13 Signs He Does Not Miss You

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What are the Signs He Does Not Miss You?

Are you sending your heart off on the wildest romantic rollercoaster of your life?

Are you wondering if he still misses you?

Here are 13 signs he does not miss you.

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13 Signs He Does Not Miss You

Signs He Does Not Miss You

1. His conversations are short and boring.

If you’ve tried talking to him, and he responds with answers like “yes,” “no,” or “okay,” it could be a sign that he is not missing you.

He probably won’t even ask you about your day in return.

You may notice that your conversations are now short and boring.

The spark has disappeared from your chats as well.

If he doesn’t share any interesting stories about his day or what happened while he was away, it could mean that his life is dull at the moment and there is no one to spend time with or talk to except for work colleagues.


2. He is not calling you anymore.

You have noticed that he is not calling you like before.

When you used to be together, he would call every morning just to hear your voice before going to work.

He would call during his lunch break and again when going home.

In fact, it was hard for him not to call you, even if it was only a minute or two because he missed you so much.

Now all of a sudden, he doesn’t seem that interested in talking to you anymore.

If this is the case with your man, then chances are that he doesn’t miss you like before and maybe even at all!

This can be tough to accept especially if deep down inside you truly love him with all your heart.

So what do you do?

How should you act?

The thing about men is that actions speak louder than words.

Therefore, the best way to tell if a guy likes you is to pay close attention to his body language and the things he does for you.

If he gives off signs that there is no spark between the two of you anymore, then it might mean that he simply does not miss you anymore or at least in the way you want him to.


3. He does not ask about your day.

You are the one who is asking about his day.

Or, you may be the one who is telling him about how your day went.

Yet, he does not ask about your day.

When someone cares about you romantically, they want to know what you have been up to and how it has impacted you.

This type of interest means that he cares enough to hear what was good and bad in your life on a daily basis and that he considers this information when thinking of ways to make your life better.

If he does not ask about your day, there’s a chance that he doesn’t care much at all.

He also does not ask about your family and friends.

No matter what the connection may be, there’s a good chance that if someone interacts with people who are close to you then it will eventually come up in conversation with him.

Yet, if he shows no interest in hearing more about them or even getting to know them in person himself, then this means that he has no intention of staying for long or being part of certain conversations in the future either.

He also does not ask about your goals and dreams for the future because someone who truly cares would want to get an idea of how serious you are taking this relationship as well as how much planning and effort goes into things like moving away or having children together later on down the line (or whatever else might come up).

He definitely does not ask about your hobbies and interests because it is yet another way for him to learn more about what makes you tick and care even more deeply than before!


4. There is no more flirting.

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The flirting is gone.

At the beginning of a relationship, everything is fun and flirty.

You are attracted to each other, you constantly flirt with each other, and there is no doubt that you have a strong connection.

This makes sense because he misses you at this moment!

However, if things are very serious between the two of you, there should still be flirting going on.

It’s important not to forget why you fell in love with your man in the first place and it’s important to show him that you still feel that way about him.

Show him how much he means to you by being charming and playful every once in a while.

If he doesn’t do this back, take it as a sign that he does not miss or appreciate you anymore.


5. He does not compliment you anymore.

When a guy likes you, he will compliment you.

When a guy is interested in you or attracted to you, he will find things that he likes about you and guide your attention to those things.

Once upon a time, all of the seemingly harmless compliments that he gave you lit up your whole world and made your heart flutter.

But now, it doesn’t even feel like a big deal when your crush doesn’t compliment at all anymore because it just isn’t something that he does around you anymore.

He might not be good at showing his feelings.

Just because the lack of compliments means that he isn’t into you anymore doesn’t mean that his feelings for you aren’t genuine.

Think about how different people express their emotions in different ways.

Some people are emotional and expressive with their words while others are more reserved and stoic with their actions instead.

It might not be easy for him to tell you how much he actually cares about or misses you but as long as his actions say the same thing, then it should be enough to go off of.


6. He does not make plans with you anymore.

If he is not making plans with you, it means that he does not miss you.

He might still be interested in seeing the other women who are already in his life and does not want to make you feel like a third wheel.

If he does not want to see you, it also means that he is busy with other things too.

When someone is busy, they usually find it hard to keep up with their social life.

This can mean that he has a lot of work responsibilities or family matters to take care of.

Bottom line: If your ex-boyfriend isn’t making plans to see you anymore, then it’s likely because he doesn’t miss you very much right now.

He could be focusing on other things like work or his family obligations at this time and doesn’t have much time left over for contact with an ex-girlfriend who’s no longer part of his daily routine anymore due to distance/change in circumstances which would prevent them from seeing each other regularly these days (i.e., they aren’t near enough geographically speaking).


7. He is cancelling your dates.

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He is cancelling your dates.

The more he’s cancelling, the less he’s into you.

It works like this: when someone is not thinking about you at all, they won’t cancel a date if they already know it will hurt your feelings and make you sad.

They will go to that date so as not to risk losing you; because when you’re not on their mind at all, there’s no reason for them to hurt or disappoint you.

But if a guy is not missing you (or has lost any interest in having a relationship with you), he won’t care about hurting your feelings by cancelling dates.

He’s doing it because he thinks it will be easier for him to let go of the relationship in the long run if things are over faster, and if that means breaking up with someone who wants more than just casual dating, then so be it.


8. He is not as supportive as before.

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Support is a feeling of countenance, encouragement or aid. It is important to have support from the people in our lives.

Without it we are very vulnerable and can be greatly impacted by what happens around us.

A supportive relationship with the right person will help you to grow and feel good about yourself.

If you don’t feel supported, then maybe it’s time for a change.

It only takes one word to make someone feel like they have been heard and understood.

He may no longer be as supportive as he used to be towards you before the break up happened.

This could mean that he does not miss you anymore.


9. He does not care to understand your point of view.

He does not care to understand your point of view.

Whether it’s a disagreement about you not wanting to go out when he does or the fact that you don’t like the same movies, no one is going to win if he doesn’t try to understand your side of things.

If a man can’t empathize with your perspective, it’s clear he only cares about his own agenda and doesn’t see how valuable you are as his partner.

If this sounds familiar, consider asking him directly how he feels about trying to see things from your point of view—and then make sure that you reciprocate by listening to him as well.

The more each person can compromise without feeling like they’re losing their individuality, the better off any relationship will be.


10. He does not spend his time with you anymore.

When a man is interested in you, he spends time with you. If he has other things to do and would rather be doing them, then it means that you are not on the top of his list anymore.

Let’s be honest, if he wanted to spend more time with you, he would find the time for it.

If a man doesn’t make himself available for you when he can easily do it, then there is no reason for you to believe that he misses or loves you.


11. You are the one trying to contact him all the time.

You are the only one reaching out to him. He never initiates contact.

When you do reach out to him, he seems like he can’t be bothered to text you back, or at least not in a timely manner.

And when he does bother to respond to your texts and calls, his responses are short and cold. He doesn’t even ask how you are doing!

Every time that you try to share details of your life with him, it feels like he is bored and tuned out.

Every time that you try to share something special about yourself with him, it feels like he is bored and tuned out.

It has been a while since the two of you have had any meaningful conversations where he asks about your feelings or opinions on something important (and if there have been any meaningful conversations, they were few and far between).

You always feel like the one who is doing all the work in this relationship because you find yourself sharing stories from your life, things about yourself (like what movies or books you’ve recently read), and photos from events that took place in your day-to-day life, etc., but all he does is send generic messages without much substance behind them such as “I hope everything goes well for u today :)”


12. Your texts and messages remain unanswered most of the time.

If your texts and messages remain unanswered most of the time, he is not missing you.

He simply ignores you and does not care enough to respond to your messages. If it is important, he will reply soon.

Otherwise, if it is not important, he will ignore them all forever.

When it comes to relationships, communication is very important.

If a relationship has a good communication system – two people can talk openly about everything and clear problems between them easily – then they have a very healthy relationship and share a strong bond that helps them last as a couple for years longer than some average relationship where there are no communication skills involved.

As women sometimes we feel like we are communicating effectively with our partners but we aren’t sure if they understand or not so we continue talking without realizing that our man doesn’t understand us at all!

We tend to think that men should understand us but really when it comes down to it the way women communicate is often very different from the way men communicate.

You may be able to see him physically in front of you but you cannot read his mind which means his body language or facial expressions won’t tell you much about what goes on inside his head!

It’s hard for everyone, when someone close, doesn’t answer texts because this lack of contact makes us feel disconnected from those around us which can cause anxiety or depression especially when there seems like no good reason why they don’t want anything more than just talking over text message all day long instead of having real conversations face-to-face.


13. You do all the planning but he never plans anything for you two.

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If your ex is not showing any interest in plans, it is obvious that he does not miss you.

The fact is, he has moved on and does not care what you are doing or where you are going.

He would only be interested in the plans if he wanted to see you or wanted to know how much time you were spending with a new guy.

In order for him to change his mind about getting back together with you, he needs to have some fears of losing you.

Those fears can only be there if there is another guy in the picture who could potentially steal your love from him!



If he’s displaying these signs, it’s best to let him go!

If you’ve been wondering if he’s still thinking of you, look no further than these signs.

He has not used the word “miss” in any sentence referring to you in more than a year (and does not use it when talking about anyone).

signs he does not miss you

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