14 Signs You Are Not Right For Each Other

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Relationships can be complex and challenging at times, especially when two people are not right for each other.

 It is crucial to identify the signs of an unhealthy or incompatible relationship to prevent prolonged suffering and heartache. 

Here are 14 signs that you may not be right for each other:

14 Signs That You Are Not Right For Each Other

1. Lack of communication: 

Signs That You Are Not Right For Each Other

Every relationship starts with communication.

When your partner cannot communicate effectively with you, it leads to frustration and a whole lot of misunderstanding.

And as such, you’ll not be able to reach an agreement on important matters.

And a build-up of this disagreement and frustration can lead to the meltdown of the relationship.

Poor communication is a major sign that you may not be right for each other.


2. Different life goals:

Having a partner whose life goals are completely different from yours can lead to tension and prevent the relationship from progressing.

It is not compulsory for you to have exactly the same life goals however, they must complement each other to a large extent.

You should even be more concerned about instances where your personal values are clashing.

You may want to re-evaluate your relationship to know if you should progress or not.


3. Disagreements on important issues: 

If your relationship with your partner seems to be serious, there are vital issues you must agree on.

Such issues must not be trivialised or set aside based on sentiment or the fact that you cannot seem to reach a conclusion.

One such issue is marriage.

If you are big on marriage and your partner seems not to be then you may not be all that fit for each other.

For instance, if you agree on marriage but not on having children which you want, then it may create irreconcilable differences that may be too difficult to overcome in the long run.

Sometimes it might even be on issues like finances, location to settle and so on.

Do not trivialise any of these if you know they mean so much to you and may cost you your happiness.


4. Trust issues: 

Signs That You Are Not Right For Each Other

Trust is a very essential part of any healthy relationship.

Lack of trust between partners can lead to a whole lot of things including a total breakdown of the relationship if not properly handled.

Lack of trust can cause jealousy, suspicion and even constant fighting between the both of you which would make you claw at each other at any opportunity.

A relationship without trust is as good as non-existent.

If your partner finds it difficult to trust you then it is better to dissolve the relationship as you may not be fit for each other.



5. Incompatible personalities: 

We’ve all heard of the saying that the opposite attracts.

However, for your opposite to attract you and your partner must have complementing opposite and not contradictory ones.

Where you have vastly different personalities, it can cause conflict and misunderstandings.

Being with someone whose personality is completely different from yours or one who you cannot fully understand is not good for you.



6. Lack of intimacy: 

Signs That You Are Not Right For Each Other

When we talk about intimacy in relationships, many are quick to assert that it is all about the physical aspect of the relationship you are talking about.

Intimacy goes beyond physical activities in a relationship.

It is as much an emotional and a mental part of a relationship.

Where there is a lack of intimacy it causes a feeling of loneliness and disconnection from your partner.

A relationship that gives room for a breach in intimacy is definitely not one that is good for you because it will leave you in an emotional mess if care is not taken.



7. Constant criticism:

Constructive criticisms are very much welcome by anyone that embraces growth.

There are certain circumstances where criticisms can be very damaging.

For instance, if your partner is constantly criticising you or belittling your accomplishments it can lead to a feeling of inadequacy and low self-esteem.

It will also bruise your ego as well as make you shrink.

You do not want to be with a person like this and definitely, they are not good for you.



8. Different communication styles:

In communicating with your partner you must be able to speak each other’s language.

This does not mean your mother tongue.

It simply means communicating in a way both of you understand.

 If you and your partner have vastly different communication styles, such as one person being passive while the other is aggressive, it can create misunderstandings and prevent effective communication.

Lack of communication will eventually lead to a meltdown in the relationship.



9. Lack of support:

Signs That You Are Not Right For Each Other

A good partner is a reliable support system.

A person who does not support your dreams goals and ambitions may not be good for you in the long run.

You will constantly feel the pressure that you’re not doing enough.

In the real sense, you’re doing more than enough you just have a partner who is not supportive.

This may end up getting resentment and disappointment in the relationship.

Such a person is not good for you.



10. Different interests:

It is good to maintain your individuality even in a relationship.

In certain situations, you may want to consider having fused interests, especially on sensitive matters.

You can call it finding a common ground and this is not at all a bad thing in a relationship.

A lack of mutual interest in a relationship can lead to a sense of disconnect.

This may also lead to a lack of chemistry which is the life wire of the relationship.



11. Lack of compromise: 

Compromise is necessary for any relationship to succeed.

If your partner is unwilling to compromise or meet you halfway it can lead to a lot of frustration.

A partner that is willing to make things work with you will definitely find a spot where both of you can meet in the middle.

Being difficult is not the same as being strong-willed.

A difficult partner will not be willing to compromise and this will just wear you out in the long run.



12. Disrespectful behaviour: 

Signs That You Are Not Right For Each Other

You do not need to hear it from me but a disrespectful partner is definitely not good for you.

A partner that does not hesitate to show disrespectful behaviour either in private or public will damage any relationship.

Such behaviour can be name-calling belittling and damaging to your self-esteem and sense of worth.

You do not want to find yourself entangled with such a person.



13. Inability to resolve conflicts:

It is normal for you to have misunderstandings in a healthy relationship.

In instances where it becomes unresolved and leads to a breakdown in communication then it is not good.

Naturally, you and your partner should be able to resolve conflict in a healthy way.

The inability to resolve your conflicting issues shows that you cannot exist together as a couple.

It is better to quit it at an early stage than patch it knowing fully well that you cannot make things work.



14. Unhealthy patterns: 

Patterns are what form an individual’s way of life.

When you notice a particular set of patterns in your partner which seems to be unhealthy you might want to check it.

Unhealthy patterns particularly lead to manipulation and are a sign of a toxic relationship.

Trust me you did not want to be with a toxic partner

Signs That You Are Not Right For Each Other
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In conclusion, identifying the signs that you and your partner may not be right for each other is essential for your emotional well-being and the health of your relationship. 

While it’s normal for relationships to have ups and downs, if you consistently experience these signs, it may be time to consider ending the relationship and moving on to find someone who is a better match for you.

 Remember, you deserve to be in a healthy and fulfilling relationship where you feel loved, supported, and respected.

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