7 Things A Married Woman Should Avoid Doing On Social Media

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As the world is becoming more and more digital, social media has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to connect, share, and communicate with others.

With the creation and introduction of digital marketing and social media influencing as ways of earning from the comfort of your home, people’s lives are tilting more toward social media.

However, as a married woman, keeping and staying committed to your marriage must be more important to you than having social media followership.

Knowing this, there are things you must not share or do on social media to preserve the sanctity of your marriage.

Some of them include:

7 Things A Married Woman Should Avoid Doing On Social Media

1. Oversharing Intimate Details

7 Things a Married Woman Should Avoid Doing on Social Media

There’s really no harm in sharing your thoughts and some other aspects of your life with your social media friends.

Some of these aspects can be pictures of your growth (which can also help you keep track of your real-life growth), a call for help, and maybe an invitation to an event.

Sharing these things with your online friends helps them engage better with you and build solid relationships, which may become very beneficial.

But you must be careful so that in searching for content for your social media feeds, you do not put out details that are supposed to be intimate and kept within the family.

Even if you are a social media celebrity running an online reality TV show, you must understand that your first commitment is to your husband and marriage.

Receive the consent of your husband before putting out any content concerning your family.

Keep personal matters, disagreements, and sensitive conversations private to show respect for your husband and commitment to your marriage.


2. Flirting or Engaging in Inappropriate Conversations

As a married woman, you are not on social media to display yourself as available.

You must stay within the confines of your marital vows and commitment to your partner alone.

Disregard every suggestive comment and disengage from every flirtatious conversation, especially with the opposite gender.

The fact that they are not physically present does not make it any bit easier.

Engaging in Suggestive and flirtatious conversations and behavior is emotional infidelity and must be avoided at all costs.

And it’s much easier to get away from these on social media.

All you need to do is either block, unfriend /unfollow, or report whoever it is bringing these passes your way.

This way, you keep the sanctity of your marriage and preserve your husband’s trust in you.


3. Excessive Time Spent on Social Media

7 Things a Married Woman Should Avoid Doing on Social Media

As soon as you are married, your priorities and preferences automatically shift to suit the needs of your marriage.

If you find that as a married woman, you prefer to spend time on social media than with your husband, you need to ask yourself questions to review your preference.

Spending excessive time on social media, even as a social media marketer, may point your husband to the fact that there is probably something else on the Internet that tickles your interest more than he does.

Your time on social media must be scheduled and strictly followed.

Ignoring your home duties and investing all that time on social media shows disregard for both your husband and your marriage.

This duo should be your topmost priority, and a greater percentage of your time should go into your commitment to them.


4. Posting Without Consent

Respect your husband’s privacy by seeking his consent before posting photos or information that involves him.

Just because it tickles your fancy and you think it’s worthy to be on social media does not mean your husband shares the idea.

Whether it’s a picture of him in a vulnerable or intimate state, or it is an uncomfortable image of you, seek his consent before bringing it out to the public eye.

Most times, posting these contents is completely unnecessary, but for want of social media content.

Bringing an uncomfortable picture of yourself or your husband to the public eye without his consent is sheer disrespect for him and disregard for his privacy.

Sometimes, it may not be an image but reporting something he said or did.

Anyway, ask him first before posting to avoid unnecessary conflict.


5. Comparing Your Relationship

7 Things a Married Woman Should Avoid Doing on Social Media

The first thing you should know on this matter is that not everything that is on social media actually exists in real life.

People often go the extra mile just to have content to post for likes and follows.

It is expected that people should know this by now, but some people are still vulnerable to the lies, deceptions, and half-truths that exist on social media.

You have no business comparing your marriage with any other one you find on social media.

No matter how seemingly true it looks, your marriage is unique; so are you and your husband.

When you continually make comparisons of your relationship based on what you see online, you will soon throw away the beautiful thing you have going on for you in an attempt to reach something that is beyond your reach.

Cherish and hold tight to your husband and marriage and be careful not to yield you unnecessary pressures or feelings of inadequacy.

You can only have a marital experience once.

No two marriages can ever be the same.


6. Ignoring Boundaries with Ex-Partner

Hiding on social media to keep an active relationship with your ex or overriding boundaries with them online and interacting too frequently with them is very inappropriate.

Any relationship you cannot keep with the knowledge of your husband must be done away with.

The fact that you are hiding to keep the relationship is the first proof that it is an unhealthy one.

If you continue on that path, you might soon need to exchange your marriage for your hidden relationship.

If, for any reason, you must maintain that relationship, your husband must be carried along full-time, and boundaries must be created and strictly adhered to.

This way, you keep off jealousy and discomfort from your home.


7. Venting Frustrations About Your Spouse

7 Things a Married Woman Should Avoid Doing on Social Media

Using social media as an outlet for venting frustrations about your spouse can have damaging consequences.

Unless both you and your partner had agreed before time to have your online followers as arbitrators in your conflict resolution, you should not feed them with your family’s challenge.

If your husband offends you, speak with him about it and bring in professionals if needed.

Bringing your family’s issues to the public not only reduces your marriage to a public affair, it also reduces your marriage’s worth in the eyes of the public and creates a platform for people to disrespect your husband.

No matter how angry you are, keep your marital issues between you, your husband, and professionals.

In doing this, you preserve the face of your marriage and gain more respect and admiration.



Social media is unarguably a powerful tool for connection.

A lot of people have built life-changing relationships and long-lasting connections through the social media platform.

But it requires mindfulness and responsibility, especially within a marriage.

You cannot afford to post your life and marriage away just because you want to gain ground and build followership on social media.

Your marriage is your priority, and you are responsible to your husband.

Hence, you must not go beyond your marital boundaries in social media escapades.

Your online presence must be healthy and must reflect respect for and commitment to your husband and marriage.

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