7 Signs Your Husband Is Falling Out Of Love With You

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When people come together in marriage, they do so with the hope that their love will last forever.

But forever love never happens by just hopes and wishes.

After a few years in marriage, that feeling of butterflies will start to fade, and it will become left to the couple to decide whether they want their marriage to grow in love or whether they want it to suffer.

Usually, if the signs of a husband falling out of love with his wife are noticed early, the situation can be addressed, and love can be restored in the marriage.

Following this, we have listed 7 signs that will help you know if your husband is falling out of love for you.

7 Signs Your Husband Is Falling Out Of Love With You

1. Emotional Distance

Signs Your Husband Is Falling Out Of Love With You

The emotional connection between couples is about the strongest and the one that holds all other connections in place.

Basically, if two people are not emotionally connected to each other, there won’t be any factor of romance between them.

Emotional distance in marriage refers to a growing gap or detachment between spouses in terms of their emotional connection.

It means that the emotional intimacy and closeness that were once present have begun to diminish.

When this happens, every other connection fails in the marriage.

If your husband is emotionally distant from you, you’ll find that intimacy in your marriage will naturally suffer.

You’ll also begin to feel lonely, isolated, or misunderstood by your husband.

When you notice that your husband is emotionally distant from you, you can address the situation by initiating conversations with your spouse about your feelings and concerns.

Discover ways you can rekindle his love for you and begin the journey to reviving your marriage.

2. Lack of Affection

Signs Your Husband Is Falling Out Of Love With You

Just like intimacy, affection in marriage is another key factor that keeps couples reminded of the love they share.

A lack of affection means a decrease in physical displays of love and tenderness, such as hugging, kissing, holding hands, or cuddling. It can also extend to verbal expressions of affection.

If your husband is not being affectionate towards you, it can make you feel unloved, unwanted, or unappreciated.

It can lead to a sense of emotional coldness in the relationship.

Also, feeling unwanted or unappreciated by your husband has a way of toying with your self-esteem.

It can also make you feel resentment towards him.

To address the issue of lack of affection in your marriage, begin by being affectionate to him.

This can soften his heart and remind him of his love for you.

You can also discuss the importance of his affection to you and express your desire for more physical and verbal expressions of love.

There are also couples who have different approaches to affection, and sometimes, one can mistake an approach to affection to be no affection.

This is why you must be receptive to your husband’s needs as well as his preferences.



3. Reduced Communication

Signs Your Husband Is Falling Out Of Love With You

A great communicator once said, “Man cannot not communicate.”

And it is true: communication and humans cannot be separated.

It is the cord that holds human relationships together.

Imagine this cord is missing in a marriage.

Reduced communication is the decline in the frequency and quality of conversations between spouses.

This means that at some point in your marriage, your husband begins to avoid discussions about important relationship topics or becomes less open and honest in communication.

Reduced communication can lead to misunderstandings, unresolved issues, and a sense of emotional disconnection.

It creates a gap between you and your husband, making you feel distant and unheard.

When your husband is no longer talking to you as he used to, it’ll create room for assumptions in your mind, making you wonder what may be wrong or who he is talking to.

But you cannot solve this problem by making assumptions or by just worrying.

You should speak with your husband concerning the decrease in his communication frequency with you and ask questions that would help dig out the root of the problem.

Then, you would know what adjustments and compromises you need to make to restore communication in your marriage.



4. Increased Conflicts

Signs Your Husband Is Falling Out Of Love With You

Following a reduction in communication is conflict.

Where there is no communication, there is bound to be misunderstandings.

Increased conflicts indicate a rise in disagreements, arguments, or tension within the marriage.

These conflicts may become more frequent and intense due to inadequate communication, making the relationship feel strained.

Constant conflicts can lead to stress, anxiety, and a negative atmosphere in the marriage.

They can erode trust and emotional intimacy, making it challenging to maintain a loving connection.

You and your husband should find a more effective communication pattern that works for you both and a conflict resolution mechanism to curb the frequency of conflict in your home and enjoy a more peaceful and harmonious relationship.



5. Change in Priorities

Signs Your Husband Is Falling Out Of Love With You

People have different things that are most important to them.

In marriage, it is expected that couples prioritize themselves.

That is, your husband’s needs are your priorities, and yours should be his.

If your husband begins to fall out of love with you, you’ll notice that he will begin to prioritize other aspects of his life over you and the marriage.

These other aspects may include work, hobbies, friends, and other commitments.

Of course, if your husband’s priority shifts from you to other things, you will begin to feel neglected and abandoned in the marriage.

Your husband will always have an excuse for not being close to you and will be less available for quality time together.

Boldly express your feelings and concerns about feeling neglected.

You should also be willing to work together to find a balance between individual pursuits and nurturing the relationship.



6. Less Time Spent Together

Signs Your Husband Is Falling Out Of Love With You

Spending less time together means a noticeable decrease in the amount of quality time and activities shared as a couple.

This can result from busy schedules, individual interests, or a general lack of effort.

Spending less time together as a couple can contribute to a sense of growing apart and a loss of emotional connection.

When you and your husband do not share quality time, you will begin to feel lonely, and intimacy in your marriage will also slack.

It may lead to feelings of loneliness and a lack of intimacy.

Make a conscious effort to prioritize quality time together.

Plan date nights, weekend getaways, or even simple activities like walks or cooking together.

His failure to spend time with you may stem from boredom, too.

So, introduce new activities that will ignite your husband’s interest during your time together.

This will help reignite his interest in spending time with you.



7. Seeking Attention Elsewhere

Signs Your Husband Is Falling Out Of Love With You

Humans are naturally attention seekers.

They always want someone in their corner who is their person and who will always pay attention to them and their needs.

And that’s what spouses do for each other in marriage.

But if a man begins to fall out of love with his wife, he’ll begin to seek attention outside.

Seeking attention elsewhere means that a spouse may begin to look for emotional or romantic connections outside of the marriage.

This could involve forming close friendships, online interactions, or even engaging in extramarital affairs.

It can lead to broken trust, betrayal, and further deterioration of the marriage.

Seeking attention elsewhere often shows that your husband is dissatisfied with the marriage.

If you suspect your spouse is seeking attention elsewhere, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly.

Initiate an open and honest conversation about your concerns and the impact it has on your relationship.

You may also want to check if you have been meeting his emotional and romantic needs adequately because failure to do this may also contribute to his seeking attention elsewhere.




When any of the above signs occur in your marriage, it is wise to first check within yourself if there is something you are not doing right.

If you find any, make the necessary adjustments needed in order to keep your marriage healthy.

Although these are signs that your husband may be falling out of love with you, it is not advisable to just draw conclusions when they show up in your marriage.

Talk to your husband about your concerns and fears and consider his willingness to make adjustments and compromises along with you for the betterment of your marriage.

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