12 Sure Signs Your Relationship is Over

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The signs your relationship is over can be pretty obvious but sometimes you just need to double-check to be sure you’re not overreacting. 

It’s easy to convince yourself that your boyfriend cares about you, otherwise you wouldn’t be in a relationship in the first place.

The sad truth is just that people grow out of love with their partners.

This is common, especially when people enter relationships for the wrong reasons.

If you’re wondering if your relationship is over due to the way things have turned out between you two, then stay glued to check out for these signs.


12 Signs Your Relationship is Over. 

1. Your partner is always busy and has little time for you

Signs Your Relationship is Over

In reality, we are never really too busy for the one we claim you love.

If your partner is always busy and never seems to have any time left for you it is a clear sign that they are not really into you.

If you look at it critically you might be the one still holding the relationship together.

Every time you bring up the issue of them not having time for you or giving the relationship a priority, they make excuses like:

“I’m just really busy at work” or

“I have a lot on my plate right now”,

The bottom line is that if they’re truly interested in you, they’ll make time for you.

That may just be a subtle hint to know that the relationship is over but just waiting for the right time to call it off.



2. Your partner never wants to spend time with you

When your partner does not make an excuse that he is busy or has little time for you, he might be physically present but not even spend time with you.

You might be wondering how this is possible.

They are there but they are not there with you.

They claim to be with you but are so engrossed in their phones or even a book till the time is far spent.

Sometimes they even make excuses like they are just tired and decide to take a nap in the guise of being with you.

The bottom line is that they claim they are with you but in the real sense, they are not with you.

This is a clear indicator that the relationship is due to be over.


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3. Your partner never pays attention to what you say

Signs Your Relationship is Over

If your partner never seems to pay attention to what you say, it’s a clear sign that they’re not really listening to you.

And anyone who is not listening to you will not be able to make any contribution or appreciate whatever it is you have to say.

More often than not they’re only interested in when they have to talk to you and not whatever it is you have to say.

If they are really invested in you or interested in what you share they will take time to listen to you when you talk.

And as much as they’re not listening to you or communicating with you, you should know the relationship is at the finish line.


4. Your partner never takes your feelings into account

One thing you should be certain of is the fact that your partner takes your feelings into consideration.

If you realise that your partner does not care if they offend your feelings by what they say or their actions then they really do not care about you.

They overstep their boundaries and when you try to call them to order, they guilt trip you into believing you’re overreacting or they are just joking.

You should re-evaluate the relationship.

A partner that cares about you will make an effort to understand the things that offend you and how you feel about certain things.



5. Your partner always puts themselves first

If your partner is quick to put themselves first in any decision that has to do with your relationship then you should be sure that they are not really interested in you.

They are all out for the gains that the relationship will bring their way and not how it will be beneficial to you both.

They do not care about the effect of what their action will have on you, rather it is what is best for them and their interest.

One that behaves this way is not fully into you and you might just be the one in a relationship with yourself.


6. Your partner never tries to compromise with you

Signs Your Relationship is Over

If your partner never seems willing to shift any ground for you, then it is a clear sign that they’re not interested in making things work.

They may say things like:

“I do not see a reason why I should do that”,

“I cannot change for you”,

“I cannot stop doing this or that”,

A dedicated partner will definitely be willing to meet you halfway.



7. Your partner never includes you in their plans

A partner that cares about you would definitely include you in their plans.

When you’re not included in their plans, it means you’re really not a part of their life.

If you casually ask why you were not included in the plan and they say they forget or they do not see a reason why you should be there, then you should know your place in their life.

They may say things like:

 “I’m just going to hang out with my friends” or

 “I don’t see why you would want to come along”.

Where any of these signs play out just know that you are on your way out of the relationship.



8. Your partner always has something negative to say about you

Signs Your Relationship is Over

It is very okay for you to make mistakes as a human in your relationship.

However, when your partner seems to amplify your flaws and negativity all the time, it is a clear sign that they have nothing strong for you.

They never really see the good in you or even make an effort to see it when you try.

If this is the case in your relationship then you can be sure that you have hit rock bottom.


9. Your partner always threatens to break up with you

If you are in a relationship with someone who threatens to break up with you at the slightest misunderstanding, it’s a clear sign that they’re not really interested in being with you.

They may say things like:

“I’m not sure if this is working” or 

“I’m not sure if I can do this”, or

“I’m going to break up with you when next you try this”

When anything in the line of this comes up just know that your relationship is set to fail.



10. They always forget important dates.

When you’re in a relationship with someone, it is important that they keep track of the special moments you share.

It is okay for your partner to forget some dates especially if they’re not good with figures.

However, when they seem to forget important dates like your anniversary, their birthdays, the day you first met or even circumstances that led to some key moments in your journey, places that ought to spark unforgettable memories, then you can be sure you’re in a relationship with yourself.


11. They never show any signs of affection 

Signs Your Relationship is Over

It is difficult to be in a relationship with someone who does not show any affection or make an effort to make you feel loved.

It can leave you feeling empty and unloved.

You may start to wonder why you are even in the relationship.

You might start to question your own self-worth.

Feeling unloved can lead to low self-esteem and depression.

If you are in a relationship where you don’t feel loved, it is important to talk to your partner about your feelings.

If they are unwilling to listen or try to make things better, then it might be time to consider ending the relationship.


12. Their words and actions contradict each other 

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with someone whose words and actions don’t match up.

They might say they care about you, but then do something that shows they don’t.

Or they might claim to be sorry for their wrongdoings, but then continue to behave in the same way.

This kind of inconsistency can leave you feeling confused, hurt and mistrustful.

It can be difficult to know how to respond when faced with this kind of behaviour.

On one hand, you might want to give the benefit of the doubt and give them another chance.

But on the other hand, you might feel like you’re being taken for a fool and decide to cut them out of your life altogether.

However where they are only consistent with their inconsistency then you can be sure they do not care about you and the relationship is heading for rock bottom.


Signs Your Relationship is Over
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If you’ve experienced any of these things in your past relationships, it’s time to break the cycle.

The next time you meet someone new, don’t rush into a relationship before getting to know them better.

Take things slow and let the relationship develop naturally.

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries with the people you date – if they can’t respect your time and efforts, then they’re not worth your time.

And finally, remember that it’s okay to end a relationship that’s no longer serving you.

It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person – sometimes it just means that it’s time for something new.


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