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Women are more likely to stay in an unhappy marriage.

When you’re in an unhappy marriage, there’s a lot of pressure to get out.

It’s not easy to leave an unhappy marriage, even if you know it’s the right thing to do.

These are some reasons why women stay in unhappy marriages:


1. They value stability and security over excitement, passion, and romance

A long-term relationship can be a source of great joy and comfort, but it’s also easy to get stuck in a rut.

When you’re so used to being with someone else that it feels like you can’t function without them, it can be hard to imagine life alone or with someone else.

A woman who values stability will find it difficult to leave her husband.

2.  They want to keep the family intact

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They don’t want to break up their families because it’s all they have.

They don’t have any other support system, and they feel like if they leave, then there will be no one to help them raise their children and provide for them.

Many times, when one parent leaves the family, it’s difficult for all of them to adjust.

It’s especially hard for children to adjust.

They may have trouble in school or become withdrawn or angry.

Some parents feel like they need to stay together for the sake of their children, even if they’re unhappy with each other.

3. Shared finance

When you’re married, it’s not just your own money that you have to worry about.

If you and your spouse are jointly responsible for paying the mortgage, buying groceries, and supporting yourselves, it can be hard to leave a marriage even when things aren’t working out.

If a woman has children and a husband who earns more than she does, she needs that man to provide for her family.

Also, if they have shared property or debts, she may feel like she can’t afford to get divorced because she might lose everything.

This means that if a woman decides to leave her husband, she will be taking care of herself and any children on her own.

It also means that if she wants to go back to school or get a higher paying job, she will have to put in a lot of time and effort into getting those things done while working full-time as well.

So she’d rather remain in her marriage and endure.

4. They’re afraid of being alone

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Some women stay because they feel like they can’t find another relationship.

They’re afraid of getting older alone.

They are afraid of having no one else who will love them or care for them if they leave their husbands.

They feel divorce will mean being alone for the rest of their lives and they don’t want that.

5. They feel responsible for their partner’s happiness

Women often feel guilty when divorcing because they think it will make their husbands sad or upset.

They worry about what will happen if their husbands lose them, if he will cope without them.

Women are taught from an early age that their role is to take care of others, and this often extends to their spouse.

If a woman feels like she has failed her husband by not making him happy, she might feel like her relationship is unfulfilling and sad, but she may also believe that if she leaves him, he’ll be even more unhappy.

6. Religion and religious commitment

The rules about marriage vary from religions to religions.

Some religions don’t allow people to get divorced unless there’s a reason such as abuse or adultery; other religions don’t allow people to get divorced at all; still others require couples who want divorces to attend counseling sessions first before granting divorces so that both parties can come up with mutually acceptable solutions for resolving marital problems rather than just walking away.

This is because divorce goes against what many religions teach about marriage — namely that it should be permanent.

7. They’ve invested so much time and energy into the marriage

Some women have been married for a long time and have spent years building memories together with their husband.

They may feel that it’s too late to start over again.

Other women feel like they’ve lost their identity since becoming housewives and mothers, so if they divorced their husbands, they would have to start their lives all over again.

8. They take marriage vows seriously

To some women, marriage is more than just a piece of paper; it represents love, commitment and family; an agreement between two people to spend their lives together and raise children together regardless of whether or not they actually love each other or even want to be with one another anymore.

Some women choose to stay in unhappy marriages because they take marriage vows seriously.

They consider their vows sacred, and they don’t want to break them.

They believe that they have made a commitment to their spouse, and it’s their duty to keep that commitment.

Divorce is not an option for them; they believe that once you’re married, you stay married forever.

9. Shame

This is a very common reason why many women don’t leave unhealthy relationships, even if they know that they should.

As soon as they think about leaving their partners, they start thinking about all of the things that could go wrong after they’ve left.

They feel they cannot leave because they don’t want to be seen as failures, so they stay in a marriage that is no longer fulfilling and no longer serves their needs.

The shame associated with divorce is felt most deeply by those who grew up in communities where divorce is frowned upon or in families where divorce was an unthinkable option.

Divorce is still stigmatized in these communities, which means women who have experienced divorce are often excluded from social activities.

These women may feel shame about being single, feeling like less of a woman if they are divorced or separated from their spouse.

10. They don’t know where or how to start over

Another reason  why some women stay in relationships that are no longer fulfilling is because they don’t know how to start over.

They may feel overwhelmed with the thought of having to restart their lives, make new friends, and start a new career path.

For those who have been married for many years, the thought of starting from scratch may seem too daunting and they may default to the option of staying in an unhappy relationship.

11. They want to avoid a costly divorce

Divorce can be both emotionally and financially draining.

The cost of the legal fees makes divorce expensive.

Some people may not have the money to get a divorce, so they stay unhappily married.

These are the common reasons  why people stay in unhappy marriages that no longer fulfill them.

Staying in an unhealthy relationship does not have to be a permanent situation.

Get help, talk to your spouse, talk to a professional and make the decision that is right for you.

Only then can you find happiness again and move on with your life.





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