15 Sure Signs To Know He Is Right For You

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Finding the right partner can be a daunting task. 

With so many people out there, it can be challenging to determine if someone is right for you or not. 

However, there are certain signs that can help you identify if the person you are with is the right one for you. 

In this post, we will discuss 15 signs to know he is right for you.

15 Signs To Know He Is Right For You.

1. He Respects You

One major sign to look out for when you meet a man is the fact that he respects you.

Respect is the foundation of any healthy relationship.

His treating you with respect means he values your opinion and he also values you as a person.

He will also take time to listen to your thoughts or opinions and feelings.

He wouldn’t be dismissive of your concerns in any way.

A man that genuinely respects you is most likely right for you.

2. He Makes Time for You

If he is right for you he will make time for you.

A man that wants to be with you will prioritise spending time with you and also make sure that is available when you need him.

He wouldn’t give 1001 reasons why he cannot make out time to be with you or even stand you up at the last minute.

Nobody is too busy for the one they love.

If you find someone who makes out time out of his schedule to be with you then you are likely on the right path.

3. He Communicates Well

Signs To Know He Is Right For You

Good communication is essential for any healthy relationship. 

For any relationship at all to thrive, there must be seamless communication between both parties.

You wouldn’t have to do a lot of figuring out his intentions or what he means when he is not talking.

If he is right for you, he will communicate with you openly and honestly.

He will be willing to listen to your concerns and will express his own feelings in a respectful manner.


4. He Supports You

A partner who supports you is a sign that he is right for you. 

He will not show pessimism where you need encouragement.

Rather, he will be a cheerleader and a motivation for your goals and dreams.

He will be willing to give you a hand along the way just to ensure that he is a part of the success.


5. He Makes You Laugh

Signs To Know He Is Right For You

Being with an uptight man will leave you drained.

Laughter is important in any relationship. 

If he is right for you, he will make you laugh and smile.

You will have inside jokes that will be known to just both of you and will be a point of connection when it comes up.

He will have a good sense of humour and will enjoy spending time with you.

6. He Is Trustworthy

Trust is a very important component of any healthy relationship.

A relationship without trust is all games and fun without any form of commitment.

A man who is right for you will prove himself to be trustworthy.

He makes his word his Bond and will not lie or cheat on you.

He gives you an assurance that you can lean on him and that he is not wavering.

When you find a man that exhibits this trait, you can be sure that you can establish a relationship with him.

7. He Respects Your Boundaries

Signs To Know He Is Right For You

There is a limit to what anyone can tolerate

When you have a man that knows your limits and boundaries and he respects them, such a man may be right for you.

He will not be too pushy on things you are not comfortable with and will definitely not pressure you into doing what you did not want to do.

He also will not blackmail you with a relationship or the bond you share into doing things for him.

8. He Shares Your Values

A man who shares the same value as you will make your life easy.

Good values are important in any relationship.

However, it is more important when both of you are on the same page in terms of the values you share.

Your values and beliefs are largely the basis of what forms you as a person.

When you then find someone who shares the same values and beliefs that you hold dear, it’ll make it easier to build a strong foundation for your relationship.

9. He Is Kind and Considerate

A kind and considerate man is definitely right for you.

This kind of man does not in any way limit his kindness to you alone.

However, as much as he extends his arm of kindness to everyone around him he will do things dedicatedly for you.

He will be thoughtful in his actions towards you and will know how much things affect you either directly or indirectly.

10. He Is Supportive of Your Relationships

Signs To Know He Is Right For You

A good partner is a good support system and this is not limited to just you as a person.

Your partner by default likely knows the important people in your life and as such he will encourage you to spend time with them because of the value you place on them.

He knows how much they have shaped you to be the person you are and their relevance in your life.

To this effect, he wouldn’t even dare to come close to cutting you off from them because he knows they are also a part of your life as much as he is part of it too.


11. He Makes You Feel Safe

Signs To Know He Is Right For You

Being with a man should give you a sense of security.

This is not in a way that will put him in a position of a security agency.

Not at all.

What it simply means is that he will not do anything to put you in harm’s way.

Also, he will look out for your interest so much that he will not do what will affect you negatively.

Feeling safe is important and if he is right for you he will make you feel safe and secure.



12. He Is a Good Listener

The basis of any relationship is communication.

And for communication to be effective there has to be listening.

If he is right for you, he will be a good listener. 

He will take the time to hear what you have to say and will offer support and advice when needed.

13. He Is Emotionally Stable

Emotional stability is important in any relationship.

An emotionally stable man is not the one that will wake up with mood swings and decide not to talk to you.

He will not have issues outside and decide to pass the aggression on to you because he believes you’re meant to be together.

Neither is it a man that will always have outbursts or extreme reactions to things that could be handled in other ways.

This means that he is a man that knows how to process his emotions and deal with them accordingly without making you bear the unnecessary burden of it.

He won’t go on nagging and bothering you about things you have little or no control over.

Instead, he will address things like that from a reasonable point of view while seeking a solution.

14. He Is Willing to Compromise

Compromise is essential in any healthy relationship.

A man who is right for you will be willing to compromise and meet you in the middle where things will work for both of you.

He will not be adamant about decisions too.

He will be open to options and possibilities of things that can work in both ways and for the interest of the relationship.

He will see things from your view as well as you see from his view too.

He will be open to negotiation and finding what works for both of you.

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15. He Loves You for Who You Are

The right man for you and love you for who you are and not who you will be.

He will embrace you with your flaws and imperfection, understanding that you are a work in progress.

He will not capitalise on your imperfections as a yardstick to determine the fate of both of you.


Signs To Know He Is Right For You
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In conclusion, finding the right partner is a journey that requires patience and careful consideration.

 By paying attention to these signs, you can determine if the person you are with is the right one for you. 

Remember that every relationship is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. 

Ultimately, trust your instincts and listen to your heart when it comes to finding the right partner. 

A healthy, loving, and supportive relationship can bring joy and happiness to your life, and with the right partner, anything is possible.

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