13 Signs He Will Never Forget You And Will Do Anything Possible To Keep You

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Have you been wondering if there are signs he will never forget you in the real sense of it?

One thing that is true when it comes to relationships is that they can leave you feeling vulnerable.

The uncertainty of not knowing what could happen next sometimes leaves us nervous and even questioning if the person we like is also interested in us.

In most cases, they are just as unsure as you and will be just as scared to tell you how they feel.

Here are 13 signs to show he will never forget you and will keep you no matter what:


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13 Signs He Will Never Forget You

1. He shows you off to all his friends.

Signs He Will Never Forget You

The biggest sign is that he’s proud to have you in his life.

He can’t help but show everyone he knows how awesome you are, and how lucky he is to have you in his life.

If he introduces you as his girlfriend right off the bat (or even just says “this is my friend…”) it means that he’s happy to be with you and wants everyone else to know it.

He loves showing you off because he thinks that having a relationship with someone as awesome as you make him seem even more attractive—and there’s nothing wrong with that.

He might even want your friends to like him so they can talk about what a great guy he is, and make him seem even better.

And it makes sense, too—he probably wants his friends to feel a little bit jealous of him for having such an amazing partner.


2. He’s always there to help you with everything.

Signs He Will Never Forget You

If he’s always there to help you with everything, that means he truly cares for you.

When a guy is completely in love with you, nothing will stand between him and your happiness.

He’ll do anything to make you happy and to keep the smile on your face, even if it means putting his own needs aside.

From helping you move house to be there when you need a shoulder to cry on, doing things for other people is something that comes naturally to him—but only because it’s his girlfriend he’s doing them for.

A guy who’s going above and beyond all the time is someone who will never forget about you.


3. He still remembers random stuff about you.

Signs He Will Never Forget You

He still remembers random stuff about you.

You know he likes you when he takes the time to remember little things that most people wouldn’t even notice.

He remembers your birthday, your favourite movie, your favourite colour, your favourite food, your favourite song, and your favourite book.

In addition to that, he also remembers where you met for the first time, where you went on your first date, who introduced you two to each other (if applicable), and what was on the menu of the restaurant that night (if applicable), and maybe even a thing or two about what made him think of asking you out in the first place.

If his memory is really good, then chances are he’ll try his best to give those things back to you when it counts.

For example, I once had a boyfriend who remembered my birthday years after we broke up.

On my special day, I got flowers from him with a card that read “Happy Birthday [name], so glad we’re friends now.”

Even though we weren’t together anymore as boyfriend/girlfriend anymore there was no doubt in my mind that he still loved me as much as ever before–and still wanted our relationship to be strong enough for us to maintain a friendship.


4. He shows off your achievements like he’s proud of them too.

If you notice that your man is bragging about you to other people, then it’s a good sign that he really loves and cares for you.

It could be that he shares photos and videos of you, or talks about how much he loves the girl who does XYZ.

Or it could be something much less obvious like being proud of your achievements even when you’re not around.

Maybe he brags about a promotion or raises you got at work.

Or maybe he bragged once to a friend when no one else was around but didn’t say anything to your face because he thought you’d brush it off as him trying to make himself look good by association.

What all these things have in common is that they show that this guy is proud of the fact that he gets to share his life with such an amazing woman.

This isn’t just something any guy can say about his girlfriend or wife.

It takes someone truly special for him to want everyone else in the world to know how awesome she is.

He will also be proud of his relationship with her even if she doesn’t share his interests or if they aren’t the same age.”


5. He keeps in touch with all your friends and family on social media.

A guy who really loves you will show his love for your family and friends too.

He will follow them on social media, comment on their pictures, and like their posts.

If he sees something posted by a member of your family or friend, he will share it with you because he knows you would also be interested in it.

He really doesn’t mind interacting with them because spending time with the people that are close to you is one small way to show how much he cares about you. It also shows that he respects your friends and family, which means that they’re important to him as well.

If a guy follows the people who are close to you on social media, then it can be a sign that he is thinking about making things official.

If he is already dating someone else, then there’s no need to get all of your closets involved in his life too.

Furthermore, if things end between him and the person he is dating now, then it could be hard for him if she suddenly becomes friendly with his ex’s loved ones.


6. You have a shared bank account with him.

If you have a joint bank account with your significant other, it’s likely that a few years into your relationship, he will remember this.

It may not be the main thing he remembers about you, but it will certainly stand out among all of the relationships before yours.

It’s a sign of trust and commitment to share finances with someone else, which is definitely something that doesn’t happen in every relationship.

There are a lot of reasons why sharing an account is an important step for two people in love: It can make things easier when splitting expenses or paying bills, and it allows for more financial independence (since money isn’t just tied to one person), and it’s just another way for two people who care about each other to become closer.

Most couples agree that combining finances is an important part of entering into long-term relationships.

Sharing an account can facilitate more financial stability by helping partners establish emergency funds while also allowing them to save toward larger goals together.

Before making the decision to open up a joint bank account with your partner, there are some things you should consider:

How much money do you want to keep separate?

Is one of you financially dependent on the other?

Are you able to communicate openly about how you spend money and do both partners feel equally invested in the shared bank account?

The answers to these questions will help both parties decide whether or not opening up a joint bank account makes sense at this time in their relationship.


7. You are always included in his plans for the future.

Signs He Will Never Forget You

It doesn’t matter if he’s talking about the future in a week, several months from now, or years from now.

If you’re always included in his plans for the future, it means that he loves you and wants to be with you forever.

If he mentions something that he wants to do but then pauses and says “I’d love to do that with you” or something similar, it means a lot more than him just saying that.

Even if the two of you are just casually dating at this point, if he’s already hoping for your future together, then there’s no doubt about it—he will never forget about you!


8. His phone is full of photos of you two together.

Having photos of you two together is a sign that he will never forget you.

Having photo memories of your travels together is a sign that he will never forget you.

Having pictures of the two of you with friends is a sign that he will never forget you.

Having photos of your family together is a sign that he will never forget you.

Having selfies of the two of you together is a sign that he will never forget you.

Having photos of the two of you in various places is a sign that he will never forget you.

Also, his phone case might have photos on it including ones of the two of you, which indicates how much he loves spending time with him and wants to remember all those special moments together forever


9. He lets you choose the movies and TV shows you watch together and never complains that they’re “too girly.”

He knows you can’t be happy if he’s unhappy.

So, he doesn’t try to force you to like the things he does.

He’s not ashamed of his love for films about time-travelling robots, but he also loves that you’re a huge fan of rom-coms (except when they don’t end happily).

And sometimes when he’s in the mood for an action flick, and when you don’t want to watch it with him, he’ll just let it go and move on to something else.

It might seem like a small thing, but the fact that your partner never makes comments like “guess I have to watch this because we’re watching chick flicks all week” shows how much he respects you as an individual.


10. His walls are plastered with pictures of the two of you together (and no one else).

If he has a huge poster of you two above his bed and no one else, that means he’s proud to have you as his partner. He wants to show you off!

He’s not afraid of what other people will think or say about him for having pictures of you all over his room.

He wants to remember the good times and even the best times that the two of you have been through together.

He likes having pieces of you in his life, even when you’re not around. Having your pictures allows him to feel like he sees you more often than he actually does (if he doesn’t live with you).

He wants to be with you whether it is physically or just being surrounded by your presence within your photos.


11. He calls and checks up on you when you’re not around or aren’t talking to him for some reason.

>He calls and checks up on you when you’re not around or aren’t talking to him for some reason.

If he is doing this, it means he really cares about you and is worried about your well-being.

This is a big sign he will never forget you since it means that he wants to know how you are doing even when you two aren’t together.

If he finds himself in a situation where he isn’t sure where/what you are doing, there is a good chance he will call or text just to make sure that everything is okay.

Maybe something happened with one of his friends and now they don’t know what they did wrong.

Or worse, maybe they think that someone else has caught your eye.

Either way, if this guy makes the effort to reach out and touch base while apart from each other, it’s definitely because of love!


12. You’re his number one priority, no matter what situation he’s in otherwise.

You might find that he’s constantly on the phone with his family, seeing his friends all the time, or playing video games.

But you don’t have to worry about this. If a guy is truly in love with you, you’ll be the number one priority in his life, even if he has other interests and wants to spend time doing them.

If he does have to choose between you and something else, such as work or another friend, he will always put your comfort first.

One sure sign of this is putting off things for work because he’d rather spend more time with you.

If a guy already has plans and wants to see you anyway instead of sticking to those plans, then that’s a good sign.

He might not do it all the time unless it’s an emergency situation or something important that can’t wait until later, but as long as he puts aside some of his other commitments so that he spends more time with you, then that truly shows how much he loves and cares about you!


13. He makes a big deal out of all your anniversaries and celebrates them kindly every single year without fail.

Signs He Will Never Forget You

You have probably heard that it’s the little things that matter in relationships.

That couldn’t be more true.

When you are the type of person that listens to your partner and appreciates all of the small gestures they make, they will always remember you fondly.

Humans remember things based on emotion, so if you can make sure you connect with your love on a deeper level, all of those special moments will be seared into their memory forever.

There is no need to make a big deal out of every single thing he does for you.

If he brings home a flower for no reason or picks up your favourite snack when he knows you are having a bad day, don’t ignore him or take him for granted.


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13 Signs He Will Never Forget You And Will Do Anything Possible To Keep You


There are a few signs that indicate a guy is head over heels for you in the way that he’ll always remember you.

If a man has forgotten about you once, it’s hard to get him back.

But if he’s never forgotten about you even when your relationship was going down the drain, well then, there’s no doubt about it!

You are the one and only one.

It may not be easy to tell right away. In fact, most guys don’t tell their girlfriends they love them until months into dating them – but they can still make it clear through other means that they care deeply for her.

So how do you know if he really loves you? He may not say “I love you” all of the time, but instead show his affection in other ways such as holding hands or giving gifts without expecting anything else from them (even though they are worth more than words could express).

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