15 Subtle Signs He Never Loved You

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Have you ever been with someone who seemed perfect, but then they dumped you without warning or treated you so badly?

A breakup is always hard, but one of the most confusing things about ending a relationship is trying to figure out whether your partner ever really cared for you in the first place.

You may have been told before that men “just don’t know what they want,” or that they’re “insecure.”

But it’s time to let go of the excuses and deal with reality: he never loved you.

Perhaps the signs he never loved you have always been there but you were too blind to see them or he pretended to love you.

Either way, this article will help you realize signs he never loved you.

15 Signs He Never Loved You

1. He Didn’t Show Interest in Your Life or He Pretended To

A guy who never loved you probably didn’t show interest in your life or pretended to.

Because when you are in love with someone, you want to know a lot about that person- their interests, goals, plans, family, childhood experiences, college stories, etc.

When a guy is into you he will ask questions about your life and be very interested in what you have to say- even if it’s not something that interests him at all.

If he never asked questions that made him want to know you and was always seemed disinterested when you talked to him about them, then that is a clear sign he never loved you.

2. You Had No Interests In Common

Another sign he never loved you is if there was no common interest between the two of you.

In order for love to blossom, people have to have things in common with each other- similar interests and ideals- otherwise it’s just not going anywhere.

Perhaps you even found yourself wondering what you guys were doing together because the two of you didn’t have anything in common and that never bothered him.

3. He Didn’t Make Efforts With You or Only When It Was Convenient for Him

When you are into someone, your love for them will motivate you to put in efforts to make the relationship work.

This is proof that you love them and want them to be in your life.

If he didn’t make any effort with you or only when it was convenient for him, then that means that he never really loved you and just used you to pass time by.

signs he never loved you

4. He Had Wandering Eyes

If your man was always finding other girls to look at and didn’t even bother trying to hide it from you, then that’s a clear sign he wasn’t really into you.

When someone doesn’t love the woman they are with, their eyes wander looking for something better or more attractive which will make them happy.

Any man who has eyes for other girls and doesn’t try to hide it from his girlfriend or wife just can’t be trusted.

5. You Gave More Than You Received

If you were always the one making an effort in your relationship and giving more than you ever received, he didn’t love you.

I know that love shouldn’t be measured by how much is given and received in a relationship, but when you sense something is not right, it’s important to look at the big picture.

6. It Was All About Sex

If you were busier between the sheets than you were busy knowing each other, perhaps that was all he wanted from you.

Now that you think about it, he was probably nicer to you when it was time to get physically intimate.

7. He Didn’t Say ‘I Love You’

When you love someone, you want to be able to express that love.

You want them to know how you feel.

He never told you he loved you is one of the signs he didn’t really care about your relationship.

If you are really sure of your love for someone, why would hold you back from telling them?

8. He Said ‘I Love You’ But Never Showed Signs of It

On the other hand, he might have told you that he loved you.

But if this wasn’t followed up with actions like spending time with you, introducing you to his family and friends, supporting your dreams, respecting you or wanting to make plans for your future together, maybe his words were just an empty promise.

9. He Wasn’t Affectionate Towards You

man kissing woman on forehead

If there were no signs of any kind of affection on his part, then this is another sign that points toward his lack of interest or feelings of attachment.

Affection is one way people show they care about someone else.

10. He Didn’t Make Time for You or Your Relationship

While it is possible to be busy and not neglect relationships, there are signs that point toward him actually ignoring the idea of maintaining a healthy relationship with you even if this meant making sacrifices here and there.

If one or more signs pointed in this direction then it is very likely he never loved you.

10. He Didn’t Care About Your Feelings or Respect Them

If your feelings meant nothing to him or if he never showed signs of having much respect for them, this is another sign that points toward his lack of feelings for you.

If you are not sure what signs would make this clear, then it might be time to take a look back at your relationship and see how often he treated your feelings with the same sort of importance as you did -or- if he ever showed signs of being able to put your feelings first.

11. He Didn’t Make You a Priority in His Life

If there were no signs that made it clear that not only did he care about you but also considered the time spent with you as something very important, this is another sign pointing toward him never loving you at all.

12. Emotional Connection Was Missing Between You Two

You felt there was no emotional connection between the two of you.

While he may have told you things like “you’re my best friend,” or “I want to marry you someday,” signs indicate that there was never any passion in his words.

If this is something that kept coming up for you in your relationship with him, it could signify that he was never able to form that emotional connection with you.

13. You Feel Like You Don’t Matter To Him

If he didn’t make time for you, or if it seemed like the relationship was one-sided where his needs always came before yours, then signs indicate that he may not have really loved you.

14. He Doesn’t Want To Meet Your Family Or Friends

Another sign is if your family and friends were constantly asking where things stood between the two of you, but they couldn’t seem to get a straight answer out of him.

This shows he wasn’t fully committed to you.

15. He Ignored You for No Reason

When you don’t care about someone, it is easy to ignore their texts and phone calls.

If he was always ignoring you, he never loved you.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have questions about what happened.

You may be feeling lost, hurt, sad, and confused.

There may be so many feelings running through your heartbetrayal of being abandoned by someone who promised to never leave you, the pain from his words when he said “I don’t love you anymore,”, the disappointment in yourself for not seeing any warning signs sooner.

It can feel like there is no end to these thoughts or emotions but take comfort knowing that they will eventually dissipate if given time.

Know that it’s okay to need space and do things on your own terms even though sometimes it feels easier just to lay around all day watching TV shows alone with a pint of ice cream next to you.

However, don’t stay stuck in self-pity.

In order to move on from a relationship, you have to do the hard work of letting go.

You deserve someone who will love you unconditionally and make your heart happy every day, one who truly loves and respects you for the person that you are.

Take comfort in knowing there is someone out there who will love all of the great things about you.

We are rooting for you!

Signs He Never Loved You


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