8 Reasons Why He Keeps You When He Doesn’t Want A Relationship

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So Rita has been going on about this guy who obviously doesn’t want a relationship with her but insists on keeping her close.

So we decided to do a little investigation.

Why would a man who doesn’t want to commit to you be unwilling to give you space?

You’re hanging out with someone, and even though they’re not into the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing, they still want you around.

So, what gives?

I mean, if you are uninterested, move away and let someone who is interested come closer, yeah?

But after careful investigation, we discovered that many times, the man isn’t about becoming a stumbling block in your quest to find love.

He just can’t help it.

There are so many reasons this can happen, including the fact that your friendship means a lot to him, and he is not willing to allow any man to take that from him.

Let’s take a look at some of the things we found during our investigation.

8 Reasons Why He Keeps You When He Doesn’t Want A Relationship

1. Companionship

Reasons Why He Keeps You When He Doesn't Want A Relationship

Everyone wants their own person, but not everyone is cut out for the commitment that comes with being in a romantic relationship.

If they find a person with whom they can chill and feel comfortable without the relationship tag, they’re often unwilling to let them go.

It’s like when they’re around you, they just feel completely at ease.

You know, you both can laugh together, play together, and get each other, but there’s no label on anything.

And actually, many times, because there’s no official commitment or label doesn’t mean that the companionship isn’t valuable.

It is a huge source of emotional support and his safe haven

It’s so comforting knowing that there’s someone in his life like that.

The only challenge with the relationship is that you want more, and there’s really nothing wrong with that.


2. Fear of Losing You

Reasons Why He Keeps You When He Doesn't Want A Relationship

As I mentioned in the introduction, there’s a way you are so connected with someone, and they can think of nothing else than how they’ll lose you if they give you the chance to have a committed relationship.

So, like, being scared of losing you can totally make someone wanna keep you around, even if they’re not ready for a serious relationship.

This fear could come from realizing how much you mean to them, the special bond you have, or just the thought of being alone if they end things.

In these situations, the fear of losing the comfort and company you bring can be stronger than their desire to commit, so they’ll keep the connection going even if they’re unsure.

This, of course, is a selfish way of reasoning and is not healthy for both you and him.


3. Intimacy Without Commitment

Reasons Why He Keeps You When He Doesn't Want A Relationship

You don’t need to be in a serious relationship to have physical intimacy.

It can create a special connection that’s more than just a label.

Even if you’re not looking for something long-term, being intimate can still be satisfying and emotional.

It’s a way to share feelings without worrying about what’s next.

So, if you both are meeting each other’s intimate needs, he wouldn’t see why you are going on about commitment.

You are satisfied; he is satisfied.

Why make commitments?

If both people are on the same page, it can add a whole new level to the relationship because it focuses more on keeping things alive and exciting on a more immediate and sensory level.


4. Unwillingness to Hurt You

Reasons Why He Keeps You When He Doesn't Want A Relationship

Sometimes, someone might keep you in their life because they really care about you and don’t want to hurt your feelings.

They might not want to be in a serious relationship, but they know that their actions could affect you.

They’re being kind and thoughtful by keeping the connection going, and they don’t want to cause any unnecessary pain or stress.

They might also be unwilling to get into a committed relationship because of the fear that they might change along the line and not stay through to their promise to be with you.

Seeing that that will hurt you more than it would if there wasn’t any commitment, they’ll choose to keep the commitment aside and just enjoy the relationship as it is.


5. Personal Growth Together

Reasons Why He Keeps You When He Doesn't Want A Relationship

Truly, when people have someone they came up with, someone who was there all along and who played a major role in their growth and success, they seldom want to separate from them.

A good example is a childhood friend.

You both grew together; you saw each other’s failures, successes, strengths, and weaknesses.

You’ve held each other’s hands all the way up, and you both are now adults.

He still appreciates that friendship and wants it to fire on, but he doesn’t want any kind of commitment at this time.

Another way to look at it is maybe you both are focused on personal growth at the moment, and he believes that now is not the time to make the commitment but to focus on growing and becoming better.

So, you’re both on your own paths of self-discovery and improvement and have each other as companions.

And that should be good because there’s someone with whom you can go through the ups and downs of growth, self-reflection, and positive change.


6. Uncertain Future

Reasons Why He Keeps You When He Doesn't Want A Relationship

You think everyone has their future all laid out, knowing what they want at a time.

But that’s not correct.

Some people may be very wary of making future plans because of inevitable changes, and others do not have any plans at all.

The former usually do not want to commit because they’re not sure what the future holds.

They might admit that they’re not ready for a relationship right now, but they can see things changing down the line.

It could be because of their job, personal growth, or other stuff that might affect their readiness to commit.

The latter, however, believes in taking no thoughts about tomorrow.

He believes that today is yours, so live in it.

In these situations, the relationship keeps going, knowing that the future is up in the air, and both people are open to reevaluating things when things change.


7. Enjoying the Moment

Reasons Why He Keeps You When He Doesn't Want A Relationship

Just chilling with someone without getting into a serious relationship could be because he is just digging the moment.

As he is not sure of what awaits him in the future, he’d rather just live each moment as it comes.

He appreciates all the good stuff that comes with being together, like having a laugh, sharing experiences, or just enjoying your company.

He believes that he should live in the now, find happiness in today, and not worry about what’s coming tomorrow.

And the joy and positivity the relationship brings to him just makes the present experience totally awesome and fulfilling on its own.


8. Support

Reasons Why He Keeps You When He Doesn't Want A Relationship

Many relationships are built on mutual support, and this pillar can sustain a connection even when a committed relationship isn’t in the cards.

People usually find solace in knowing they can rely on each other during challenging times.

The support may be emotional, practical, or even strategic in nature, creating a sense of interdependence.

It creates a strong bond based on trust and reliability.

Even without commitment, the assurance of having someone to lean on emotionally and share burdens with can be a powerful force in keeping the connection intact.

If this kind of bond is available in your relationship, it explains his reasons for not wanting to let you go.



This article is not written to invalidate your need for a committed relationship.

It is to magnify things so that you can see what goes on in his mind as he refuses to commit to you or give you space to get into a committed relationship.

You are your own person.

It’s still in your place to decide whether you would stay in the non-committal relationship or you’ll go on to find what is good for you.

Whatever the case is,

remember to put your needs first and ensure that you are in a healthy and safe place.

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