Use “I” statements

10 Ways To Say No To a Booty Text

You do not like something?

Personalize your displeasure, please.

Share your feelings and thoughts by saying things like, “I would prefer not to discuss this,” or “I’m not interested in this kind of conversation.”

If you go on to say something like, “It is inappropriate for us to have this kind of conversation,” or you say, “It is inappropriate for you to text me like this,” your words may be disregarded.

Plus, it is not in your place to decide what is inappropriate for someone else.

Just because you feel like it is inappropriate does not mean that another person feels the same way.

Or maybe you both are members of a community that frowns at having sexually intended conversations, so you say, “Our community forbids us from having this kind of conversation.”

Great reminder.

But do you also forbid it?

If you want to say “no” in a way that’ll be regarded, you must learn to personalize your disinterest.



3. Set boundaries

10 Ways To Say No To a Booty Text

Naturally, people around you should know your boundaries.

They should be able to tell what you allow and what you won’t tolerate, both by your words and your deeds.

But of course, situations can arise where someone is new to your circle and begins to text you in a way that is unacceptable to you.

Along with expressing your displeasure about it, also use the opportunity to set out your boundaries.

Let the person know what your boundaries are and what type of communication is acceptable.

When they see that you have gone beyond the subject matter to set boundaries in order areas, they’ll be able to tell that you’re pretty serious.



4. Use non-verbal communication

As stated earlier, you can’t be saying a thing and doing the exact opposite.

You do not entertain booty texts kind of conversations, but you are engaging and reacting to booty texts kind of conversations.

Whoever it is you are talking to would think you are a clown.

Your words must complement your non-verbal gestures in order to be effective.

In fact, if you don’t want to engage at all, you can simply not respond to the message.

If they are continually ignored, they’ll take the cue that the message is unaccepted by you.



5. Block or mute

10 Ways To Say No To a Booty Text

You should know that not everyone has the ability to respect other people’s choices and opinions.

They like to do whatever it is they want to do without counting the costs or considering others.

But we are also grateful for the gift of the block, mute, and report buttons provided on our mobile devices.

So that if we encounter people who are disrespectful and inconsiderate, we can take them out of our space by ourselves when they are not willing to make the move by themselves.

So, if the messages continue after you’ve expressed your discomfort or disinterest, you can block or mute the person to prevent further communication.

6. Deflect with humor

10 Ways To Say No To a Booty Text

It is true that you have the right to decide what you allow in your life and what you do not.

It is also true that you can state these things in an as-a-matter-of-fact way.

But you must understand that there are some people in your life that you must maintain lightness with no matter the situation.

You cannot come off as strong-willed with them.

But does that mean you should tolerate whatever comes from them?

Or should you let them take advantage of your light-heartedness?

Absolutely not.

You can use humor to diffuse a situation while still making your point.

For instance, you can say, “Let’s keep it PG, shall we?”

In saying this and following through it with your non-verbal gestures, you would drive home the message that you are uninterested in the conversation.



7. Redirect the conversation

10 Ways To Say No To a Booty Text

Another way you can express your lack of interest in a conversation is by changing the topic.

Once the text begins to take an uncomfortable turn, you, too, should take the cue and change the topic to something more neutral or comfortable for you.

When you do this, they’ll get the message that you are not interested in the conversation.

If they persist, you can completely disengage from the conversation.



8. Express gratitude

When someone booty texts you, it may be a subtle sign that they are interested in you.

So even when you are not interested in the conversation or in them, you do not want to dismiss them rudely.

Acknowledge the person’s interest in you and express your appreciation.

Follow it up with a kind declination.

You can say something like, “I know that you find me interesting, and I really appreciate that, but I’d rather we keep the conversation platonic and respectful.”

When you do this, you make your texter feel respected and appreciated and more willing to yield to your request.



9. Use a canned response

10 Ways To Say No To a Booty Text

It’s good to always prepare for eventualities, seeing that life is filled with them.

So you can actually have a prepared response that you can use in such situations.

Just craft out a short but sensible message that can easily drive home your point.

You can save this text to your clipboard or to your notes.

And in days when the situation arises, you’ll be ready to tackle it.



10. Seek support or report if necessary

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If the unwanted communication persists or becomes harassing, consider seeking support from friends, family, or authorities.

There may be something you are or are not doing that’s making you attract booty texters.

You want to look into that, and your support group can be of great help.

Also, if you have exhausted all the methods of rejection yet your texter isn’t yielding, you may just resort to reporting the person’s behavior to the relevant platform or authorities to protect yourself.

Their persistence despite your rejections shows that they can be harmful to you, and you don’t want that to happen.

So, raise an alarm and seek help.


Having friends you can text on the phone is great.

It helps you stay busy on your phone when you are bored or without any engagement.

But your boundaries are as important and must be respected by people who want to stay in your circle.

When you remain unwavering with your boundaries, over time, people will naturally become accustomed to it.

Whatever you do, prioritize your peace and comfort.

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