6 Things It Means When Your Husband Keeps Cheating With The Same Woman

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It is said that there are still little towns and villages scattered all around the world with no Internet access.

Sometimes, it is safe to say that dwellers of these rural areas are the most blessed ones.

What with the news you come in contact with every day as you surf the internet?

So much that you wish that some of these stories were fabricated and far from reality.

But many of them are true.

Like when you hear the story of a married man who has kept another woman who is not his wife to himself in order to satisfy his desires.

You’ll start asking yourself questions like, “Is his wife unable to satisfy his desires?”

When you see a situation like this, what can you make out of it?

6 Things It Means When Your Husband Keeps Cheating With The Same Woman

1. Lack of Sexual Satisfaction

Things It Means When Your Husband Keeps Cheating With The Same Woman

One of the primary satisfactions a man seeks in marriage is sex.

Research shows that men have hormones that make them more sexually inclined than women.

As far as they are concerned, their sexual needs must always be met in marriage.

If a married man engages in repeated infidelity with the same woman, it may show that his wife is not meeting his sexual needs.

Apart from this, the fact that he keeps cheating with one woman points us to where he is getting gratification for his sexual needs.

Infidelity is wild because, at this point, the man may think he is just getting his satisfaction and may have no desire to ruin or end his marriage, but that’s not what the picture would look like to his wife and others.

Rather than cheat on his wife, a man who wants to preserve the sanctity of his marriage will have a conversation with his wife about his desires, preferences, and any other concerns related to intimacy in their marriage.

As they address these issues together, couples can work towards creating a more satisfying and fulfilling sexual connection.


2. External Validation

Things It Means When Your Husband Keeps Cheating With The Same Woman

Have you ever been in a situation where you are doing something wrong, and you know within yourself that the path you’re towing is unhealthy, but you have people around you doing the exact same thing and calling you a chicken for wanting to back out?

This is the reason everyone must be concerned about what kind of company their spouse keeps and the kind of influence they exude, preferably before marriage.

The repeated pursuit of the same extramarital relationship could be a quest for external validation.

Like, this man really has nothing he wants from the woman he is keeping except the fact that she (or being with her) validates him.

This suggests that he may be relying on someone outside the marriage to affirm his worth, attractiveness, or significance.

This behavior often stems from underlying self-esteem issues or a need for approval from others.

But what he really needs is to build self-confidence and find ways to internally validate his own worth.

If he doesn’t see his own value, it doesn’t matter what he does to get others to see and appreciate him, he’ll still not see it.


3. Addiction to the Thrill

Things It Means When Your Husband Keeps Cheating With The Same Woman

They say that stolen water is sweeter than wine, and where’s the lie?

It’s a different thrill and satisfaction when you take risks to get something you’re not supposed to have in the first place, something that is not yours.

That’s the same thrill a married man feels when he is having an extramarital affair with someone who is not his wife.

As soon as this infidelity becomes repetitive with the same woman, it is a clear indication of an addiction to the thrill associated with secret affairs.

A man who would do this is someone who has a pattern of seeking excitement, risk, and the forbidden nature of clandestine relationships.

Similar to other forms of addiction, breaking free from this cycle requires acknowledgment and intervention.

He must agree that he is in deep trouble with his behavior and needs help.

Then must willingly seek professional help, such as therapy or counseling.

Additionally, his wife may want to have a conversation with him to understand the root causes of this thrill-seeking behavior and work with him to introduce healthier, more fulfilling elements into their marriage.


4. Emotional Disconnection

Things It Means When Your Husband Keeps Cheating With The Same Woman

One of the major things that holds a marriage together is the emotional connection between the couples.

Without this, they may just be floating in the marriage and doing extra work to keep the marriage going.

Many times, they seem to be doing everything right, yet everything keeps going wrong.

It’s an indication of a lack of emotional connection.

Another sign that there is no emotional connection between couples is the ability of the man to maintain another woman for infidelity.

This may be his way of seeking emotional fulfillment and understanding that they perceive as lacking within his marriage.

This disconnect might result from unexpressed needs, unmet expectations, or a breakdown in communication.

It’s imperative for both partners to talk about their emotional experiences and work together to rebuild a stronger emotional connection.

This process will involve active listening, empathy, and a deliberate commitment to addressing each other’s emotional needs in order to create a more fulfilling and intimate bond.


5. Power Dynamics and Control

Things It Means When Your Husband Keeps Cheating With The Same Woman

In certain cases, repeated infidelity can be linked to power dynamics and control within the marriage.

In simple English, a married man who is obsessed with power and being in control may engage in extramarital affairs as a way to assert dominance or influence over his wife.

Of course, the issue of power obsession always looks like that is about that from the outside, but this behavior often reflects deeper issues related to communication, equality, and respect within the relationship.

When a man needs to assert dominance over his wife, it shows that there are several other things that are not right within the marriage.

Things the couples should intentionally consider seeking the assistance of a professional therapist who can help uncover and address these underlying power imbalances.

Through therapy and intentionality, both partners can work towards establishing healthier communication patterns, fostering a more balanced partnership built on mutual respect and understanding.


6. Coping Mechanism for Trauma

Things It Means When Your Husband Keeps Cheating With The Same Woman

Maybe your man is going through a traumatic situation.

Or is experiencing post-trauma?

You know, repetitive infidelity can function as a coping mechanism for unresolved trauma or past experiences.

So he’s caught up with this trauma and trying to wiggle his way out of it.

And there’s a beautiful lady out there, ready to provide her shoulder for his leaning.

If he doesn’t know better, he’ll definitely use this opportunity to have an affair as a way to numb emotional pain or escape from deep-seated wounds.

So he doesn’t like her.

He just needs a distraction that you do not provide for him at the time.

If you’re able to identify and address these underlying traumas, you might have well taken the first step towards healing and rebuilding your relationship.

You can refer him to a professional for guidance, such as therapy or counseling, and can provide a peaceful and supportive environment for him to navigate through the complexities of trauma.


This list does not in any way validate infidelity in marriage, nor does it invalidate the emotional troubles it is for the wife of a cheating husband.

What this list does is provide an insight into what exactly goes on when a married man repeatedly cheats with a woman who is not his wife.

His wife may decide to walk with him through discovering the root cause of his infidelity and seek help for him, or she may decide to put herself and her mental health first and take a break in order to see things clearly.

Whatever her choice is, no one deserves to go through the emotional pain of a cheating partner, and if they find themselves in such unfortunate situations, they should first protect their mental health before anything else. 

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