9 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Man

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I’m no magician, and I have no superpowers, but I can already read through your thoughts on this: “Why do I need to know ways to make a man feel like a man if he is already man enough?”

First, It’s important to understand that you can’t influence a man to think more highly of himself than his own self-perception.

So, making your man feel like a man isn’t about upgrading his self-perception; it is telling him, “I see you, I feel you, and I appreciate you.”

It’s expressing your admiration for his masculinity and letting him know that you are glad that he is your man.

So, you see that it is something you should do, yeah?

How to go about it?

No worries.

There are several ways to make your man feel wanted, valued, and appreciated, but in this article, we have highlighted 9 key ways that never go wrong.

9 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Man

1. Acknowledge His Strengths

Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Man

Every man has those qualities that make him unique, and it’s part of your duty to know what makes your man special.

And because we’re talking about strength doesn’t mean we’re limited to physical prowess.

Your man’s strength may be in his muscles, yeah.

But they may also be found in his emotional intelligence or his ability to solve problems like a boss.

It’s possible that you know and appreciate these special qualities, but your man doesn’t even know that you know it.

So, tell him how much you appreciate these qualities – it’ll make him feel like a king and show him that you respect and value his male strength.

This kind of recognition will make him feel even more important in your relationship and create a comfortable atmosphere where he can express them.


2. Support His Goals

Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Man

Supporting your man’s goals goes way beyond just cheering him on; it means getting involved and being a part of his journey.

Whether he’s trying to move up in his career, work on a personal project, or learn something new, showing genuine interest and actively participating can make a big difference.

Pay attention and ask him questions about his goals, dreams, aspirations, and visions.

And when he tells them to you, take note of them and get as involved in them as you can.

Go to events that are related to his goals, and offer practical help whenever you can.

When you are his partner, you help him feel accomplished and remind him that he’s capable and ambitious, both in your relationship and in his personal life.



3. Express Admiration

Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Man

Some women think it’s being too forward to express admiration for their men, so they hold back.

No, girl!

When you wanna show your man some love, don’t hold back one bit!

Men deserve to hear all those beautiful sweet things, too.

Beyond deserving it, they love to hear it.

Tell him what you think is awesome about him – whether it’s his intelligence, his sense of humor, or something he’s done that you’re so super proud of.

Be as real with your compliments as you can, and avoid flattery by all means.

Your man knows what he is capable of and what he isn’t.

Introducing flattery may destroy his self-esteem rather than build it.

Make sure he is constantly aware of how much you love and appreciate him.

It’ll not just make him feel good and bring you two closer, it’ll also give him an assurance that you consider him man enough for you.



4. Show Affection

Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Man

Just like admiration, affection from the person they love also has a way of strengthening a man’s masculinity.

Showing your man some love through physical touch is a good way to make him feel wanted and cared for.

Do you love him? Let him know it.

He’s a man, and he’s also a human with hormones and feelings.

Just giving him a hug, a smooch, or holding his hands can make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The same way his touch makes you come alive.

Plus, when you touch him, it releases oxytocin, which is like the “love hormone” that helps you bond emotionally.

So, by giving and receiving affectionate gestures, you’re building a physical connection that’s way deeper than just talking.

A connection that can make your relationship stronger and more secure.


5. Encourage Independence

Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Man

If you want your guy to be his own person, you should give him some breathing room.

Let him do his own thing and pursue his own interests without being all up in his business.

Yes, we talked about supporting his goals earlier, but remember, we said, “as much as you can.”

You can’t always be all up in his business and expect him to have his own life.

All of his life will be centered around you.

But when you steer clear from time to time, you show him that you respect him as an individual and that you’re cool with him being himself.

Plus, it helps keep things balanced between you two, which is always a good thing.

So let him spread his wings and watch him soar.

Don’t suffocate him with your constant presence and bugging.

In fact, if he’s always seeing you 24/7, it’s easier for him to grow weary of you and decide to look out for something more interesting.



6. Seek His Opinion

Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Man

Asking your guy what he thinks is all about showing him you care about his point of view and want him to be part of the decision-making.

Sometimes, you know what you want and have already decided what you want to do concerning the matter, but you just bring him in and listen to his own ideas.

Plus, it’s a way to work together and make decisions as a team.

It’s also a way to let him know that his opinion matters and that you’re in this partnership together.

When you repeatedly make decisions without him or always trash his opinion concerning a lot of things, you belittle him and make him insecure.

But taking advice from him will help boost his self-esteem, especially if the advice turns out to be good.



7. Create Shared Goals

Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Man

It’s not enough to just be lovey-dovey in a relationship. You both should have shared goals.

Shared goals simply mean things you both want to achieve as a couple.

It could be planning for the future, saving up money, or doing things you both enjoy.

These goals bring you closer together and make you feel like a team.

When you work together towards them, it makes your guy feel like he’s a big part of the journey.

It also helps you communicate better and work together more, which makes your relationship stronger and more meaningful.


8. Be a Good Listener

Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Man

Let your man know that you are a safe and caring place to share his thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Get involved in conversations, show real interest, and let him know his emotions matter.

When you create an environment where he feels heard and understood, you build a strong foundation of trust in your relationship.

This helps him communicate openly, be himself, and feel valued in the partnership.

However, if he realizes that you never listen or pay attention to him, he becomes more reserved and stops sharing things with you.


9. Celebrate Achievements

Ways To Make Your Man Feel Like A Man

When your man achieves something, big or small, it’s important to acknowledge them and celebrate him.

A win is a win, no matter how small or inconsequential.

Every time he wins at something: whether it’s a work win, a personal milestone, or conquering a challenge, make sure to take the time to celebrate these moments together.

When you get involved and show your excitement for his achievements, you’re letting him know that you’re his number-one fan and cheerleader.

This celebration not only boosts his confidence and self-esteem but also strengthens the idea that his successes are victories for both of you, creating a positive and uplifting vibe in your relationship.


Always keep in mind that every relationship is totally one-of-a-kind, so feel free to tweak these suggestions to fit your partner’s vibe and what they’re into.

The important thing is to keep the lines of communication open and show each other respect, all while appreciating the things that make your partner feel like a total boss in your relationship.

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