10 Ways to Identify Envy

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Envy is a complex emotion that can be hard to recognize and even harder to accept.

It often occurs when someone desires the possessions, successes, or qualities of another person.

Envy always has a negative impact on our lives and relationships.

An envious person who hasn’t taken deliberate steps in finding out whether they are envious or not may not be able to recognize the signs of envy eating them up and taking a toll on their emotional well-being. 

Understanding and recognizing envy within ourselves is a crucial step towards self-love, peace and stability. 

In this article, we will explore 10 key signs that will help you know whether you are envious or not. 

10 Ways to Identify Envy

1. Constant Comparisons

Ways to Identify Envy

Everyone has their own distinct personalities.

No two persons are completely the same. 

People may share lifestyles, values, and even resemblances, but there are always things that distinguish one from another. 

One of the clearest indications of envy is when you find yourself constantly comparing your life to others.  

It could be anything from career achievements to physical features and even relationships.

If you are constantly trying to keep up with others, this could be a clear sign of envy. 


2. Being Unsupportive

If you find that your reactions to the successes and failures of others are mostly negative, then this could be a red flag.

Envious individuals tend to be displeased with other people’s joy, feeling threatened by it instead of trying to support them in their endeavors.

Rather than celebrating someone else’s accomplishment, an envious individual might try to downplay or discredit them in order to lessen their own feelings of inadequacy.

You may feel resentful or inadequate when others achieve success or possess things you desire. 

Recognize these comparisons as a sign of envy and shift your focus towards your own goals and accomplishments.


3. Bitterness and Resentment

Ways to Identify Envy

Envy often manifests as bitterness and resentment towards those who have what you desire. 

Bitterness and resentment are vices that shouldn’t be named among you.

Instead of wanting to take what someone else has and begrudgingly watching them succeed, use your emotions as motivation and inspiration.

Try to focus on the positive aspects of a person’s success and learn from them.

Turn envy into admiration that can spur you towards taking action to find success in life. 

Remind yourself that everyone goes through ups and downs in life

If you find that you are unable to find happiness when others win or you frequently experience negative emotions when others succeed, it’s a clear indication of envy. 




4. Unhealthy Competition

Except it’s a healthy competition that is aimed at boosting your growth and adding value to your life, you should not be in competition with anybody. 

Envy often fuels an unhealthy sense of competition, where your sole focus becomes outperforming or outshining others. 

When you find that you always beat yourself up to meet or surpass someone else’s standard, even when you are not capable of it, you are dealing with envy. 

The only person you should be in competition with is yourself. 

The only person’s standard to meet up with is your standard. 

Channel your energy into being a better version of yourself and maybe collaborations. 



5. Social Media Obsession

Ways to Identify Envy

The advent of social media is one of the 21st century’s biggest blessings. 

Still, the abuse of social media has become one of our greatest undoing. 

Excessive time spent on social media platforms, comparing your life to carefully curated highlight reels, can indicate envy.

The things we see on social media are usually a highlight of the best moments in people’s lives. 

In fact, some of them are lies, deceptions, and half-truths. 

You may even have a better life than the person making you depressed on social media. 

So, if you find that your social media is filling your heart with envy, reduce your usage of and engagement on it. 



6. Coveting Material Possessions

Life is transient, and so are the physical and material possessions it brings. 

A person can have all the material things of this life today, and the next day he is tilling the earth to put something in his stomach.

Envy is often associated with desiring material possessions that others possess. 

And as against popular opinion, there is no relationship between acquiring material possessions and finding true happiness. 

You must know that material wealth does not define your worth, nor does it control your peace and stability. 

Be grateful for the things you have and pay attention to those little abundances in your life you tend to ignore. 



7. Difficulty Celebrating Others

Ways to Identify Envy

It’s such a beautiful thing to celebrate with your friends and family when they win, but envy will not let you celebrate others’ success.

Envy continually tells you that you should be the one in the spotlight, being cheered at and celebrated. 

If you find that when your people are celebrating, you cannot join them because of heaviness in your chest, you are dealing with envy. 

There’s true happiness in sharing the joy of others and Sharing in their celebrations. 



8. Negative Energy and Gossip

Envy can manifest as negative energy and gossip directed toward those you envy.

When you are out with friends or family, you are the only one who does not find the jokes funny. 

You are the only one who thinks the event was poorly planned. 

You are the only one finding something wrong with everything and everyone.

That negative energy is a clear sign of envy.

And it equips you to engage in gossip just to spread your negative energy and damage the relationship among people. 



9. Lack of Contentment

The ability to be and stay content is such a big flex. 

Contended people are free of the troubles associated with reaching for things that are beyond their reach.

Constantly yearning for what others have is a sign of discontentment rooted in envy. 

If you pay attention to what you have, you will find that it is enough for you at the time. 

But if you continually look at the things you have through the lens of what others have, you will never find contentment.


10. Jealousy in Relationships

Ways to Identify Envy

People who are always jealous in their relationships and won’t let their partner engage in any business with other people are envious people. 

Your partner is their own individual and has their own life. 

You cannot restrict their lives to be centered around you alone. 

They have jobs, family, and friends to relate with. 

If you find that you are always uncomfortable when they are relating with other people, you may be becoming envious. 

If you are an envious person, what you do is strain your personal relationships and bring you to a place of feeling jealous and insecure. 

Instead of breeding envy in your heart, focus on having open communication and creating understanding with your partner. 



Recognizing and addressing envy is very essential for personal growth and emotional well-being. 

When you allow envy a place in your heart, you restrict your growth and emotional soundness. 

Identify the signs of envy and implement strategies such as gratitude, self-reflection, and empathy in order to overcome it.

This introspection allows you to consciously choose more positive and empowering responses.

Embrace your own journey and uniqueness, and always remind yourself that you are super amazing and talented. 

Asides celebrating yourself, also celebrate the success of others and be truly happy for them when they win. 

In doing these, you create your own path to happiness and fulfilment.


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