The 7 Types of Men Who Stay Single

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Some men have become perpetually single, so much so that they have become an object of concern and study for others.

But in a world where romantic relationships often take center stage, it is necessary to know that staying single is a valid life choice.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people who have decided to stay out of romantic relationships for one reason or another.

Some men actively choose to remain single for various reasons and to satisfy the curiosity in people’s minds about this choice, this article comprehensively outlines 7 different types of single men.

The 7 Types of Men Who Stay Single

1. Independent Explorer

Types of Men Who Stay Single

Independent explorers are men who prioritize their freedom and personal growth above entering into long-term romantic relationships.

They love the adventure they are able to make as single men and their ability to make their life choices without being answerable to anyone.

One of the key advantages of this lot is the freedom it provides them.

This supposed freedom often leads to them building a strong sense of self-reliance and personal growth as they learn to navigate life’s challenges on their own.

Additionally, independent explorers often have a diverse range of experiences, as they are not tied down by the responsibilities of a committed relationship.

However, one of the primary drawbacks of these men is loneliness.

They may relish their autonomy, but most of them are wallowing in loneliness and the need for a partner.

They also rob themselves of the opportunity to build their own family as they spend all their days prioritizing their personal growth and development.



2. Career Devotee

Types of Men Who Stay Single

These sets are men who channel all their energy and focus into their professional pursuits, usually to the detriment of long-term romantic relationships.

Their careers are central to their lives.

They are people who are often highly dedicated to their work, and their commitment usually helps them to advance in their careers, providing them with financial stability and a sense of accomplishment.

One of the reasons they like to stay single is the fact that being without any relationship attachments allows them to have the flexibility to prioritize their own ambitions and work on projects without any form of distractions.

On the downside, this dedication to their career can, without room for emotional connection, sometimes lead to an imbalance in life.

In their journey to becoming very successful in their careers, career devotees may find themselves working long hours or constantly under unnecessary pressure, which can take a toll on their mental and physical health.



3. The Emotional Guarded

Types of Men Who Stay Single

These set are men who have chosen to stay single due to past unpalatable experiences that have left them with emotional scars or traumas.

They would rather protect their emotional well-being rather than pursue new romantic connections.

When they do this, they have protection against potential heartbreaks.

They can also invest time into getting complete healing from those scars and traumas, and through this process, they strengthen their personal growth, self-awareness, and self-care.

Staying single at this period of their lives would help them to build emotional strength for future relationships and increase their chance of being great partners in their future relationships.

But it is never advisable for men in these groups to isolate themselves.

Isolation will only deepen their scars and trauma.

Rather, during this period, emotionally guarded people should seek help from professionals and closure among friends and family.



4. Serial Daters

Types of Men Who Stay Single

One may wonder why serial daters are on this list following the fact that they are always seeing someone.

But the fact that they are seeing a different person every other day does not mean they are in a relationship.

Serial daters are men who enjoy the dating experience and often engage in short-term relationships or casual dating.

And to achieve this purpose, they need to remain single.

This lifestyle avails them the opportunity to continually meet and connect with a diverse range of people.

People who are serial daters often have rich social lives and enjoy the thrill of getting to know new individuals.

Serial daters can also learn a great deal about themselves and their preferences through dating.

They have the chance to develop strong communication skills and emotional intelligence as they meet and connect with different people.

However, it is pretty difficult for serial daters to build a deep and long-lasting relationship as their mind is already accustomed to flings and casual dating.



5. Perpetual Bachelor

Types of Men Who Stay Single

Some men are die-hard bachelors who have no intentions of letting go of their single-hood.

They are men who have fully embraced the single life with enthusiasm.

They have no desire whatsoever to settle down or be “tied down” in a long-term romantic relationship and prefer the freedom and independence that come with being unattached.

And, of course, their freedom avails them of the opportunity to live life on their own terms and without having to be responsible for or accountable to anyone.

While it may seem that this lot is on top of the world, they may sometimes experience loneliness as they are not privy to the emotional support and companionship that comes with being in a committed relationship.



6. Dedicated Parent

Some men are single parents who have placed more importance on their role as fathers than on their need for emotional connection.

These men are fully responsible for and committed to providing the best possible upbringing for their children and may choose to remain single to focus on their parenting responsibilities.

In doing this, dedicated parents are able to build a strong bond and connection with their children.

As they prioritize their children’s well-being, they become an active part of their lives, ensuring that they have the love, guidance, and support that they need to grow and develop properly.

They also create an atmosphere that is both stable and free from unnecessary relationship drama that may be detrimental to the children’s mental health.

While this is such a beautiful thing to do, parenting is such a demanding and emotionally challenging full-time job.

The responsibilities of single parenthood can be overwhelming at times, leaving little room for personal pursuits or romantic relationships.

Single parents are often advised to seek out support networks and balance their parenting duties with their own well-being.



7. The Spiritual Seeker

Types of Men Who Stay Single

These are men on a spiritual journey who believe that they do not need the distractions of romantic relationships.

They often engage in practices such as meditation, mindfulness, or spiritual exploration to deepen their connection with higher consciousness.

Examples of these men are Catholic priests and Eunuchs.

They find fulfillment in delving into their spiritual practices, which can lead to increased self-awareness, emotional balance, and inner peace.

Spiritual seekers often experience a sense of purpose and alignment with their spiritual beliefs, fostering a deep sense of contentment and serenity.

Through these practices, they may also develop more meaningful and compassionate interactions with others.

As much as they do not want to engage in romantic relationships, spiritual seekers must find themselves in a community of people with like minds who can provide them adequate emotional support needed for their mental and emotional stability.


Understanding the different types of men who choose to stay single allows us to appreciate the diversity of human relationships and individual choices.

As society continues to evolve, everyone must come to respect and support the decisions of others, including men who have chosen to stay single, recognizing that staying single doesn’t imply a lack of happiness or fulfillment.

Remember, the choice to be single is a personal one, and what matters most is that people lead lives that align with their values and aspirations.

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