9 Reasons You Attract Womanizers

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Every woman likes to be attractive.

But no woman wants to attract the wrong men.

Yet, there are some people who still that it’s like they attract only people who have unhealthy intentions for them or the ones with unhealthy behaviors.

This can be very worrisome, especially for a woman who is actively looking to be in a healthy and committed relationship.

This article has comprehensively listed 9 ample reasons why this happens.

Through the understanding provided here, women can easily know how to make more informed choices in their relationships and ultimately find the love and respect they deserve.

9 Reasons You Attract Womanizers

1. Self-Esteem and Boundaries

Reasons You Attract Womanizers

Low self-esteem can have a profound influence on various aspects of your life.

It often leads to self-doubt, insecurity, and a reluctance to take risks, hindering personal growth and preventing you from fully embracing opportunities and relationships.

One significant factor in attracting womanizers is often low self-esteem and weak boundaries.

When you don’t have a strong sense of self-worth, you may be more willing to tolerate mistreatment or accept behavior that is less than respectful.

Womanizers often prey on individuals with low self-esteem because they perceive them as easier targets.



2. Misinterpreting Confidence for Commitment

Confidence is like having a natural charm that draws people in.

Wherever you go, people notice your self-assured energy, which can open doors and help you handle life’s challenges with ease.

Womanizers often exude this kind of confidence and charm, which can be mistaken for genuine commitment.

They have this special skill that can make you feel special when they come to you.

They’ll make promises that will make you see them as faithful and responsible men.

But their true intentions may be rooted in self-gratification rather than a genuine desire for a committed relationship, and with time and keen attention, you would be able to find them out.



3. Social Circles and Influences

Reasons You Attract Womanizers

Your social circle has a significant impact on your life.

The people you surround yourself with can shape your values, beliefs, and behaviors, influencing your choices and opportunities in ways you might not even realize.

This way, they can influence who you attract.

If you have friends who are in relationships with womanizers, a womanizer may see you as the kind of person they should be with.

In like manner, if you have friends or acquaintances who engage in casual relationships or womanizing behavior, you will inevitably be exposed to potential partners who are also womanizers.

It is important that you choose your friends based on your values and alignment in life.



4. Desire for Change or Fixing

As humans, we are limited in lots of ways.

We have the ability to give advice to, guide, or even blackmail people to do the things we want them to, but we really have no power over their willingness to do it or not.

No matter how much we cajole people, it’s still within their right to either do what we want or not.

One of the biggest self-deceit in life is when people tell themselves that they can change others.

And it’s another reason some women only attract womanizers.

They are drawn to womanizers because they believe they can change them or fix their behavior.

This desire to rescue or change someone can lead to attracting partners with problematic relationship tendencies because as long as they want to fix something, there must always be something to fix.



5. Insecurity About Being Single

Reasons You Attract Womanizers

To be honest, there is really no problem with being single.

Single-hood is an aspect of every adult’s life.

Some people use it as a time for self-identification and personal achievements.

In fact, some people have chosen to remain single, and this can be for several reasons.

In the same way, some people have serious challenges embracing their single-hood.

They’d rather be in a relationship with any kind of person than stay single.

This fear of being alone or societal pressure to be in a relationship has pushed many people to settle for partners who may not have their best interests at heart.

Their desperation makes them attract every kind of person who wants to be in a relationship, including womanizers.



6. Lack of Relationship Experience

It is usually said that experience is the best teacher.

This notion may not be completely true, but there are people who actually do need experience to learn.

Equally, there are situations where people may not get a full grasp of what it entails until they have an experience.

One of these situations is in relationships.

People can attend all the seminars and workshops and read all the books on relationships, but it is completely different when they have experience.

So, a lack of or insufficient experience in relationships can make it challenging for a woman to recognize the red flags associated with womanizers.

People who are novices in the dating game may not have developed the skills they need to assess the true intentions of a potential partner or to tell the way of womanizers.

So, for them, it may not be a character flaw or bad habit.

It’s just a case of inexperience.



7. Online Dating and Hookup Culture

Reasons You Attract Womanizers

Social media and the Internet have brought with them lots of advantages and disadvantages.

And we cannot exactly measure which outweighs the other: the advantage or the disadvantage?

One of the flaws of social media is the rise of online dating and hookup culture.

This duo has increased the percentage of failed and failing relationships in the world.

It hasn’t just made it easier for womanizers to find new targets.

It has also made people get into relationships with all sorts of people.

The fact remains that when you get into a relationship with someone you have only met online, you can be in a relationship with just about anybody.

You can’t tell what or who they are beyond the information provided to you from the Internet and from their end.

The anonymity of online platforms can mask their true intentions until a deeper connection is established.



8. Similar Relationship History

There’s something about negative cycles that makes it pretty difficult to break.

They often persist because they reinforce themselves: negative thoughts and behaviors feed into each other, creating a self-sustaining pattern.

If you’ve been in past relationships with womanizers, you may unknowingly continue attracting them because you’ve become accustomed to that pattern, and unconsciously, your mind is accustomed to this pattern of relationship, making it challenging to break the pattern.

People do not just wake up and break negative cycles by wishful thinking.

Breaking these cycles takes an intentional and conscious effort and would usually require that victims are willing to challenge their ingrained beliefs or habits and to introduce positive alternatives.



9. Overlooking Warning Signs

Reasons You Attract Womanizers

Red flags are usually bright enough for anyone to see.

Even at the traffic light, the yellow light may be dim or not even come on at all, but the red light is always outstanding.

People who get into the wrong relationships must have ignored the red light at the beginning.

They allow the euphoria of being in love to blind their eyes and cloud their visions, and at the end of the day, when the troubles begin to manifest fully in the relationship, they suddenly regain their sight.

When people ignore the signs of womanizing behavior due to infatuation or a strong physical attraction, they may begin to feel like they have a personality that attracts negativity.



It’s important to recognize that no one is solely responsible for attracting womanizers, and the factors influencing it can be rather complex.

But if you are intentional about the relationships you get into and make conscious decisions to reach your goals, you can increase your chances of finding a partner who genuinely values and respects you.

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