10 Warning Signs You Might Be Sabotaging Your Marriage

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Marriage is a sacred bond that flourishes when both partners put in effort, communicate openly and remain committed to each other.

It’s a beautiful union forged between consenting individuals who share common ground.

However, unintentional actions or habits can slowly erode this relationship, often without the couple even realizing it.

That’s why it’s crucial for couples to be vigilant and recognize these warning signs, as they provide an opportunity to address and overcome any issues that may arise.

In this blog post, we’ll explore ten common indicators that might suggest unintentional marriage sabotage, and you should watch out if you are already doing any of this.

10 Warning Signs You Might Be Sabotaging Your Marriage

1. Silent Treatment

Signs You Might Be Sabotaging Your Marriage

The place of communication in human relationships can never be overemphasized.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of every healthy relationship.

In marriage, communication is the fuel that keeps the fire going.

If a situation arises in your marriage and you choose to play dumb rather than speak up and address the situation sincerely and amicably, you are on the path to sabotaging your marriage.

The silent treatment is one of the meanest inhumane responses to challenges in marriage.

Every marriage has its own down moment, and in these times, it is the responsibility of both partners to ensure that feelings, hurts, needs, and apologies are respectfully communicated to ensure a flourishing marriage.


2. Lack of Quality Time

Modern life can be so hectic, as technology has provided us with several things to keep us busy – both relevant and irrelevant.

Couples who are not intentional about giving quality time to each other and to their marriage may stand a chance to run their marriage down the drain.

On a daily basis, there are several activities we engage in and so many things competing for our time: our jobs, children, leisure time – TV, surfing the Internet, etc.

Knowing this, married couples cannot give their marriage over to chance or withdraw to wishful thinking in their marriage.

Rather, as couples, you must deliberately make out quality time for each other in the midst of the noise and busyness of their day in order to nurture their relationship and keep it blooming.


3. Constant Criticism

Signs You Might Be Sabotaging Your Marriage

Criticism can be detrimental to a marriage, as it chips away at the foundation of trust and emotional security.

Constantly finding fault with your partner and highlighting their perceived flaws can lead to feelings of inadequacy and frustration.

If you refuse to acknowledge and accept the fact that your partner is human and therefore limited in so many ways and make room for their inadequacies, you are preparing your marriage to meet its end.

Even if your spouse were a dunce, there are still things in which they excel at.

Failure to identify their areas of strength and continually appreciate them for it will bring you to a place of ingratitude, where you only see the struggles of your partner and are always criticizing them even when they are making efforts to get better.


4. Neglecting Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy involves connecting on a deep emotional level and sharing vulnerabilities, fears, and dreams with your partner.

This is a key ingredient that must not be neglected in marriage.

When emotional intimacy is lacking, partners may feel distant and disconnected from each other.

Rather than keep an unhealthy emotional distance from your spouse, as couples, you must make sure that their spouses are their number 1 go-to person whenever they face challenges.

You must remain open and vulnerable to your partner.


5. Escaping to Digital Realms

Signs You Might Be Sabotaging Your Marriage

In today’s technology-driven world, excessive use of digital devices and social media can significantly impact marital relationships.

Some people are so obsessed with TV and their phones that they almost do not do anything else.

When partners spend more time engrossed in their digital lives than engaging with each other, it is a sign that they are sabotaging their marriage.

If you have become such that your first response to things is to share them on social media, you’ll begin to tell your social media pals things you haven’t told your spouse.

You’ll give the credence and responsibilities exclusive to your spouse to leisure time, thus, ignoring your partner and the marriage.

As married people, there must be certain times when you set aside every device just to enjoy each other’s company.


6. Refusal to Compromise

For a marriage to be successful, there must be room for compromise.

When the situation arises, partners must be willing to set aside their own needs and beliefs in other to make room to accommodate their partner’s own.

A refusal to compromise is selfish and can lead to unresolved conflicts and escalating tensions in marriage.

It’s essential to find a middle ground and make mutual concessions to ensure both partners feel heard and valued.



7. Ignoring the Romance

Signs You Might Be Sabotaging Your Marriage

Romance is a key component of marriage.

Because every human has a need for romance, marriage is made and designed to satisfy it.

However, as time passes, the initial romance in a marriage can fade if not nurtured.

Couples must take it upon themselves to stay romantically attractive to their spouse and to devise means through which the fire of romance in their marriage can remain burning.

When romance is missing in marriage, partners may either be suffering or receiving the romance elsewhere.

Ignoring romantic gestures from your partner is a step towards sabotaging your marriage.



8. Keeping Secrets

In a marriage, honesty and transparency are fundamental for building trust and intimacy.

Partners are in no position to hide things and keep secrets from each other.

When one or both partners start keeping secrets from each other, it can be a sign of deeper issues within the relationship.

These secrets might range from minor omissions to more significant betrayals.

Secrets can undermine the foundation of trust in a marriage and lead to feelings of suspicion and doubt.

Whether the secrecy is about finances, past experiences, or current activities, keeping these hidden can create emotional distance and hinder authentic communication.



9. Emotional or Physical Infidelity

Infidelity is a grave threat to any marriage.

Partners in marriage are made for and committed to themselves only.

Emotional infidelity involves forming deep emotional connections with someone outside the marriage, often leading to emotional intimacy and dependency on the other person.

On the other hand, physical infidelity involves engaging in intimate relationships outside the marriage.

Partners in marriage ought to share their deepest and barest parts with themselves only.

When these things are shared with someone outside the marriage, it raises a case of infidelity.

Infidelity can shatter trust, inflict immense emotional pain, and leave lasting scars on the relationship.

It often stems from unresolved issues within the marriage, such as a lack of emotional intimacy, communication problems, or feelings of neglect.

Healing from infidelity requires tremendous effort, commitment, and often professional help.



10. Resisting Professional Help

Marriage counseling or therapy can be a valuable resource for couples facing challenges within their relationship.

However, when one or both partners resist seeking professional help, it may indicate a reluctance to confront underlying issues or a fear of exposing vulnerabilities.

It may also mean that they are no longer interested in the survival of the marriage.

Resisting professional help can perpetuate ongoing problems and hinder progress in the marriage.

Sometimes, seeking guidance from a neutral third party offers new perspectives, facilitates productive communication, and provides the tools to work through difficult issues.



Sometimes, people sabotage their marriages basically because they have lost interest in it.

Other times, it’s just out of deep-rooted tiredness and frustration.

Still, there are other people who are in the act of sabotaging their marriages, and they have no idea that they are doing just that.

Recognizing these signs of marriage sabotage is the first step toward restoring the marriage.

Open and honest communication, empathy, and a willingness to seek professional help are important if the challenges must be ironed out for a smooth and easygoing marriage.

And in order to maintain a healthy marriage, the couple must invest continuous effort, understanding, and a commitment to growing together.

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