8 Ways To Treat A Player

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Today, we’re treating players, literally.

And if what comes to your mind when you see the word “players” are participants in a sports game, then you need to read this post.

Also, if you know what we mean by “player” in this post, then this is your read.

When someone is described as a “player,” it often implies that the person is skilled at romantically pursuing or dating multiple people simultaneously and may not be interested in committed or monogamous relationships.

Do you know why a player is a player?

Their relationship life is usually a game where their partners are made to believe that they are in a relationship with someone who is committed to them.

Treating someone who is known as a “player” can be challenging because a player never agrees that they are “playing.”

But if you have found yourself in an unhealthy relationship with a player, you can do the following:

8 Ways To Treat A Player

1. Set Boundaries

Ways To Treat A Player

One of the first things you need to do when you realize that you are in a relationship with a player is to set your boundaries and clearly define them.

You do not want anyone having free reins to treat you anyhow they want at any time.

Define your expectations and limits in the relationship.

This means that you should communicate what you are comfortable with and what behavior is unacceptable.

If you are not yet in the relationship, you should clearly state that you won’t tolerate infidelity or casual dating and that you seek a committed relationship.

You must firmly maintain these boundaries and be prepared to take action, like ending the relationship, if the player continuously crosses those boundaries.


2. Evaluate Your Own Feelings

Ways To Treat A Player

In dealing with a player, it is important that you honestly assess whether your emotional needs and desires align with the player’s intentions.

Nothing is more important than how you feel and what you need.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re in love.

If the love isn’t satisfying your needs, then maybe you have to review the love and find something that suits you.

Reflect on your own feelings and priorities.

If you want a committed relationship, then you really shouldn’t be in a relationship with a player because a player is not interested in commitment.

Another thing you should consider is if you’re content with a casual or non-committed relationship or if you’re seeking something more serious.

If your goals differ significantly, it may be necessary to reevaluate the relationship and decide if it’s worth pursuing or if it’s better to move on in pursuit of a more compatible partner.


3. Be Cautious

Ways To Treat A Player

In whatever relationship you get into, you must be cautious

Your good health and sound mind should be top priorities for you.

You should learn to protect your personal well-being rather than continually put yourself in a spot where people can easily hurt you.

Keep your eyes open and be aware of potential red flags and inconsistencies in their behavior.

Their inability to commit to one partner has a way of spreading into every other area of their lives.

They make a lot of promises but hardly keep them.

If you’re in a relationship with a player, teach yourself not to hang on their every word.

The fact that they have said it does not mean that they will do it.

If you practice selective trust with them, you will save yourself the stress of feeling the pains of disappointment over and over again.


4. Take Care of Yourself

Ways To Treat A Player

You’re a beautifully amazing person.

You deserve someone who commits to you and treats you so.

But you’ve found yourself in the nest of a player.

It’s not the end of the world for you.

You can still unleash the blessings in you for the world to see from right where you are.

Focus on your own well-being and happiness.

Seek out new things that keep you happy and engage in them.

Make sure you are feeding right, getting enough exercise and rest, wearing good clothes, and keeping yourself always looking peng.

Don’t compromise your values or self-respect for someone who isn’t looking for the same kind of relationship.

You deserve someone who respects you and values you, and the fact that the one in your face right now doesn’t value you does not mean that another won’t come who would value you.

So keep yourself going and stay the best at your game.


5. Consider Ending the Relationship

Ways To Treat A Player

If there is a way in, then there is definitely a way out. 

This is what you should know when you find yourself in a relationship with a player.

You got into the relationship, yeah?

You can get out.

If the player’s behavior continues and you’re not getting what you want from the relationship, your best call may be to end it for the sake of peace.

You’re not bound to the player.

It’s true that it may be difficult to let go, especially if you’re really emotionally attached to the person, but then again, you can emotionally detach from the person.

Nothing is beyond possible.

So, if you think it’s something you cannot do by yourself, you may need to seek the help of friends or professionals.

They’ll provide a support system for you as you make your decision and go through with it.

You will definitely find someone who shares your relationship goals afterward.


6. Seek Advice From Trusted Friends

Ways To Treat A Player

Sometimes, you may find yourself stuck in a relationship and not know what to do.

But this is one of the reasons you have family and friends.

Talk to the few you know have your best interest at heart.

They might provide the support system and grace you need to remind yourself of who you are and what you are deserving of.

They might also serve as eyes for you to help you confirm whether or not your suspicion about your partner is correct.


7. Be Patient But Observant

Ways To Treat A Player

It’s true that you cannot change people, but you should give people grace.

There are many cases of players becoming committed to one person because of the way they feel about the person.

So, give the person a chance to demonstrate whether they’re willing to change their player behavior.

They may truly like you and will be willing to put in the work needed to change their player behavior and stay committed to you only.

However, if you think that your emotions may cloud your sense of judgment, you may want to involve the external eyes of friends and family to help you observe and look for signs of genuine commitment.


8. Focus on Personal Growth

Ways To Treat A Player

In every situation, there is always something positive to pull out.

For instance, if you are in a relationship with a player, you have gained one more experience.

If you see another player, you can easily tell.

So you can also help someone else out of their relationship with a player.

Use the experience as an opportunity for self-improvement and personal development.

While your playing partner is out on their playing spree, concentrate on your own goals and interests outside of the relationship.

A player does not require as much commitment from you as a committed partner will.

So you’ll have extra time to develop yourself and be a better person.



This article may not be for you if you are not seeking commitment in a relationship.

Everyone knows what they want and what works for them.

No one will decide for you; they can only provide guidance.

But everyone has to be careful: being with a player may mean being with someone with multiple sexual partners.

If you are sexually active with the person, you are at risk of contracting STIs.

That’s one of the major disadvantages of being with a player.

There are others, but this one stands out.

Remember that, ultimately, the decision on how to deal with a player depends on your own values, goals, and what you’re looking for in a relationship.

Always prioritize your well-being and happiness.

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