11 Signs He Pretends to Love You: How to Tell if He’s Faking It

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You will be surprised there are actual signs he pretends to love you.

Yes, I mean that guy you’re in a relationship with currently.

It’s not uncommon to feel unsure about whether your partner truly loves you or if they’re just going through the motions. 

Unfortunately, some people are skilled at pretending to love someone without truly feeling it. 

This can be a painful and confusing experience, but there are signs to look out for that can help you tell if he’s faking it. 

Here are 11 signs to keep in mind:


11 Signs He Pretends to Love You: How to Tell if He’s Faking It

1. He doesn’t prioritise your needs or wants.

Signs He Pretends to Love You

If you’re in a relationship with someone and your needs and wants are in the shadows, it may be a sign he is not really invested in the relationship.

It is not about putting you first all the time.

It’s about your boyfriend making space for your needs and not acting all selfishly about things that concern you.

A man that is selfish is definitely not invested in you.

He would rather put his time and energy into watching video games than helping you do something important like picking up a book for your term paper.

When it comes to you, everything is stressful. 

Your opinion or preference does not matter when he is making decisions that affect you two.

All these are pointers to the fact that your needs or wants are secondary and almost nonexistent to him.


2. He doesn’t listen to you.

If your partner never really listens to you or pays attention to whatever you have to say, it may be a red flag and he’s not all that invested in the relationship. 

You might be talking to him about important things and in the middle of the conversation, you find out he has lost track of whatever it is you’re saying.

It might not even be something all that important.

It can just be basic and random conversations you’re having but he doesn’t really follow and flow with you.

A man that constantly does this is just pretending to love you, that’s if they’re even putting any effort at all.


3. He’s not affectionate.

Signs He Pretends to Love You

If your partner doesn’t show physical affection, like holding hands or hugging, you might want to evaluate the relationship.

His being affectionate does not mean he has to get under the sheet with you

It is just him showing basic gestures expected of every romantic couple.

A man who loves you will hold hands with you, hug you, kiss you and even cuddle you at different points. 

Physical connection is a way to show established love and to tell the world you belong to him.


4. He’s not interested in your life.

If your partner claims to love you but he does not show any interest in your life then you should check what love means again.

A person who loves you wants to know about your day, your interests, your life and even things that tend to hurt you.

He would want to know about the people in your past and even the current people in your life. 

He wants to know the important dates in your life and share them with you.

He wants to know the important people in your life too.

Any man that does the opposite of that is not even close to loving you.

He is just pretending to love you.


5. He’s not supportive.

A man who loves you genuinely will support your dreams, goals, ambitions and aspirations.

He will be your cheerleader and even motivate you to do things when you are down.

However where these things are the opposite in your own relationship, then you can be sure that this man is only pretending to love you.

It doesn’t matter if you do not share the same goals and ambitions.

What matters is he is a support system.

And where he is not supportive of your dreams, you can be sure he does not want the best for you or he is totally not invested in you.


6. He’s overly critical.

Signs He Pretends to Love You

If your partner is overly critical of your own actions he may not be invested in the relationship.

It is understandable that healthy criticism is part of every relationship.

However, if your partner appears to justify his ill feelings towards you by elaborating on your faults, flaws and mistakes, then you can be certain he is not that into you.

He goes on and on about your shortcomings without thinking of how utterly they can impact you.

He makes a big deal of situations that could have been handled better.

Also, he doesn’t care if he does this in private or public, as long as he is able to tongue-lash you.

A man like this definitely doesn’t love you. 


7. He’s not reliable.

A man that is reliable always has his actions and words consistent. 

An unreliable partner is one who doesn’t follow through with his commitment.

You can never say you want to count on him as a partner.

He says one thing and does otherwise.

He raises your hope and dashes it almost immediately.

He is very inconsistent in his actions toward you.

Whatever he does for you are not things he has promised or planned.

They are mere coincidences.

Such a man does not love you but he is only pretending to do so.


8. He doesn’t make time for you.

Nobody is too busy for the one they claim they love

A man that does not make time for you, if anything does not prioritise you or the relationship you share.

It means you are more of an afterthought in his life.

And as such every other thing and person come before you.

You will be surprised that he might even have things to do around where you are but will not deem it fit to tell you until you bump into him.

A man who does not give you his time does not love you.

Even when he says he loves you he is only pretending to do so because his actions show otherwise.


9. He’s emotionally unavailable.

An emotionally unavailable man is an avenue for constant frustration.

No matter how much you try to communicate with him, you would always meet with a brick wall.

A man that loves you will be emotionally available.

You won’t have to do a whole lot of analysis to figure out how to understand him.

He will also be empathetic to you and understand your emotional needs.

If your man does not share his emotions and can’t seem to understand yours, then it is a sign that he is pretending to love you.


10. He’s secretive.

Signs He Pretends to Love You

A man that is in love with you will not be secretive about the details of his life.

He won’t hide things from you that you ought to know as his significant other.

If you are with a man who hides everything from you it may be a sign that he’s not really invested in the relationship.

You two should be an open book to each other that you can read even without the interference of a third party.

A man that keeps things away from you does not trust you and where he does not trust you you can be sure that he is not so in love with you.

Even when he says he loves you he can’t be sure he is pretending.


11. He’s disrespectful.

Signs He Pretends to Love You

With love comes mutual respect.

A man that loves you will respect you whether in private or in public.

A man that disrespects you has no regard for you or the bond that you share.

You will be surprised that the things you complain about and honestly the man that he does are the things he does for others without batting an eyelid.

If you have to always tell a man to respect you then you can be sure that he does not care about what you feel for him or how you feel about how he treats you.

He is definitely a man that doesn’t love you but pretends to do so.

In conclusion, if you’re experiencing any of these signs in your relationship, it’s important to have an honest conversation with your partner about how you’re feeling.

It’s possible that he may not realize how his behaviour is affecting you, and working together to address these issues can help strengthen your relationship.

However, if your partner is consistently showing signs of disinterest or lack of investment, it may be time to reevaluate the relationship and whether it’s truly meeting your needs.

A healthy relationship is built on mutual respect, communication, and support, and you deserve to be in a relationship where you feel seen, valued, and loved.

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