12 Engaging Ways to Stay Busy When Your Partner Needs Space

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Ways to Stay Busy When Your Partner Needs Space

A relationship is the coming together of two independent people with different lives, ideas, opinions, styles, etc. 

It is, therefore, not out of place if one partner occasionally needs space for various reasons, such as personal reflection, pursuing individual interests, or addressing personal challenges.

Sometimes, it’s just to finish a task at hand. 

Whatever the case may be, you should know to respect your partner’s needs and grant them the space they desire. 

But that doesn’t mean that you should just sit around in that period, doing nothing.

There are things you can engage in while you have that time that will add excitement to your life and keep you going.

This blog post offers twelve constructive and fulfilling activities that can help you stay busy and focused while giving your partner the space they require.

12 Engaging Ways to Stay Busy When Your Partner Needs Space

1. Pursue Personal Hobbies

Ways to Stay Busy When Your Partner Needs Space

There are things that you had a passion for that you may have pushed aside after getting into the relationship.

Rediscover these passions and interests.

Find those activities you enjoy doing by yourself and engage in them while your partner is busy or unavailable.

These activities may be painting, playing an instrument, writing, reading, singing, cooking, and the list goes on.

Engaging in these activities do not only keep you occupied but also help boost your personal growth and give you fulfilment.


2. Focus on Physical Exercise

Everyone wants to stay fit and beautiful.

And what better thing to do when you have all that space than to shed off that excess baggage of fat and renew your strength? 

Physical exercise is an excellent way to release stress and boost your mood.

There are various forms of physical exercise you can explore, like running, walking, yoga, etc. 

Some of your hobbies or favourite sport can even be activities that can actively help you stay fit.

Activities like dancing, swimming, etc.

You should consider joining a fitness class for accountability and consistency. Physical exercise is not something you engage in because you want to pass the time, but with intentionality, it can help boost your overall well-being.


3. Spend Time with Friends and Family

Ways to Stay Busy When Your Partner Needs Space

Nobody is an island that is just by itself.

There are other people you should also engage with asides your partner.

Your family and friends will also love to spend some quality time with you.

You can also have a support network you can reach out to whenever you feel like you need people to hold you up. 

Reach out to them, plan get-togethers, outings, or simple gatherings with your close friends and family.

Surrounding yourself with loved ones will not only provide emotional support and help you stay connected during this period, it will also help you see yourself through the eyes of others, helping you know the areas you need to improve on.


4. Explore New Hobbies or Skills

There is a vast, inexhaustible well of knowledge out there in the world.

You can invest the time you have when your partner needs space to learn one or two new things.

You might find during these times that there are other things that you really find interesting.

Hence, you may take up new hobbies.

You can also decide to learn a new skill, or master a skill you had, thus increasing your streams of income.

Apart from finding a new hobby and getting another stream of income, learning new things also widens your horizon and gives you an added advantage in life.


5. Engage in Self-Reflection and Journaling

Ways to Stay Busy When Your Partner Needs Space

Another person you can spend this time with is yourself.

Use this time to reflect on your own thoughts, emotions, and goals.

You can also practise journaling your thoughts, goals, and ideas. 

Journaling can be a therapeutic practice that allows you to process your feelings and gain clarity.

It also gives you a point of reference when you need to track happenings in your life.

Explore your inner world, set personal intentions, and track your progress.


6. Volunteer and Give Back

You can also use your free time to serve others in need.

Helping others in need provides a sense of fulfilment you may not get in doing other things. 

Channel your energy into helping others by volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about, so that although you are trying to meet the needs of other people, you are able to enjoy yourself while at it. 

Volunteering does not only give you a sense of purpose but also provides an opportunity to make a positive impact in your community.


7. Dive into Books, Movies, or TV Shows

Ways to Stay Busy When Your Partner Needs Space

You can also learn a lot of things by watching movies, TV shows or reading books, asides the entertainment they provide.

You can read novels, or books in line with your passions and interests.

There are also several informative and educational TV shows that you can binge-watch to pass time.

Or you can just watch movies just to stay entertained.

These are great ways to escape momentarily and indulge in captivating narratives.


8. Focus on Career Development

If you are a career person, you may want to devote that time and energy to professional growth.

Buy online courses that can help you get better at your job and take them seriously.

You can also attend workshops, seminars and conferences organised for your profession.

You can also update your resume and explore new job opportunities.

Enhancing your skills and knowledge can empower you both personally and professionally.


9. Engage in Mindfulness and Meditation

Ways to Stay Busy When Your Partner Needs Space

Mindfulness and meditation help you to find inner peace, stability, and clarity. 

Engaging in mindfulness and meditation to release your mind of worries helps it to relax and be stable.

This way, you can cultivate healthy thoughts and active self-awareness.

You would also reduce your stress and anxiety.


10. Explore Nature and Outdoor Activities

Ways to Stay Busy When Your Partner Needs Space

There’s something about being outside that heightens your mood and gives you energy.

Connect with nature by engaging in outdoor activities.

Go for hikes, bike rides, picnics, or simply spend time in a park.

Experiencing the feel of the sun on your skin, the wind gently caressing your face, or the sounds of birds singing and insects chirping promotes relaxation, rejuvenation, and a sense of well-being.


11. Engage in Creative Outlets

Ways to Stay Busy When Your Partner Needs Space

Every one of us does have some level of creativity in us.

Express your creativity through art, crafts, or DIY projects.

You can do something to your dress, your room walls, or the looks of your furniture.

You can find online videos to help spur up your creativity.

This allows you to channel your energy into something productive while providing a creative outlet for self-expression.


12. Focus on Personal Self-Care

Prioritise self-care activities that nurture your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and engage in them while you have that time in your hands. 

You can treat yourself to a spa to get a massage.

Practice relaxation techniques, indulge in bubble baths, treat yourself to a spa day, or engage in activities that help you recharge and rejuvenate.



Most of these things are continuous things to do.

They are things that you can make a part of your life so that even when you’re actively in a relationship, you do not completely lose yourself. 

Finding things of interest to channel your passions to consistently will help keep you on your toes when your partner is with you and when they need their own space. 

It will also help you easily respect their need when they request for space, as respecting your partner’s needs increases the strength of your bond.


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