8 Signs He Is Truly Sorry For Hurting You

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How do you know the signs he is truly sorry for hurting you?

When someone you love and care about them, it can be difficult to know if they are truly sorry for their actions.

You want to forgive them even before they ask that you do because of how strongly you feel about them.

To know that your man is sorry for hurting you there are some of his actions that will show this even when he does not come out straight to say it.

With his actions, you will know that he is genuinely sorry and remorseful for his mistake

Here are some signs he is truly sorry for hurting you.


8 Signs He Is Truly Sorry For Hurting You

1. He apologises sincerely:

Signs He Is Truly Sorry For Hurting You

The first step towards making amends when a man wrongs you is that he will apologise sincerely.

An apology is him acknowledging his mistake and being genuine about it without making any excuses.

He’s just said about his apology that he doesn’t justify the wrongdoing or blame you in any way.

He is honest about his mistakes and how much he is willing to correct them.

A genuine apology from your man shows that he’s really sorry for hurting you.

He doesn’t just apologise and show remorse when you’re present.

He also demonstrates it when you’re not around, which shows that he truly understands the impact of his actions and is committed to making things right.



2. He takes responsibility: 

After tendering his unreserved apology he does not try to shift the blame onto someone else or make excuses for his behaviour.

The stance is that he is responsible for the actions that took place so he’s looking for ways to remedy it.

He knows that his actions had an impact on you and your relationship and he will be the one to bear the responsibility without being told.

A man that takes responsibility for his action is genuinely sorry for hurting you.


3. He listens to you: 

After taking responsibility for his actions he listens to the way he has actually hurt you and how his action has affected you.

He listens to your feelings are your concerns without interrupting or trying to defend himself because he knows that you are talking from an emotional point of view.

While listening, he will be able to understand how his action affected you and how he is going to right the wrong.

While you are talking to him he will make sure that he put himself in your shoe and understand from your point of view

A man that listens to you while you express your hurt is sorry for his actions and also sticks to remedy them.


4. He shows empathy:

Signs He Is Truly Sorry For Hurting You

While he was listening to you he acknowledges the pain he caused you and demonstrate that he understands how you feel.

He acknowledges your emotions and does not push them aside.

It takes a man that is sorry for hurting you to show empathy while you explain yourself to him.

He doesn’t make light of the situation nor does he make the situation a joke.

He sees through your lenses and adjusts accordingly to the reality at hand.

He doesn’t minimise your pain or brush it off as if it’s not a big deal. 

He acknowledges the hurt he caused and validates your feelings.

While he is at it he shows remorse.


5. He makes amends: 

After doing all of these he makes sure that he is willing to make amendments to make the situation better.

He takes action promptly and moves things right to repair the damage.

He may go as far as making restitution or taking steps to prevent the same mistake from happening again.

He doesn’t capitalise on the fact that you are in a relationship with him and take advantage of that leverage.

A man that is genuinely sorry for hurting you will only do this.


6. He is patient: 

Signs He Is Truly Sorry For Hurting You

While taking steps in making sure that the relationship is back to the Status Quo he understands that forgiveness takes time.

He doesn’t pressure you to forgive him right away because of the fact that you are in a romantic relationship.

He is willing to put in the work to regain your trust and rebuild your relationship.

He knows that nothing good is created suddenly and as such, he is giving it the time it needs to grow and nurture it back to life.

He understands that you may need space and time to process your feelings so he respects your boundaries.

Only a man who is sorry for hurting you will do this in a relationship.


7. He is consistent: 

At a point where a man is trying to get you to forgive him, it might look like he’s putting up an act for that moment.

However, a man that loves you and is genuinely sorry for hurting you will be consistent in his actions.

He will not blow hot and cold rather he will put in all the effort consistently and constantly.

He does not just apologise once and go back to his old ways rather he is committed to making things right, improving himself and the relationship.

Ultimately, the best sign that he is sorry for hurting you is that he doesn’t repeat the same behaviour. 

He takes the necessary steps to change and improve himself so that he doesn’t hurt you or anyone else in the same way again.


8. He seeks help: 

Signs He Is Truly Sorry For Hurting You

A man that hurt you may need help to change his behaviour.

While in the process of talking things out and trying to make things right by you, if he is reaching out to the right quarters to help with his attitude or behaviour then he is indeed sorry.

This help could be in the form of therapy counselling or other forms of support to address any underlying issues that contributed to his hurtful actions.

It can be in the process of days that he will also learn to manage himself and his emotions better.

A man that does this is genuine and definitely worth giving another chance.


When someone hurts us, it can be difficult to know if they are truly sorry for their actions 

however no matter how much they try to mask it, when you pay attention to their actions after then you will know if they are truly sorry for their conduct.

Forgiveness is a process and you should take your time while at it.

Do not let anyone blackmail you or force you into forgiving them in the name of love.

Make sure they do right by you and you’re really willing to move on at that point.


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