6 Reasons Your Husband Is No Longer Touching You

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Have you ever seen newlyweds?

You won’t miss them if you see them.

They are usually all lovey-dovey and all over people’s faces.

If their love was like icing, they would gladly smear it on the face of everyone who goes by them.

A greater percentage of people who get marriage fever do so from seeing newlyweds.

Their lives look so perfect, and their love looks like it will never know any ill.

Then, a few years into the marriage, people who looked so incorruptible are seeking help here and there for unending issues in their marriages.

Such is the way of life and of marriages.

And one can never be too careful – one marital challenge or another will still plague you.

In this one, we are offering a hand to women who are wondering why their husbands are no longer touching them – simply put, reasons your husband is no longer touching you.

This happens in different marriages for different reasons, and we have carefully listed out some of these reasons that may be unique to your marriage.

Let’s go through them together.

6 Reasons Your Husband Is No Longer Touching You

1. Changes in Attraction

Reasons Your Husband is No Longer Touching You

Change is inevitable, and this particular change is the reason couples are often advised to look beyond the physical attraction to their partners and hold on to something more sustainable for the marriage.

Whether people expect it or yes, change will happen, either to the beauty or to the beholder.

Beauty might experience changes due to age, stress, overworking, or even childbirth.

The beholder, on the other hand, may just experience a change in their physical appearance.

This change in physical appearance cannot be ruled out or avoided and always throws couples who are not prepared for it or whose marriages are tied to physical appearance off balance.

This is by no means a solicitation or a piece of advice to marry someone who you are not physically attracted to.

But there should be other deep sources of attraction beyond the physical appearance so that if the latter fades, the others will still keep the marriage in place.

So, your husband may have lost interest in sharing physical intimacy with you just because he is no longer physically attracted to you.



2. Parenting Responsibilities

Reasons Your Husband is No Longer Touching You

Remember how it was before you tested positive for pregnancy?

There was a lot of room for both you and your husband to explore with each other.

In fact, you couldn’t seem to have enough of each other.

Then the pregnancy came, and the baby followed.

Now, marriage life is a boring routine with both you and your husband running around to meet up with the demands of parenting, ignoring the heart cry of marriage demands.

And it really isn’t supposed to be so.

As much as it is mandatory that parents provide their children with the best life available for them, it is also important that they make time for themselves to keep the marriage alive and healthy.

It doesn’t matter how good the life provided to a child is.

If it is from a broken home, it sometimes is not good enough.

So, you and your husband should check your parenting style and routine and make the necessary adjustments needed to make room for you both to revive your love and affection in the marriage.



3. Lack of Effort

Reasons Your Husband is No Longer Touching You

Everything that works takes effort.

If you want it to be this way, you have to make it to be this way.

Nothing ever happens by wishful thinking.

It’s either the receiver is working for it, or someone else is doing the work.

In marriage, though, everyone has to put in an effort for the result.

If your husband is no longer touching you, it may be because of your complacency or neglect in the marriage.

Your husband cannot be the only one reaching out to share intimacy in the marriage while you are always on the receiving end and not reciprocating.

There’s a myth that if a woman expresses her intimate needs in her marriage or leads intimate acts, she may be seen as loose and immoral.

If you are a believer in this myth, your marriage may be lost before you realize why you should never have believed it.

Your husband doesn’t just want to touch you.

He wants to know that you want him to touch you.



4. Emotional Disconnection

Reasons Your Husband is No Longer Touching You

Have you ever seen couples who have no chemistry?

You will definitely know if you see one.

No matter how they try to put up the show, if it’s not connecting right, then it isn’t connecting.

And the show won’t last too long before it becomes boring both to them and to their audience.

Now, what causes emotional disconnection among couples?

How can people be married with no chemistry?

A lot of things happen in marriages that can lead to emotional disconnection- that is, for people who had one before they got married.

Some people marry someone they do not flow with just to either satisfy societal or family pressure or for some other reason.

While the ones in marriage can lose their connection, and being unintentional about themselves is one of the primary reasons.

Whichever way it is, if your husband does not feel emotionally attached to you, he most likely won’t share physical intimacy with you.



5. Infidelity

Reasons Your Husband is No Longer Touching You

Infidelity, which is also called “cheating,” is the act of being emotionally or sexually unfaithful in a marriage.

This simply means that if there is someone else in your life with whom you feel so free with, then that is an act of infidelity.

When one partner strays away from the commitment made to each other in marriage, it can be hard to come back and regain trust.

It can lead to feelings of insecurity, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem within the relationship.

You would share information with them that is supposed to be exclusive to your husband and sometimes share this information with them before sharing it with your husband.

Typically, it feels like you are doing nothing wrong with them, but any activity done outside the range of trust within the marriage may be labeled as a breach of trust and, if pressed further, might contain some element of infidelity.

Again, if there’s someone who satisfies your intimate needs – both physically and emotionally- and the person is not your husband, you are in a web of unfaithfulness in marriage.

Infidelity sure knows how to create a wide gap in a marriage that it appears like the couples are alien to themselves.

When this happens, your husband will definitely not want to touch a woman who has hurt him so deeply.

On the flip side, your husband may not be touching you because he is cheating on you.

This is where guilt comes into play.

So you’re not cheating on him, but he is cheating on you, and the guilt and shame is eating him up so deep that he can’t even stand sharing intimacy with you.



6. Lack of Privacy

Reasons Your Husband is No Longer Touching You

What’s your living situation like?

Do you have privacy as a couple, or are you in a space where there are other people in your life with your husband?

Physical intimacy is such a delicate thing, and many people would rather reserve their intimate life with their spouses than make it a public show.

That deep connection shared during intimacy is not one for public consumption.

It’s exclusive to just the man and wife.

And that is why you do not find well-thinking couples sharing a deep level of physical intimacy on the streets.

It’s usually behind closed doors.

So, your living situations or other external factors that rid you of the opportunity to have private time together with your husband may be the reason he is not sharing physical intimacy with you the way he should.



Going through all six reasons

Have you found anyone that looks like what’s happening in your marriage?

The reasons are like clusters that house other minor reasons.

So, if it feels like what’s happening in your marriage is not penned here, all you need to do is trace it following the guidelines provided here.

Ultimately, you do not want the situation to remain the same, so you and your husband should have a conversation about the slacking intimacy in your marriage and what you both can do to make it better.

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