16 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid

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A relationship can be exciting when the partners communicate effectively and learn to tolerate each other.

On the other hand, a bad relationship is draining, and it takes little mistakes to turn a beautiful relationship into a nightmare.

Here are  mistakes you need to avoid in your relationship this year

 16 Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid

1. Keeping secrets

This is a silent but quick killer of relationships.

Of course, there are some things that one partner may not want to tell the other.

But it’s important to reveal information that is important to the health of your relationship.

Your partner will feel betrayed they find out you’re keeping something critical from them.

2. Not listening

Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid

Most relationships are ruined because of a lack of communication, but this is mainly due to one partner not willing to listen to the other.

Yet communication is the glue that holds relationships together.

So make sure you take the time to listen to your partner and lend an ear when they need it most.

Don’t make assumptions instead, communicate for clarity.

3. Not expressing yourself

It is important to express how you feel in a relationship.

If something bothers you, don’t bottle it up inside – make sure to talk about it with your partner and work through the problem together.

Also, share happy moments and tell your partner when something makes you smile.

Even if it is a small gesture, expressing your thoughts and feelings can keep the relationship strong.

4. Not showing appreciation

One of the most important things in any relationship is appreciation.

Let your partner know how much they mean to you and show them that you cherish their presence in your life.

I know you think they might take you for granted if you tell them how much they mean to you, but it’s the opposite.

Showing appreciation will strengthen your bond and show your partner you don’t take them for granted.

5. Not resolving conflicts effectively

Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid

Conflicts are inevitable in a relationship.

After all, you are two different individuals with different upbringings,  belief systems, and emotions.

The key is to resolve them effectively by understanding the other person’s perspective and finding common ground.

Try to reach a mutual agreement that satisfies both parties in order to avoid resentment or pain.

Because many potentially amazing relationships have been destroyed due to not resolving conflicts reasonably.

6. Not taking time for each other

No one can argue that quality time is not essential for a relationship’s survival.

In a busy world, couples often forget to take the time out for each other.

I get that there are many tasks that require our attention, but if your relationship is important to you, you gotta create time for your partner and vice versa.

This is necessary if you want to nurture your relationship and keep it alive.

Do something together, take a walk, go on dates, meet up for coffee, watch a movie, anything that will bring the two of you closer.

It’s essential for couples to create special memories and moments in order to stay connected and happy with each other.

7. Making commitments too early

Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid

I’m a huge fan of committed relationships because I love to know where we stand in each other’s lives.

However, it’s vital to truly get to know each other before you make any decisions about being in a serious relationship.

Getting to know each other and taking time with the process of becoming closer is essential for long-lasting relationships.

If you both decide that this connection is something special, then go for it!

But until then, take your time, befriend each other, and be sure you know what you want.

8. Suppressing your emotions for long

Expressing your emotions is an important aspect of relationships.

It helps build a connection between you and your partner, as it allows you to be open about feelings, fears, and hopes.

When we repress our feelings for too long, it leads to misunderstandings and disconnection from our partner.

So, always ensure to open up and express your emotions to avoid these issues.

Expressing yourself in relationships is also beneficial for your mental health, as it allows you to process thoughts and feelings rather than suppressing them.

9. Being too revealing

Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid

Although they say that honesty is the best policy, you should be careful about the things you talk about, especially if the relationship is still new.

Don’t reveal everything about you in a flash.

You’ll have too much information out there if things don’t work out eventually.

I hope your relationship works out, but you know, sh*t happens.

10. Not establishing clear boundaries

Defining clear boundaries in a relationship helps reduce the unnecessary conflicts that come with ignorance about personal standards.

How will your partner know what you like and don’t like if you don’t make it clear?

11. Talking about every little thing

Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid

There’s a thin line between nagging and trying to talk things out.

There are things you should overlook.

Don’t turn into a nag under the guise of talking about everything.

12. Constant jealousy

This is a red flag that shows trust issues.

Although this character may arise from many quarters, learn to give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

Learn to trust their judgment.

13. Being clingy

Do not let the excitement of a relationship drive you into doing things in excess for your partner.

Bombarding them with excess calls, texts, and physical affections can be draining.

Let them breathe.

14. Focusing more on the physical

Relationship Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you want a serious relationship, you have no business with the physical, as what you seek goes beyond the physical.

Well, the physical attraction is a factor, but it’s not everything.

So, having expectations based on just the physical can be damaging to your relationship.

Focus on getting to know your partner at the emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.

This will help you build a strong connection which will stand the test of time.

15. Letting insecurities take over

Insecurities tend to spoil relationships especially when left unchecked.

Be honest with yourself and if you feel that these insecurities are taking over your relationship, talk to your partner about it.

Working together, you can come up with ways to help each other cope with their insecurities and grow stronger as a couple.

Also, seek out professional help if necessary.

16. Ignoring red flags

Red flags are  warning signs something is not quite right in relationship.

It is to take the time to recognise warning signs and address them before they become bigger issues.

Ignoring red flags could result in irreparable damage to your relationship and leave you heartbroken.

Take note of these sixteen relationship mistakes and you’ll enjoy your relationship more, and more importantly, protect your heart.

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