12 Signs He Is Protective Of You

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If you’re wondering if your man is protective of you, there are some tell-tale signs he is protective of you.

Do you ever feel like he’s watching over you?

If so, this might have something to do with him being protective of his relationship.


12 Signs He Is Protective Of You

1. He walks you to your car on a date.

signs he is protective of you

Walking you to your car on a date is an old-school romantic gesture.

Following a good date, he will want to walk you to your car.

He may do this out of courtesy and to make sure you get home safely, but it can also be an occasion for him to put his arm around you or hold your hand.

That’s because he wants the evening to last as long as possible and walking you to your car is a good way for him to keep chatting with you without feeling too forward about it.

He may also feel protective, wanting to make sure no one bothers you on your way back home.

This can be particularly true if the two of you are in a remote area or not in an especially good part of town.

He may also walk with you because he does not have his own vehicle and is concerned about letting someone drive off alone at night.


2. He gives you his jacket when it’s cold.

When he gives you his jacket when it’s cold.

If a man is protective of you, the first thing that he will do is make sure that you are safe and warm.

This is especially true when the weather gets particularly chilly and all you have on are your normal clothes, which are simply not enough to keep you warm.

In this situation, if your man takes off his own jacket and wraps it around your shoulders without even being asked to do so, then this is a clear sign that he loves protecting you!


3. He grabs your hand and holds it when you cross the road.

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You’re crossing a busy street on your way to the cafe for a rare date night with your partner.

It’s been a long week and you can’t wait to eat some baked goods with the person who makes you feel the most comfortable in the world.

When your hand brushes against his, he grabs it and gives it an affectionate squeeze.

“Let’s make sure we get across safely,” he says.

This man is protective of you and wants to make sure that nothing bad happens to you when you’re out in the world doing your normal life activities.

He doesn’t want anything bad happening to someone as great as you are!

He wants to keep you safe so that you can live a life where terrible things won’t happen, at least not while he’s around!

There’s no way anything bad could happen when he’s holding onto your hand and making sure that no cars hit you or anything!


4. He buys you a bottle of water or pays for your meal.

If you’re about to go on a date with a guy, he’ll pay for your meal and buy you a bottle of water.

He doesn’t want you to get thirsty.

And he will be the one who offers it to you because he cares about your health.

It’s also his way of showing that he’s chivalrous and protective of you.

If you’ve been together for six months or more, he’ll bring home your favourite food as a surprise gift because he knows that it makes you happy whenever you eat it.

Or when he decides to pay for your rent just because he loves to see the smile on your face whenever he gives it to you. He wants the best for his girl, so money doesn’t matter at all!


5. He drives to pick you up if public transport is unsafe at that time of the day.

If your man is protective, he will be concerned about your safety when you are travelling.

If public transport is a bit risky at the time of the day that you’re travelling, he will offer to drive down to pick you up.

He wouldn’t want you to take any risks or feel uncomfortable while travelling, and would not want to risk you being late for an important meeting or date.

So he would do everything in his power to make sure you reach your destination on time and safely!

This gesture shows how much he cares about you and wants what’s best for you!



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6. He fights with his friends so they don’t make fun of you even just in jest.

He fights with his friends so they don’t make fun of you even just in jest.

If you’ve ever had to listen to your boyfriend and his friends call each other stupid names all the time, then you’ll know that sometimes they also like to poke fun at their girlfriends, too.

While it might seem like a harmless joke, he knows that this type of banter can get old really quick and if he wants his friends to respect you, then hurting your feelings is a big no-no.

He wants you to feel comfortable around him and his friends.

Another reason why he would want his pals not to tease or make fun of you is that he wants things to be as easy for both of you as possible.

If some snarky remark was made about something silly that happened between the two of you earlier today, then he doesn’t want other people making things awkward by bringing it up again.


7. He opens and closes doors for you.


The moment he opens a car door for you or a door to get into the restaurant, you know that you are with a good guy who truly cares about you.

The old-fashioned gentleman is making his way back into fashion.

This is something that not all men can do, and it’s something your guy does without even thinking about it.

It’s just a little thing, but it shows so much respect and cares for his lady.

It also shows his children growing up how he will treat their mother, as well as how he expects them to treat their dates when they grow up.


8. He makes sure all of your bills are paid so no one can take advantage of you.

The truth is, he makes sure all of your bills are paid so no one can take advantage of you.

He wants to make sure you have financial independence so that you can take care of yourself and your family if anything happens to him.

He also does it because he doesn’t want anyone taking advantage of the fact that you are a woman in this society.

The more financially independent you are, the less likely it is for people to take advantage of you, and that’s what he wants.

The bottom line here is that your man loves having his own business and he wants to be able to provide for himself and his family as well as be able to provide for his loved ones.

If this sounds like your man, then he definitely wants you to be financially independent so that no one can ever take advantage of you or the fact that you are a woman in this society.

He’s just looking out for your best interests!


9. He apologizes when he has done something wrong, even if it wasn’t on purpose.

He is always the first to apologize when he has done something wrong.

Even if it wasn’t on purpose, he feels the need to say sorry and try to make up for it.

For example, one time I accidentally bumped into him with my elbow and he apologized for being in my way as I walked by!

The apology seems silly because it was not his fault at all, but that’s just how much of a gentleman he is.


10. He respects your boundaries, whatever they may be.

When you’re in a relationship, it can be hard for some guys to respect your boundaries.

However, if he does respect your boundaries, then he’s a keeper.

You’ve got to have boundaries in a relationship – that’s what keeps them healthy in the long run.

If you don’t have any boundaries, then you may find yourself getting used to and being taken advantage of by the other person.

He might not even realize that he is disrespecting your boundaries if he doesn’t know what they are.

So next time something crosses your boundary with him, let him know so it doesn’t happen again.

People will probably tell you this all the time but it is still worth saying: don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries!

You deserve better than that. Just move on and find someone new who will treat you right instead.


11. He reassures you that everything will be okay, whatever happens, and whatever the future may bring.

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He reassures you that everything will be okay, whatever happens, and whatever the future may bring.

It is important to know that your partner cares about how you feel.

It’s also important to know if he’ll be there for you in a crisis.

For example, if you have to make an important life decision or are going through a hard time in your life, will he help you through it?

Knowing he can also be reassuring when you feel down or upset about something.

He should be able to comfort and support you when things get hard and make sure that everything works out just fine!

You shouldn’t have any doubts – if anything goes wrong, at least one person who cares unconditionally about what happens with their lives would definitely come running back into them again without hesitation.

Because they’ll always love them regardless!”


12. He gives you his phone number and asks for yours in case either of you gets in trouble during your date; he wants to know that he can get ahold of you if anything happens.

If a man asks for your phone number early on in the relationship and you are comfortable providing it, that is usually a good sign.

This shows he wants to be able to contact you if there is any sort of trouble during the date, which shows he cares about your well-being.

He wants to make sure nothing bad happens to you while you are out with him.

To some, this may sound a bit too pushy or controlling, but when it comes from someone who has no intention of hurting harm’s way this can be a good thing.

If you still do not feel right giving him your number so early in the relationship and he respects your decision then that too shows his genuine interest in protecting you and keeping you safe.



Having a guy who cares about whether or not you’re safe, happy and healthy is pretty cool.

You know how the saying goes: it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

This definitely applies to boyfriends, too.

Having a guy who cares about whether or not you’re safe, happy and healthy is pretty cool.

I mean, having someone who will listen to your rants about your boss and then go online and leave a bad review for your company is something rare and precious.

If you’re lucky enough to find someone like that, he’s probably protective of you.



12 Signs He Is Protective Of You

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