7 Signs He Will Never Forget You And Will Do Anything Possible To Keep You

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Have you been wondering if there are signs he will never forget you in the real sense of it?

Or you fear you’ll just be one of his many.

Here are some signs a guy won’t forget you:

7 Signs He Will Never Forget You 

1. He’s always there to help you with everything.

Signs He Will Never Forget You

If he’s always there to help you with everything, that means he truly cares for you.

When a guy is completely in love with you, nothing will stand between him and your happiness.

He’ll do anything to make you happy and to keep the smile on your face, even if it means putting his own needs aside.

From helping you move house to be there when you need a shoulder to cry on, doing things for other people is something that comes naturally to him—but only because it’s his girlfriend he’s doing them for.

A guy who’s going above and beyond all the time is someone who will never forget about you.


2. He still remembers random stuff about you.

Signs He Will Never Forget You

A guy who will never forget you will remember random stuff about you.

He remembers your birthday, your favourite movie, your favourite colour, your favourite food, your favourite song, and your favourite book.

In addition to that, he also remembers where you met for the first time, where you went on your first date, who introduced you two to each other (if applicable), and what was on the menu of the restaurant on your first date, and maybe even a thing or two that made him think of asking you out in the first place.

Not everyone has a great memory but a guy who will always remember you will not forget some details about you.

For example, I once had a boyfriend who remembered my birthday years after we broke up.

On my special day, I got flowers from him with a card that read “Happy Birthday, so glad we’re friends now.”

Even though we weren’t together as boyfriend/girlfriend anymore, there was no doubt in my mind that he still loved me as much as ever before, and still wanted our relationship to be strong enough for us to maintain a friendship.


3. He shows off your achievements because he’s proud of them too.

If you notice that your man is bragging about you to other people, then it’s a good sign that he is proud of you.

Maybe he brags about a promotion, raises you got at work, your special skills and abilities.

It shows he admires you, and not only loves you.

Guys don’t forget women they admire.


4. You are always included in his plans for the future.


It doesn’t matter if he’s talking about the future in a week, several months from now, or years from now.

If you’re always included in his plans for the future, it means that he loves you and wants to be with you forever.

If he mentions something that he wants to do but then pauses and says “I’d love to do that with you” or something similar, it means a lot more than him just saying that.

Even if the two of you are just casually dating at this point, if he’s already hoping for your future together, then there’s no doubt about it—he will never forget about you!


5. His phone is full of photos of you two together.

Having photos of you two together is a sign that he will never forget you because you have created too many memories together.

Come to think of it, the reason we don’t forget people is because of the memories we share with them.

So if a guy has plenty pleasant memories of you, he will not forget you.

Trust me!

6. You understand him

It seems a lot of women find it easier to love a man than to understand him.

Yet men cherish women who understand them.

Everyone desires a partner who just “gets them.”

When you’re with someone who gets you, you don’t need to always explain yourself, and there will be less drama.

A man will never forget you if you understand him.

Even if you don’t end up together, he’ll always miss the woman who gets him like no other.


7. You make him happy

We go into relationships to be happy.

No one forgets people who make them happy.

So also a man will never forget a woman who makes him really happy.

If you’re wondering if a man will ever forget you, wonder no more.

If you’re these things to him, he won’t forget you.


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