8 Key Reasons Why You Are Feeling Drained in Your Relationship

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There is almost nothing that beats the feeling of having your own person in life.

And it even becomes better when you are their own person, too.

In the journey of love and companionship, relationships can bring joy, fulfillment, and support.

But in the midst of all this goodness, they can also be a source of emotional exhaustion and drain if certain factors are left unaddressed.

In today’s article, we will take a journey to uncover the reasons why your relationship might be draining you and offer insights into how to overcome these challenges for a healthier, happier connection.


8 Key Reasons Why You Are Feeling Drained in Your Relationship

1. Poor Communication

Why You Are Feeling Drained in Your Relationship

Communication is very important in every human relationship.

If you are in a relationship where you struggle to be heard or you struggle to hear your partner, you will soon start feeling worn out and drained.

The absence of effective communication is one problem that can give birth to several others in a relationship.

When communication falters, misunderstandings will pile up, leading to emotional exhaustion and frustration.

You and your partner must learn to build strong communication skills in order to keep the juice in your relationship.

You must learn to speak each other’s language and learn each other’s preferred communication pattern in order to prevent the drain on your relationship.

2. Frequent Arguments

Why You Are Feeling Drained in Your Relationship

Arguments are a natural part of any relationship but should not become a third party or live-in partner in any relationship.

Partners should try as much as they can to keep arguments at bay, make adjustments and compromises where necessary, and bear the ability to manage each other’s excesses.

When arguments become a daily or very frequent occurrence in a relationship, they have adverse effects on both partners, taking a toll on their emotional well-being.

It can further result in the sudden termination of the relationship.

To minimize arguments, couples should learn basic conflict resolution strategies and give room for each other in the relationship in order to keep the relationship bubbling and in very good condition.

3. Unmet Expectations

Everyone comes into a relationship with their various expectations, whether they are emotional or practical, sane or outrageous.

There’s the story of a man who got into a relationship with a woman just because he wanted her influence to grow his business idea.

But it happened that he arrived a bit late: when he came, she had already lost a greater percentage of the influence she had and, unfortunately, couldn’t meet up with his expectations.

With the disappointment of an unfulfilled expectation, he nagged her so that she became too drained to remain in the relationship.

When people’s expectations consistently go unmet, whether in the relationship or in any other way, it often leaves them red with disappointment and negativity.

4. Toxic Behavior

Why You Are Feeling Drained in Your Relationship

Some people are so toxic that it becomes difficult for people to comfortably stay around them.

And sometimes, others can’t tell that they are toxic by just seeing them afar off.

They will have to be in a close relationship with them to be able to realize it.

In fact, toxic people can make great lovers.

And this is why people will fall in love with a toxic person and be blinded by the euphoria of their emotions.

But not for too long.

Toxic behavior, such as manipulation or control, can be extremely draining and harmful.

As soon as they recognize the signs of toxicity, they begin to seek help or distance themselves from such a relationship in order to save their mental and emotional health.

Sometimes, after they’ve left a toxic relationship, they might need to go through sessions of therapy to recover from the effects of toxicity.

5. Trust Issues

Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

When a relationship is constantly bugged with suspicion and jealousy, it can lead to constant anxiety in partners, where they live in fear of the suspicious partner.

This can also quickly erode trust and drain your emotional energy in the victim partner.

If your partner does not have solid trust in you, you may begin to think that they, too, are not loyal to you.

Ultimately, you will soon get tired of the relationship following the stress of having to explain yourself every time.

Even when something has happened that threatens the trust in your relationship, you both can rebuild trust through open and honest dialogue.

6. Emotional Rollercoaster

It is often necessary that people who intend to commit themselves to a serious relationship have stable emotions.

Instability in emotions will definitely result in uncertainty and insecurity in a relationship, leaving the other partner constantly drained and stressed out.

So, if your relationship experiences an imbalance such that your partner is hot today and cold the next day, or maybe they have extreme emotions that they are unable to control, being with them may feel like you are in a toxic space, leaving you constantly tired and drained.

Your partner may have to seek professional help in order to be able to stabilize and be in control of his emotions.

7. Neglecting Self-Care

Why You Are Feeling Drained in Your Relationship

In every relationship you find yourself in, you must remember that you cannot give more than what you have, and with this, you must pay very good attention to your personal care.

A lot of people often give self-care a backseat when they are deeply invested in a relationship.

But this is completely wrong.

Neglecting your own well-being can lead to burnout and exhaustion.

As much as you would like to put your partner first and pour out all your love on them, you must find a balance between caring for them and caring for yourself.

If you fail to care for yourself, you will either soon begin to get irritated with how you look and how you are faring, or your partner will soon lose interest in you because you are not becoming a better version of yourself.

Either way, when you take care of your partner at the detriment of your self and productivity, you are the one who will eventually lose out of the relationship.

8. Unresolved Past Issues

Why You Are Feeling Drained in Your Relationship

Every relationship comes with its own unique goodness and troubles that are just sufficient for the relationship.

Baggage from past relationships or personal issues that remain unresolved will always have a negative impact on your current relationship.

People who carry loads of their old relationship into the new one will soon get tired of carrying all that load.

No matter how good or bad your previous relationship was, throw away all its baggage before moving into another relationship.

Keep no room for comparison, whether positive or negative and do not expect your new partner to be in any way like the former.

Also, if the issues are personal issues such as esteem problems, mental health challenges, etc., talking to working through these issues with your partner or a therapist should help tame whatever negative effect such challenges would have had on your relationship.



In summary, having an understanding of the “why” is often the first step towards getting the solutions you desire.

With the understanding this article has provided, you may be on your way out of the stress your relationship is causing you.

The next step is to create an atmosphere where you can effectively address these challenges through communication and professional guidance where necessary.

Sometimes, the thing draining you out in your relationship may not be your partner’s fault but yours.

So it is important to also look inward to identify areas where you have failed to hold yourself and the relationship up and make the required adjustments.

Every relationship sure has its ups and downs, but with effort and commitment, you can overcome the draining factors and nurture a thriving partnership.

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