7 Signs Your Man Will Come Back After No Contact

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Life was all good and rosy for you before the love of your life ghosted you.

The heart-wrenching pain you had to endure through that period.

The constant roller coaster of emotions that kept feeling like your intestines were having a fight in your stomach.

The unending hours at the therapist’s.

Those dark days you do not like to relive.

And you’re all over that.

Starting over your new life and finding happiness in every corner.

Then there’s a knock on your door, and it’s your ex.

You’re caught up in between knowing whether he is coming back to stay, or he is just passing by.

It is important that you are very careful in this situation because your well-being is paramount, but there are some signs that will help you find out if he is truly back or if he is toying with your emotions.

7 Signs Your Man Will Come Back After No Contact

1. He Initiates Contact

Signs Your Man Will Come Back After No Contact

One of the basic ways to know that your man has an interest in returning to you after he hasn’t made contact in a while is if he shows up.

He may either text you or call you over the phone.

Or he may decide to be more direct and just show up at your doorstep.

Now, this is a man who had left and cut contact with you for some time, and there was no way you could tell whether or not he was still interested in you or in the relationship.

If one day, while you’re minding your business, you receive a beep, a phone call, or a knock on your door, and it’s him on the other end asking to talk, the first idea in your head will be that he wants back.

But you should be careful not to get your hopes up too high with just one try.

You should pay attention to his level of commitment to reaching you after the first time and after he has finally gotten to you.




2. Positive and Engaging Conversations

Signs Your Man Will Come Back After No Contact

There’s also the scenario where he didn’t completely ghost you.

He’s just been there on the sideline and not talking to you.

And if you remember clearly, the last time you both talked, it was that awkward conversation about the past and its pains.

Then, slowly, he begins to creep in with great ideas and conversations that ignite your interest.

He seems to be done with the past and whatever grievances it holds and is more focused on the present and future, bringing up meaningful conversations every now and then to keep you both talking.

One of the easiest ways to get connected to someone on a deeper level is through effective communication.

When two people share communication, they open up themselves to each other, and this creates some sort of connection between them.

So, if your ex is looking to return to your life after a period of separation, he might decide to go through the path of communication.

He would continually come to you with topics that are engaging and of interest to you.



3. He Shows Genuine Interest

Signs Your Man Will Come Back After No Contact

Apart from carefully seeking out conversational topics to draw your attention and recreate a deep level of bond with you, your ex may also develop a genuine interest in your life and your concerns.

He’ll show up for every important occasion and always offer a helping hand when you’re in need.

You’ll see him display acts of kindness such as running errands for you, buying you ceremonial gifts, and being available for you.

He begins to remember the important details in your life, like where you like to go to cool off or rejuvenate or your favorite lunchtime snack.

And he’ll use those details to show you that he truly cares about you.

If your ex shows up after a while and shows all these genuine interests in your life, encouraging you to reach out for a better life and supplying real support when you need it, it is a clear sign that he wants to come back.

And not just coming back; he wants to prove to you that he can earn your trust again.



4. He Wants to Meet in Person

Signs Your Man Will Come Back After No Contact

This is especially applicable to people who are in different geographical areas.

Your ex may reach out to you via phone and reignite conversations.

But if he starts talking about moving over to meet you in person, chances are he is interested in rebuilding broken bridges.

The costs and troubles of traveling are not ones anyone will just want to invest in if the mission isn’t an important one.

Also, face-to-face meetings provide an opportunity for open communication, which is a better chance at rekindling the connection.



5. Consistency Over Time

Signs Your Man Will Come Back After No Contact

It’s not enough that your ex shows up after his disappearance.

It’s not enough that he is bringing in all those intelligent conversations and showing up when you need him there.

A person who has left you before has the potential to leave again.

So you need to look out for his consistency with the way he is following up the things he began to do when he showed up.

Is he being there for you two times and making excuses at the third?

Sure, there are a lot of allowances to make for life’s uncertainties, but a man who wants you back will beat the storm to make sure he proves himself genuine and trustworthy.

If he is flimsy with his consistency and there are still traces of the old lifestyle in his behavior, it is better to keep your sanity a priority.



6. He Seeks Resolution, Not Just Reconciliation

Signs Your Man Will Come Back After No Contact

No matter the situation surrounding your ex’s leaving, his absence in your life must have brought you some level of pain.

His leaving may have also triggered losses in your life.

Like the opportunity you may have lost during the time when you were grieving his leaving.

Or the relationship you lost because you were losing yourself to pain and grief.

Or the money you had to spend on unending sessions of therapy.

But amid all these, you know your ex wants a shot again at being your man when he comes to you, not just seeking forgiveness but also seeking a solution to the issues you both had.

So he isn’t coming back looking all bleak and sweeping things under the carpet like it doesn’t matter that they happened.

But he is back, taking full responsibility for the pains he brought you and the losses that followed, and he’s seeking ways to bring out every unresolved issue and iron things out – wrinkle-free.



7. Knowledge of Mutual Friends or Family

Signs Your Man Will Come Back After No Contact


Another thing your ex may do when he wants to return to your life is go through family or mutual friends.

So today, he is asking one person about your health and well-being, and tomorrow, he is asking another about how you are doing at work or in school.

Then, some other time, he is sending a message to you through a mutual friend or asking for your phone number or home address.

Not all men will go directly to family or mutual friends to ask about you or state their intentions to return to your life.

But your family and friends may see the signs in the way he behaves when someone mentions you where he’s at, or the way he chips you into general conversations, or maybe the way he cunningly seeks information about you.

When your people begin to mention your ex again after a while, chances are that he has initiated contact with them and is seeking ways to get back to you.



While these signs can be hopeful indicators that your man has truly come back after a period of no contact, you must approach the situation with caution and realistic expectations.

Every relationship is unique, and there are really no guarantees.

Ask questions frequently and make sure that your needs are clearly communicated and that he is abiding by them consistently.

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