10 Effective Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

The place of emotional intimacy cannot be overemphasized in a successful and fulfilling marriage.  Emotional intimacy involves deepening the emotional connection between partners and fostering trust, vulnerability, and understanding.  As the foundation of a strong relationship, emotional intimacy can strengthen the bond between spouses and give room for beautiful friendships to thrive, leading to increased …

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10 Signs Your Ex Is a Narcissist: Spotting Red Flags and Moving Forward

Types of Men Who Stay Single

Narcissism is a personality trait characterized by an excessive preoccupation with one’s  own self-importance, a constant need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others.  Individuals with narcissistic traits often have an inflated sense of their own abilities and an intense desire for validation and attention. Dealing with a narcissistic ex can be emotionally …

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8 Ways to Stop Being A Boring Woman

  Feeling like your life is as thrilling as watching paint dry? Tired of the monotony of doing the same old routine every single day? No worries!  You’re not alone, and there are plenty of ways to stop being a boring woman. Whether you need ideas for activities, conversations, or just living in general, we’ll …

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9 Things That Can Make A Woman Boring

Reasons Why You Have Not Found a Man Yet

Avoiding boredom is crucial for everyone, but it’s particularly true for women. If you’re labelled “boring,” you risk being left out and loveless. Naturally, people do not like to befriend people they consider as boring and who seemingly do not have anything going on with them.  Because no matter what a person is or what …

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10 Ways to Identify Envy

Reasons Your Husband Never Attends Social Events With You

Envy is a complex emotion that can be hard to recognize and even harder to accept. It often occurs when someone desires the possessions, successes, or qualities of another person. Envy always has a negative impact on our lives and relationships. An envious person who hasn’t taken deliberate steps in finding out whether they are …

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