7 Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

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The journey towards getting wedded is not a walk in the park.

People who are in a relationship know this for a fact.

It is a long-distance trip with potholes, traffic, and stumbling blocks on the way.

It will often take effort and perseverance, yet nothing is assured.

But every lady looks forward to crossing that big milestone in their relationship – getting engaged.

And it’s no secret that men can be difficult to read, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

And they can be really secretive too.

However, there are a few telltale signs that may indicate that your man has gotten an engagement ring and is getting ready to pop the question.

7 Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

1. He’s Acting Strangely

Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

A man who wants to go down on one knee and pop the question is most times overcome with nervousness that makes him act strange.

In the days before he proposes to you, especially after he has gotten the ring, he may begin to behave in extreme ways.

He becomes extra caring in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, goes the extra mile to make you happy, and becomes extra clingy.

On the flip side, he might start finding new ways to annoy you on a daily basis or become easily offended such that everything makes him snap.

You need to understand that your man, at this point, has a lot going through his head and also needs to chill.

And as much as his acting strangely may signify that he has bought the engagement ring and is ready to propose, you need to ask him about his behavior.

He may not notice the extremities in his behavior caused by anxiety, and talking to him about it can help him get himself together.



2. He’s Making More Money

Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

As soon as a man starts being serious about walking a woman down the aisle, he becomes more conscious of his finances.

Marriage and weddings cannot be done without money, and it is generally accepted that a man plays a greater role in the family’s finances.

So when a man wants to get married, he begins to work two times harder in order to double his finances so as to meet up with the financial demands of marriage.

So, another sign to look out for if you suspect that he has bought the engagement ring is how his finances are.

You may not have access to his account, but you’ll definitely hear him go on about how he needs to make more money, how he needs extra cash, and all of that.

You’ll also notice that he is working extra hours or taking on side jobs to meet his target.

This is a sure sign that your man is ready to get married and has already taken the first steps towards it.

It also shows that he respects you enough to provide for his family before marriage.


3. He’s Talking About Marriage

Of course, every other sign listed would make no sense if your man hasn’t said anything to you about marriage.

I mean, what man wants to marry you and hasn’t said even a thing about marriage?

Even in the most subtle way, a man who wants to marry you will talk about marriage with you.

He will ask you questions to guide his decisions on getting married to you.

His questions may also be to test your readiness for marriage or whether you will be willing to commit to him in marriage.

Whatever the case may be, though, when your guy buys the engagement ring, he suddenly becomes a preacher of marriage or a marriage public speaker.

He would begin to have non-stop conversations about marriage, even in his subconsciousness.

Not like he just wants to go on blabbing about marriage like that, but the excitement of being so close to getting married to you makes him unable to put himself together.



4. He’s More Romantic Than Usual

Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

Let’s consider this scenario: you’re on your day’s routine, grinding hard to meet up with the goal, and then your man decides to show up with chocolates and flowers as seasonal gestures.

Or you wake up to a man standing with a tray of breakfast in his hands, smiling at you. Wow!

Truth is, your man is a really romantic person, yeah?

But what are all these frequent extra romantic moves?

He’s taking you on dates every other day, buying you enough flowers to fill a garden, cooking for you, and all that good romantic stuff.

He’s even planning a candlelight dinner!

Then he’s not saving his breath, reminding you how much he loves and cherishes you, how you complete him, how he never wants to lose you.

That’s a lot of romance in one place.

Is there something you’re missing out on?


It’s most likely that your man has gotten the ring, and he is about to pop the question you have been waiting for.



5. He’s Asking Your Parents for Their Blessing

There’s just something that happens to every lady when her man asks to see her parents.

It somehow awakens the consciousness that “look, this guy is really serious about these things he’s been saying.”

Then, it’s followed by the realization that the single life of groove and fun may soon be over.

Of course, marriage is fun and comes with its own groove, but the single-life groove is different.

So your man is asking to “officially” see your parent.

Or maybe he hasn’t come that clean, and he is just getting much closer to them than usual.

Sometimes, you may find him in close conversation with them.

It may indicate that he is ready to take the walk to the altar with you and is seeking your parents’ permission and blessings.

He may also be digging in to know if he has their full approval.



6. He Starts Talking About Your Future Together

Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

Another clear sign that he’s going to propose is if he starts talking about your future together.

At very random moments, he may bring up the discussion about his future plans that feature you.

He’ll ask you questions like the kind of house you’d like to have, the choice of children in marriage, etc.

He might even ask you questions about the kind of wedding you’d like to have, the place you’d like the wedding to be at, and the people you would like to invite.

When these questions and conversations start popping up, they may serve as an indication that he sees a future with you in it.

He is thinking about your future as a married couple and may be ready to give you an engagement ring.



7. He Starts Paying More Attention to Your Family and Friends

Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

If your guy starts paying more attention to your family and friends, it could be because he’s trying to win them over.

And why does he need to win them over?

All of a sudden, he is interested in knowing the people you roll with and their role in your life.

He becomes extra friendly with them and becomes intentional about his relationship with them.


It’s probably because he knows that they’ll be important people in your life after you’re married and there’s the need to make a good impression.

If you see him making an effort with your loved ones, it’s a sure sign that he’s planning to propose soon.

When you love the man you’re in a relationship with, all you want to do is get wedded to him.

But sometimes, your hands are tied because you are not the one to pop the question.

It’s all dependent on whether he is interested in getting married to you or not.

So, knowing that he is not just interested in getting married to you but has also made a move by getting the engagement ring will leave you with nothing but pure joy.

When you start to notice any of these signs in your relationship, be patient.

It won’t be too long before you know if your haunch is correct or not.

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