7 Reasons a Man Finally Proposes

8 Common Reasons Your Ex Wants to Be Friends

We were in a conversation with friends some weeks ago, and one of the issues that stirred up so much reaction was this question: “What influences a man to finally propose marriage to his woman?” I mean, getting down on one knee and asking the big question is a significant milestone in a man’s life, …

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7 Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

The journey towards getting wedded is not a walk in the park. People who are in a relationship know this for a fact. It is a long-distance trip with potholes, traffic, and stumbling blocks on the way. It will often take effort and perseverance, yet nothing is assured. But every lady looks forward to crossing …

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10 Sure Signs You’re His Weakness

Signs You're His Weakness

Love has the remarkable ability to bring out the most genuine and heartwarming emotions in people. When you’re someone’s weakness, you become the source of their happiness and the reason behind their wide, beaming smiles. With them, your needs and desires take center stage in the world, demonstrating the depth of their affection. And they …

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The 7 Types of Men Who Stay Single

Types of Men Who Stay Single

Some men have become perpetually single, so much so that they have become an object of concern and study for others. But in a world where romantic relationships often take center stage, it is necessary to know that staying single is a valid life choice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with people who have decided …

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9 Reasons You Attract Womanizers

Signs He Wants To Visit

Every woman likes to be attractive. But no woman wants to attract the wrong men. Yet, there are some people who still that it’s like they attract only people who have unhealthy intentions for them or the ones with unhealthy behaviors. This can be very worrisome, especially for a woman who is actively looking to …

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