10 Obvious Signs You Are Running Away from Love

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Love is a complex and beautiful emotion that can bring immense joy and fulfillment to our lives. 

But let’s be honest, love can be pretty intimidating and overwhelming at times.

We’ve all been there, running away from love instead of embracing it.

It happens to the best of us, so don’t worry.

And the truth is that there are several reasons this can happen, and one of them is our actively running away from love even without realizing it. 

In this blog post, we will explore 11 signs you are running away from love. 

Walking you through these signs will help you discover whether or not you are the reason you have no love life. 


10 Signs You Are Running Away from Love

1. Fear of Vulnerability

Signs You Are Running Away from Love

One of the primary reasons people run away from love is the fear of being vulnerable

It is easy to let fear take over when it comes to love.

Fear of being vulnerable and allowing someone else into your life can be paralyzing and lead you to run away from love.

Vulnerability opens your deepest emotions and exposes them to the goodness of being loved purely or the risk of being taken advantage of.

Vulnerability is a key factor if love and emotional connection must take place. 

If you find yourself constantly avoiding emotional intimacy and keeping your guard up, it may be one of the signs that you are running away from love. 


2. Past Heartbreaks Define You

Another common reason why people run away from love is past heartbreaks that have scarred them.

Hey, if the heartbreaks you’ve gone through in the past still influence how you see love, and if you’ve let those experiences shape your present and future, it might lead you to actively steer clear of love.

You need to understand for a fact that although being hurt in the past can make you wary of future relationships; it should not define your life or prevent you from experiencing healthy love again.

This, of course, comes from the fear of going through another round of experiencing that heart-wrenching pain that makes you feel like your world just ended. 


3. Unrealistic Expectations

Signs You Are Running Away from Love

Everyone has their expectations of love and of a romantic partner.

When it comes to matters of the heart, it can be easy to slip into fantasy mode and expect things that don’t match up with reality.

If you’re expecting someone else to make all of the efforts while you sit back, that won’t fly—and it won’t lead to a healthy relationship.

Also, when your standards are too high to reach, without knowing, you may be blocking the path of love towards yourself. 

Having unrealistic expectations about love and relationships can sabotage your chances of finding lasting happiness. 


4. Fear of Rejection

Rejection is not always a bad thing. 

Sometimes, rejection paves the way for better things.

Other times, it can awaken the desire for personal development.

Given it is painful when the person you love refuses to reciprocate the love just because they can’t accept you for who you are. 

However, if you constantly feel that people who want to love you will eventually reject you, it is a sign that you are closing your mind against love.  


5. Self-Doubt and Insecurities

Signs You Are Running Away from Love

Lack of self-confidence is another sign that you are not ready to let love in.

Those deeply rooted insecurities that you have not addressed will hinder your ability to embrace love. 

The more you feel unworthy of love and inadequate, the more you unknowingly push potential suitors away. 

Because truly, nobody wants to be with a person who lacks confidence.

So, if you do not want people to avoid you, work on building your self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Increase your confidence in yourself and walk with grace.


6. Avoidance of Emotional Intimacy

Love and relationships often go along with emotional intimacy.

You know you are avoiding love when you are always closing the gate against emotional intimacy. 

This often involves you avoiding conversations that will open you up to the other party or running away when things are becoming too emotional with a prospective suitor.

Because in opening up yourself to those healthy emotional conversations, you may find that your heart can loosen up to receiving and giving love, but you don’t want that, so you lock up. 

Recognizing this sign and coming to terms with the importance of emotional closeness can help you in developing deeper connections and find love.


7. Excessive Independence

Signs You Are Running Away from Love

Independence is such a beautiful and valuable trait.

In fact, people do not like to be in a relationship with people who are over-dependent.

But while independence is so much appreciated, if you are so independent that you feel like you do not need to lean on anyone at any time, you are on the right path to chasing love away.  

Over-independence hinders your ability to form and maintain meaningful relationships because it keeps you in a place where you prioritize self-reliance and refuse help from others, even in your struggles.

It also makes you hold tight to your own beliefs and not shift grounds no matter the situation.

If you must find and maintain love, you should find a healthy balance between independence and interdependence.


8. Overemphasis on Perfection

It’s okay to want a perfect life. 

To seek perfection in all that you do. 

But you need to understand that humans are naturally flawed.

So, you shouldn’t plague others with your quest for perfection.

When people find that you are always looking for perfect partners or a perfect relationship, they stay away from you. 

Hence, you limit your chances of finding love.

Bear in mind that relationships are a journey of growth, and you won’t be talking about growth if it’s all perfect.

Embrace the beauty of imperfections and focus on building a strong foundation of love and respect.


9. Discomfort with Intimacy

Signs You Are Running Away from Love

There are people who cannot stand being in a physically close space with another – especially someone who has an interest in them.

They are very uncomfortable with any kind of physical touch that suggests intimacy. 

This is a major red flag since it reflects an inability to be close to someone.

In order to have a fulfilling and successful relationship, you must be able to open yourself up emotionally and physically. 

Although this is not applicable to everyone in this category, sometimes, avoidance of physical intimacy may be a sign that you are not ready for love.



10. Lack of Trust

Love and trust are two sisters that are always together. 

It is almost impossible to love someone who you do not trust. 

Yes, people are flawed in different ways, and it is usually not advisable to trust someone wholly, but there must be an element of trust in every relationship. 

So, if you find that as soon as someone begins to show interest in you, you consider everything they say as false, you may be unintentionally blocking your path to love. 

People can detect energy, and they know when someone trusts them. 

If your prospective partner senses distrust in you, they may not continue with you.



Sometimes people can be experiencing these signs but are not actually avoiding love. 

But you must check with yourself to be sure that you are not closing the door against yourself and asking why no one is pursuing you. 

To enhance your love life and create a thriving connection, discover practical ways to open the door to a fulfilling love life filled with happiness.

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