10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Bipolar

Ways to Deal With Mixed Signals from Your Male Friend

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that is often characterized by extreme mood swings, including manic episodes of heightened energy and depressive episodes of low mood. It’s a chronic condition that can affect a person’s daily life, but with proper treatment, individuals with bipolar disorder can manage their symptoms effectively. There are several signs …

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8 Ways To Treat A Player

Why Your Boyfriend Does Not Value You

Today, we’re treating players, literally. And if what comes to your mind when you see the word “players” are participants in a sports game, then you need to read this post. Also, if you know what we mean by “player” in this post, then this is your read. When someone is described as a “player,” …

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8 Dating Tips For Shy People

Dating is the one thing everyone wants to have a good shot at. And why not? What’s a better feeling than having someone who is your person through and through? But as good a thing as dating can be, it can also be a really daunting endeavor, especially for those who are naturally reserved or …

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