10 Effective Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

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The place of emotional intimacy cannot be overemphasized in a successful and fulfilling marriage. 

Emotional intimacy involves deepening the emotional connection between partners and fostering trust, vulnerability, and understanding. 

As the foundation of a strong relationship, emotional intimacy can strengthen the bond between spouses and give room for beautiful friendships to thrive, leading to increased satisfaction and a more resilient partnership. 

In this article, we’ll explore ten practical ways to build emotional intimacy in your marriage and create a more loving and harmonious union.

10 Effective Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

1. Effective Communication

Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

If communication is ever important, it’s in a marriage setting. 

Marriage isn’t a place where you should hoard or hide things. 

Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of emotional intimacy.

And if you want your love life with your spouse to keep bubbling and burning, you must make a conscious effort to listen actively to your partner’s thoughts, feelings, and concerns without judgment when they present them to you. 

Encourage them to express themselves freely and, in turn, share your own emotions and thoughts. 

This will create a safe space for discussions, allowing both of you to be vulnerable and unafraid of being misunderstood.


2. Quality Time Together

It is important that couples normalize spending quality time together. 

It is very essential for nurturing emotional intimacy. 

Set aside dedicated time in your busy schedules to bond and connect. 

Even when you’ve started bearing children, and it seems like it is impossible to have that alone time, the practice should not be thrown out.

Engage in activities you both enjoy, such as cooking together, going for walks, or enjoying a movie night

These shared experiences will strengthen your emotional connection and deepen your understanding of each other.


3. Express Affection Regularly

Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

Small acts of affection can go a long way in building emotional intimacy.

Learn your spouse’s love language and become fluent in it.

That way, you’re able to express affection to them in ways they understand. 

It could be through physical touch, words of affirmation or acts of kindness. 

Show physical affection through hugs, kisses, and holding hands. 

Verbal expressions of love and appreciation are equally important. 

Compliment your partner, express gratitude, and say “I love you” often. 

These expressions reinforce your emotional bond and make your spouse feel valued.


4. Practice Empathy and Understanding

To grow emotional intimacy, strive to understand your partner’s perspective and feelings. 

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in their shoes and validate their emotions. 

Many times, you and your partner may not agree on certain things, but you must make a deliberate effort to see things from their viewpoint, even if you do not share or support the opinion or idea. 

Avoid being insensitive by giving dismissive or judgmental responses, as they can erode emotional closeness.


5. Share Your Dreams and Goals

Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

Couples sometimes have individual dreams and aspirations. 

Especially newlyweds.

Sharing your dreams and aspirations with your spouse can build emotional intimacy, especially if they create a sense of partnership and support. 

Never assume your partner knows what you desire to achieve because they are right there with you; rather, discuss your long-term goals and encourage your partner to share theirs. 

Together, you both should review them and devise ways to achieve them.  Working together towards common dreams strengthens your emotional bond and fosters a deeper connection.


6. Support Each Other Through Challenges

Life is full of challenges, and married couples are not exempted from life’s doses of challenges.

Whether it is one partner going through the challenge or it’s both partners,  supporting each other through difficult times is crucial for building emotional intimacy

Sometimes, a partner can have a tough time at their work or may have to meet toxic people every day. 

The other partner must become a safe haven, where the pressured partner finds safety from the hassles of the outside world. 

Be there for your partner during tough moments, offering a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. 

Knowing that they can rely on you emotionally creates a deep sense of trust and security in the relationship.


7. Practice Forgiveness

Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

Forgiveness is an essential aspect of a healthy marriage. 

No one is perfect, and people make mistakes every day. 

Your partner will hurt you, provoked or not. 

Everyone married person must understand this. 

So, couples must learn to forget the hurt done towards them by their partners and forgive those hurts quickly instead of holding grudges. 

In case of recurrent situations, you should learn to communicate openly about your feelings to your partner rather than conclude that they are deliberately hurting you. 

Other times, you may need to work together with them to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner.


8. Show Interest in Each Other’s Lives

Stay engaged in each other’s lives by showing genuine interest in your partner’s daily experiences. 

Ask about their day, their interests, and their feelings. 

And share yours, too. 

Someone should be able to get just about any information about spouses from each other accurately. 

Actively participate in their world and be their biggest cheerleader, demonstrating that you care about their happiness and well-being.

You should be your spouse’s closest friend, no. 1 go-to and best confidant, with whom they can and will share anything. 

Strengthening the friendship that exists between you and your partner plays a major role in keeping your marriage strong through life’s troubles. 


9. Maintain Physical Intimacy

Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

Physical intimacy is an integral part of emotional intimacy in a marriage. 

It strengthens couples’ emotional bond more than what they know or realize. 

It goes beyond just having sexual interactions. 

Couples should normalize other forms of physical intimacy, such as cuddling, hugging, and maintaining physical closeness. 

Physical touch releases oxytocin, the “bonding hormone,” which strengthens the emotional connection between partners.

So, as much as it is in their power, couples should stay within the same physical space as their partners in order to keep their passion alive and burning. 


10. Create Rituals of Connection

Rituals, although sometimes seen as cliché and old-fashioned, can deepen emotional intimacy in your marriage.

Whether it’s having breakfast together every morning, a weekly date night, or a heartfelt check-in before bed, it is necessary to establish rituals in your marriage.

It’s true that after a while, they become an integral part of the marriage, and doing them may not necessarily create sparks anymore. 

However, these routines create a sense of emotional security and closeness that can endure through life’s ups and downs.



Couples who desire to have a beautiful model marriage must understand that the tips provided in this article are not a walk in the park.

Building emotional intimacy in a marriage is an ongoing journey that requires joint effort, commitment, and understanding. 

If one partner is working and the other is not, it will be like trying to hold a line up with just one stand- it will fall. 

So, couples must, through honest communication and love, work hand in hand to see to the success of their marriage. 

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