14 Subtle Signs He Sees You As Girlfriend Material

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Are you crushing on someone and trying to check out the signs he sees you as girlfriend material or just a casual fling?

Well, you’re not alone.

Many people find themselves in this predicament, constantly analysing every text and interaction for signs of commitment

But fear not, my lovestruck friend, for I have compiled a list of foolproof indicators that he sees you as more than just a passing fancy. 

So put down that magnifying glass and let’s dive into the subtle and not-so-subtle clues that will reveal his true intentions.


14 Subtle Signs He Sees You As Girlfriend Material

1. He prioritises spending time with you: 

Signs He Sees You As Girlfriend Material

If he is constantly and consistently making time to see you and also prioritise your plans together it is a sign that he values your relationship.

It is not just about spending time with you it is about how he feels when he is around you.

A man that constantly spends time with you sees the potential for something more serious coming out of the friendship. 

He might not have mentioned this to you yet but be assured that your high priority in his life.


2. He introduces you to his friends and family: 

Men value their relationships so much and even their close circle.

This is why they barely introduce anyone to the people important to them.

When you see that a man has introduced you to his close friends as well as his family members, you can be sure that he is serious about you.

He is trying to integrate you into his social and close circle.

This is a sign he sees you as girlfriend material and not just pretending to love you.


3. He communicates regularly: 

Signs He Sees You As Girlfriend Material

A man that sees you more as his partner will communicate with you and keep up conversations without it feeling like you are pestering him.

From his conversation, you will see that he actually enjoys talking to you and he wants to maintain a connection with you.

This simply means that he flows well with you around him and wants to be a core part of your life.

The connection you share will not be one he would like to let go of in the long run.


4. He shows affection:

A man that sees you as girlfriend material will definitely show some form of affection to you.

It doesn’t have to be something deeply intimate.

It is more of the fact that it is something intentional.

It can be holding hands.

Sometimes cuddling and even light kisses on your hand, shoulder or forehead.

This means he has romantic feelings for you and it is more than a fling.

He definitely sees you as girlfriend material or it can even be that you’re already unofficially dating


5. He talks about the future:

A man that sees you as girlfriend material and has plans of committing to you eventually will talk about future plans with you.

He will talk about events that have you two at the centre and on a long-term basis. 

He sees you two as partners and team players which means you are riding together for a long time.


6. He listens and remembers details:

A man that sees you as girlfriend material and is so into you will definitely listen to you when you talk as well as remember the details about things you tell him.

He takes in every detail and uses them as a strong point in relating with you.

He doesn’t use them against you in fact.

He rather uses the information as a guide to treating you right and it also keeps him updated about the dates and events that are important to you.




7. He respects your boundaries: 

Signs He Sees You As Girlfriend Material

As individuals, we all have our boundaries and limits in all aspects of our lives.

If the man you like and who appears to like you back respects your boundaries and doesn’t push you to do things you won’t do naturally.

When he notices things that make you uncomfortable, he doesn’t hesitate to stop doing them.

This means he values your feelings and he is keen on keeping you comfortable every time you’re together. 


8. He supports your goals and dreams:

A man that sees you as more than a fling will be your greatest cheerleader. 

He pushes you to be a better version of yourself and he is genuinely interested in your progress.

He doesn’t see you as a threat when acing your goals.

He wants to see you succeed and be happy while at it.

He constantly reminds you why you should do the things you love and how they are important to you as a person.


9. He is honest and upfront with you: 

When a man sees you as girlfriend material he is honest with you about his thoughts and feelings.

He opens up to you and has discussions with you no matter how difficult they may be.

He trusts your judgement and he knows that you will not use anything said to you in confidence against him. 

A man that is not scared to be honest and upfront with you definitely wants to have you around for a long time.



10. He shows interest in your life: 


When a man shows interest in your life He is not just using you to pass the time.

He asks the main questions about your obvious interest and experiences.

This is more of a sign that he wants to get to know you better and what makes you happy.

He wants to know how to make you happy too.

It takes a man that wants to commit to you to do things like this.

Perhaps you started on a very casual note and you believe there is nothing more to both of you.

But then he starts to ask these kinds of questions.

You can be sure that he sees you as girlfriend material.


11. He makes an effort with your friends and family: 

It’s one thing for a man to introduce you to the important people in his life.

It is an entirely different ball game where he also wants to meet the important people in your life. 

He does not just meet them but he builds relationships with them and also knows their roles in your life.

A man that does this does not do it for the sake of it.

He doesn’t try to cut you off from them and neither does he judge them.

Doing all of these means he wants to be a part of your life in a meaningful way.


12. He is considerate and thoughtful:

A man that wants more with you will always do things that make you happy.

And in doing these things, he does them in thoughtful ways.

For instance, a man that knows you like flowers might surprise you with a delivery to your office when you least expect it. 

It can be buying you your favourite bottle of perfume.

Or a foot massage after a long day.

He does things that will make you genuinely happy and he is happy doing it. 


13. He values your opinion:

When a man asks for your opinion on important matters, it means he values your thought process and contribution to his life.

He puts your feelings and thoughts into consideration before making a final decision on matters dear to him.

Your place in his life is not a casual place.

He takes you seriously and he shows it by putting your opinion into consideration before taking any action.

This makes you stand out from other women that have been in his life and left.

He wants you as a girlfriend and he is acting that right.


14. He is consistent in his actions and words:

A man that acts in a  way that aligns his words and actions on the same plane will definitely make you feel secure in your relationship.

A consistent man in his actions towards you shows a man you can sufficiently rely on.

His trustworthiness is one you can bank on because you know his words and actions are not in vain.


It’s important to remember that everyone is different, and these signs may not be definitive proof that he sees you as girlfriend material.

If you notice most of these signs in your man, you can be sure that he sees the potential for a more serious relationship with you.

Don’t ignore those signs sis.


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