How To Know You Are In Love: 17 Clear Signs of Being In Love

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What does it take to know you’re in love?

It’s a question that has plagued humanity since the beginning of time, and still remains one of life’s greatest mysteries.

But there are some telltale signs that can help you figure out if you’re in love with that person.

If you find yourself Googling “how to know if you’re in love” every day, we’ve got some good news for you: You probably are!

Here are some of the top signs:

How To Know You Are In Love: 17 Clear Signs of Being In Love

How To Know You Are In Love

1. They’re on your mind all the time.

You think about them constantly.

They are always on your mind.

You think of the things they would like, or how they would respond to something happening in your life.

You envision what it would be like to have them with you as you do something, or how you wish they could be there for a certain event.

Not only that, but even when you aren’t thinking about them consciously, your unconscious mind still thinks about them frequently.

When you dream at night and even the dreams are about the person, that is a clear indication that love has taken over your brain and is not letting go anytime soon.


2. You miss them whenever they leave you.

When your partner leaves you for any reason, such as work, school, or a social commitment, it is completely normal to miss them.

However, if you feel a constant longing and void in your heart when they are gone, there is a good chance that you might be in love with them.

When this occurs outside of the context of being in love with someone, it usually means you have formed a strong bond with that person.

A strong bond does not always lead to love but can often be mistaken for it. There are many ways to tell if you have fallen in love with someone.

You may also find that you miss your partner more than anyone else when they are gone.

This feeling will likely be quite different from other types of absences because it won’t diminish over time or distance.

The longer they remain absent from your life, the stronger these feelings become until eventually returning home feels like an eternity away from each other.

If this sounds familiar then there’s no doubt about whether or not what you’re feeling is true love: it’s 100% real!


3. They feel like home, so you ease into being yourself around them.

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They feel like home, so you ease into being yourself around them.

Because you can be your true self with them, without the pressure of trying to impress or appear a certain way.

Remember that feeling you had when they first showed up?

When butterflies filled your stomach and your heart was beating fast?

The reason that happens is that it’s a subconscious response to the fact that someone new is entering your life-and with every new person comes an opportunity to gain something: whether it’s romantic love, friendship, or something else entirely, we never know until someone shows up on our doorstep and gives us the chance.

You probably know by now if you have that feeling when they’re around.

If so – congratulations! You’ve found the one for which there was always meant to be room in your life…or at least until whatever happens next happens which may not always mean forever.


4. You can be yourself with them.

You can be yourself.

This is the most important one.

If you are not able to be your true self, if you have to hide certain parts of your personality because they might scare them away, then it’s not real love.

Real love allows you to be who you are and feel safe in your own skin while being with them.

You don’t need to worry about what they think of you when you do something outrageous or off-putting; when making a mistake or saying something stupid; when acting silly or goofy; when showing your true colours or being vulnerable.

They have seen all these things and still love you for who you are.


5. You have lots of common interests and goals.

If you and your partner can discuss your hopes, dreams and goals for the future, this is a clear indicator that they are someone you want to be with.

“One of the most obvious signs of being in love is when you and your significant other have compatible values and common interests,” says Parikh.

“When you’re in love, you tend to enjoy doing things together.” If all of these things are true for both of you, it’s a good sign that there is more than just physical attraction holding the relationship together.

“Love is not just about how physically attracted we feel towards each other,” Parikh continues. “It’s also about having similar tastes or preferences — whether it’s music, food or life goals — as well as experiencing positive communication that makes us feel connected to our partner. When partners can’t talk openly about what they want out of their life and relationship, they may feel disconnected from one another.”

If deep down inside you think that this person could be The One (and vice versa), then chances are the two of you might be in love. “Being in love involves the possibility of spending a lifetime together with your significant other,” explains Parikh.

“It means imagining growing old together, travelling around the world together, having children and grandchildren someday.”


6. You connect on deep emotional levels.

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You connect on deep emotional levels.

It is not always easy to explain how you feel, but when you are in love, it comes naturally.

You know that they understand what you are saying and will support any decision you make.

You feel comfortable sharing your feelings, and they do the same.

You feel emotionally safe with them, so you can be vulnerable with them. You can be open and honest about anything with them because you know they’ll listen intently without being judgmental or critical.

You may also find that the things that used to annoy you about other people no longer bother you when it comes to your partner.

This is because of the strong bond that keeps growing between the two of you in a healthy way as time goes on.

Your partner feels like home to you now, which means their flaws and imperfections never get on your nerves.


7. You know you belong together.

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You know you belong together.

You are both mature adults that have goals, dreams and the ambition to achieve them.

You both want the best for one another and don’t see each other as competition, but rather as partners in life. You are a team and when you’re together you have so much fun because of your similarities, not despite them.

You know that to be truly happy in love, you need to find someone who is similar to yourself.

Your relationship just flows naturally; there’s no worry or stress about if your relationship will work out because deep down you already know it will.

The secret to a happy long-lasting love is finding that person who complements your strengths and weaknesses and completes your life.


8. When they succeed, you treat it as a personal win for yourself.

When your partner succeeds, you treat it as a personal win for yourself.

When you truly love someone, you share in their happiness and joy.

You are proud of them, happy with them, and lucky to be part of their life. You feel like you are a part of their success, even if they did not achieve it with your help or support. In short: you are happy to be part of the life they lead.


9. Their success makes you happy.
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When someone you love succeeds, you feel happy.

You find yourself celebrating their success even if it has nothing to do with you.

You want to share in their success, and even if you don’t have a physical part in it, you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

You are happy for them because they found something that makes them happy.

You don’t feel jealous or resentful when they succeed or make strides forward because you see that their success is not your loss.

Their success motivates you to be your best self as well.


10. You feel sad when they’re sad.

When they are sad about something, you automatically want to help them feel better.

You want to help them feel better.

You want to know what’s wrong and you want them to smile again.

You can’t stand seeing them sad.

You just want to make it better.

You would do anything you can to make them happy again, no matter what it is.


11. Your happiness depends on their happiness.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”-Aristotle

We all desire to be happy and find someone who makes us happy, but if you are in love it is more than that.

Your happiness depends on their happiness.

You want them to be happy and feel sad when they are sad.

That is not to say that you do not have your own emotions and feelings, but you want nothing more than for them to be as happy as possible.

It is an uncomfortable feeling when your significant other does not seem happy because all you want is for them to be content with life.

If someone is in love with you then they will also hope for your happiness above anything else, because the only thing that can make them truly happy is knowing that you are truly happy.


12. You want to be there for them when they are sick.

You take care of them when they’re sick or hurt because it gives you an excuse to take care of them and make sure they’re okay!

You take care of them when they’re sick or hurt because it gives you an excuse to take care of them and make sure they’re okay.

You want to make sure they are feeling better and that they are safe.

You feel a great sense of responsibility towards them, almost like you have an obligation to be there for them.

A feeling of compassion comes over you when your partner is not feeling well and you want to help make that person feel better, even if it means taking time out of your own day or putting aside what you need to get done in order to help this person feel better.


13. You can’t imagine life without them in it.

You can’t imagine life without them in it, even if things are a little rough right now – the idea of losing them is painful, but the possibility of separation is not more painful than the relationship itself.

If your relationship is healthy, you may feel sad at the idea of losing them.

But if your life starts to become a living hell because of the relationship, and you have no other option than separation, you may not feel that bad at the thought of leaving them.

We are talking about pain due to loss here, not pain due to unhealthy relationships.

If it’s painful, then you should probably think twice before committing yourself to that person.

And don’t let anyone push you into staying in an abusive or manipulative relationship!

In general, as long as your relationship is healthy and makes you happy most of the time, even if things get a little rough sometimes (and they will), then this means that you are in love with each other.


14. You want to always be with them.

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You want to be with them every single day and do everything together because spending time apart is difficult.

You may feel like you’re jumping out of your skin when you take a trip home for the weekend and they stay behind for work.

You may cry on the highway as you drive away from them or feel sick to your stomach as the weeks apart start to pass.

When you are with them, you want to do everything together.

You want to wake up next to them every morning and go to bed together every night.

You don’t want to miss a single moment of their life because it feels like something is missing without them in it.

It’s not that they’ve changed your life; it’s that they belong in it.


15. It’s easier to get through hard times together than it is alone

The relationship doesn’t make your life harder than before, even if there are problems.

It makes it better.

You don’t need to rely on each other completely and give up your own lives, but if you can both be there for each other and help each other out when needed, that’s a sign of a good relationship.

This can be anything from helping out by picking up groceries after work to just listening to your partner vent about their problems.

There will always be hard times in your life – health problems, family member issues, financial worries, and so on.

When you are in love, these things won’t get any easier but they will seem more manageable with someone by your side.

If you notice that the stress from their life and the stresses from yours have been causing conflict that makes it harder for the two of you to get along instead of bringing you closer together, then it could mean there is something missing or that the relationship needs some work.


16. You want to be with them and only them.

Previously, you may have found yourself in relationships where you were having fun but your attention was divided between the relationship and other areas of your life.

Now, you finally have the opportunity to be with someone whom you enjoy spending time with more than anything else at all times.

The thought of being away from this person for a long period of time hurts and makes you feel uneasy because you are so connected to one another.

It’s like they are an extension of yourself.

You’ve always been told that having a “significant other” is something special, but now that you are experiencing it for yourself, nothing anyone could say about being in love could possibly do justice to how amazing it really feels when you find the right person for yourself.


17. You can see him or her in your future.

How To Know You Are In Love: 17 Clear Signs of Being In Love

You know how sometimes when people meet each other for the first time, they tend to quickly assess whether or not either party seems like a good spouse material?

Well, instead of trying to figure out if he is marriage material, try dating him first and just get to know each other instead of making any premature assessments on his potential as a partner before even getting into a serious relationship together first.

Once things start rolling along smoothly and both parties begin investing their time and energy into each other through actions rather than words alone, then it might become clear where things are heading between the two of them.

Whether or not they should invest further into seeing each other down the road or end things altogether if neither party is interested in pursuing any sort of romantic commitment with one another.

If there aren’t any red flags popping up during conversations about future plans such as children; religion; finances; parental responsibilities (i.e., whether one parent will take care of their kids full-time while working part-time); household chores like cooking meals every night versus ordering takeout); health issues etcetera then you are surely in love with them.


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If any of these apply to your relationship then chances are you are in love.

Trust your instincts and tread the path with them especially if you’re convinced they feel as strongly as you feel about them.


How To Know You Are In Love: 17 Clear Signs of Being In Love


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