10 Subtle Reasons Why Women Push Men Around

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Why Women Push Men Around.

In a society infested by stereotypes of what is obtainable for men, women, and children, it is out of place for a woman to be seen pushing her man around or lording over him. 

The issue of assertiveness is not gender-based but is a pretty sensitive one when dealing with it in the context of a relationship. 

Some women are naturally assertive and, in some cases, are guilty of pushing their men around. 

Although this is unacceptable, assertiveness should be understood within the context of individual personalities and dynamics in a relationship. 

In this blog post, we will consider 10 reasons why women push men around. 

10 Reasons Why Women Push Men Around

1. Societal Expectations and Gender Roles


Society always has these unwritten rules about how men and women should behave.  

And unfortunately, these expectations have created stereotypical gender roles that both men and women are forced to fit into and fulfil. 

These stereotypical expectations often put men in positions of power and above women. 

But as times are changing, more women are rising up and requesting gender equality. 

They’re challenging these traditional gender norms and fighting for equal rights and positions with men.

To enforce their needs, women become more assertive in their relationships with men, forcing and intimidating as many men as they can to fit into their demands.


2. Self-Confidence 

Reasons Why Women Push Men Around

Some women are just really confident in themselves

And they often carry themselves in a way that exudes every bit of this confidence.

They believe in themselves and always address people and situations with some level of authority. 

While confidence can be really attractive, men always feel the need to protect their ego, and an over-confident woman may feel like a threat to their ego.   

This, however, does not invalidate the fact that a self-confident woman will push a man in the direction she wants.


3. Communication Styles

Everyone has their unique ways of communicating

Some people are direct and to the point, while others prefer a more subtle approach. And this is not divided along gender lines. 

So, when a woman is assertive, her communication style might be more upfront and explicit. 

They say what they mean and mean what they say. 

But in some situations, their male partners might have different communication preferences. 

Theirs may be the softer, more indirect style. 

Being with an assertive woman can sometimes create a misunderstanding, making it seem like the woman is “pushing” too hard when in reality, it’s just a difference in communication styles.


4. Emotional Expression

Reasons Why Women Push Men Around

Women are naturally quite emotional, and while some prefer to be quiet or reserved with their emotions, others like to express their emotions and be loud about them. 

When a woman voices her emotions and frustration too often, it can come off as nagging to her man and make him feel like she is trying to push him around. 

That may not be the case. 

The woman may feel like she’s just being real and honest, but if she does not know when to tame her emotions and when to express them, she may actually become that nagging woman who is pushing her man around. 


5. Previous Experiences and Trauma

Life can be tough, and every one adult has had their fair share of difficulties. 

Women who have faced challenging situations or have been in toxic relationships that have left them traumatized may carry a false impenetrable or aggressive look as a defence mechanism in a bid to shield themselves from more harm.

But as much as nobody wants to be taken advantage of repeatedly, an aggressive woman or an aggressive-looking woman is one that will easily threaten the men around them. 

A woman who desires an easy-going relationship with any man must let go of her aggression and keep calm for her man. 

But this does not in any way mean that she should destroy all her defences. 

Women who have been through trauma need to protect themselves from harm, and they should do just that.


6. Desire for Autonomy and Independence

Reasons Why Women Push Men Around

Another reason a woman may push a man around may be her strong desire for autonomy and independence

She wants to maintain her own identity and take care of her own needs while in a relationship. 

One of the things that makes men happy is their ability to take care of their women. 

It gives them fulfilment to know that they are responsible for someone and they are handling the responsibility well.

An independent woman who won’t give a man the chance to take care of her in the relationship will only bruise his ego and make him feel like she is trying to lord over him.


7. Personal Expectations and Standards

Every woman gets into a relationship with her own standard and expectations, and she wants them met. 

But if a man does not reach her standard or cannot meet her expectations, she should avoid getting into a relationship with him.

When a woman gets into a relationship with someone who does not get up to her standard and wants to force him into meeting her expectations, she will end up pushing the man around. 

Remember that no matter the effort made, a person cannot become what they are not. 

Women should find their specs and stay with them.


8. Lack of Effective Communication Skills

Reasons Why Women Push Men Around

When a woman cannot effectively communicate her needs, or if she feels like she is often misunderstood or her needs are not acknowledged, she becomes frustrated and this frustration can result in her being assertive.

In a relationship where a woman is barely understood, she may resort to forceful ways to get her message understood. 

In doing this, they become aggressive, and sometimes without knowing. 

They are just in a struggle to express themselves clearly. 


9. Power Imbalances within the Relationship

Power imbalances can happen in any relationship, regardless of gender. It’s not always about men having all the power and women trying to reclaim it. 

Sometimes, women can also feel a power imbalance if they are always suppressed and treated with contempt, and that can trigger assertive behavior. 

They might assert themselves to prove their importance or to address the power dynamic in the relationship. 

But rather than tow the path of aggression, they should find a balance and make sure both partners feel equally respected and important. 


10. Conflict Resolution Styles

Reasons Why Women Push Men AroundReasons Why Women Push Men Around

Every relationship must experience conflict because the partners are two people with differences in style, opinion and ideas. 

When conflict arises, a lack of a working conflict resolution mechanism in a relationship may make a woman display some bouts of aggression. 

Also, if the man is the type that prefers to talk about the challenges when there is calm, he may consider a woman who talks about the trouble as they are happening aggressive or troublesome.



In some cases, as we have seen, a woman may not really be pushing her man around. 

Her assertiveness might just be her communication style or a result of confidence. 

In a relationship where the man feels like his woman is pushing him around, he may decide to talk to her about it. 

Communication often helps partners to know what issue they are facing and what approach they can take in solving it. 

Also, every woman should consider the preference of her man and make adjustments to suit his taste in order to foster a beautiful relationship. 


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