8 Reasons Your Man Tries to Make You Jealous

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Jealousy is a common factor in every relationship.

When people are in love, they naturally become overprotective of the one they love, trying all that they can to ensure that they do not share that bond with any other.

Sometimes, a man may not be an active player in a situation that provokes jealousy.

Then there are other cases where a man actively engages in behaviors that can make his woman jealous.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why your man seems to be trying to make you jealous, you’re not alone.

This behavior can be confusing and frustrating, but there are underlying reasons that may shed light on his actions.

In this article, we have outlined 8 reasons your man tries to make you jealous.

8 Reasons Your Man Tries to Make You Jealous

1. Seeking Attention

Reasons Your Man Tries to Make You Jealous

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man seeking the attention of his woman.

In fact, many times, it’s both cute and cheesy.

And there are several ways to pull a woman’s attention.

For one, doing the things that she loves or gifting the things she loves can quickly catch her attention.

On the flip side, doing things she doesn’t like can also get her attention.

The trouble with the latter is that the story may not have a juicy end.

Once in a while, your man may decide to get your attention and may decide to do this by getting you jealous.

Somehow, when they see you reacting emotionally, it reaffirms their sense of importance and attractiveness.

Of course, this does not justify the behavior, but understanding that it often stems from insecurity can help you approach the situation more empathetically.



2. Testing Your Commitment

Reasons Your Man Tries to Make You Jealous

It is widely known that if a relationship must work out successfully, the partners must be committed to both themselves and the relationship.

Truly, commitment isn’t something you look for, especially in relationships.

There is always evidence.

The only thing that can be tested is the level of commitment available, and there are many safe and non-toxic ways to do this.

However, some men may have had unpalatable past experiences in relationships, and this can drive them to decide to test their woman’s level of commitment using jealousy.

Others are just driven by their own insecurity.

Their insecurities about themselves or the relationship will inform their decision to take actions that will trigger jealousy in you.

Then, they will use your reaction to measure how much you are committed to the relationship.

This is such a toxic way to measure commitment in a relationship.



3. Boosting Their Ego

Reasons Your Man Tries to Make You Jealous

Men are naturally egocentric.

A man’s ego can play a significant role in shaping his self-esteem and confidence.

It has a way of influencing his behavior, decision-making, and interactions with others because, as far as ego is concerned, he has to maintain a positive self-image and gain recognition for his abilities and achievements in other to boost it.

Just like any other thing, ego can be both healthy and unhealthy.

In certain cases, making you jealous can be an ego boost for your partner.

It makes them feel desired and powerful, which can temporarily inflate their self-esteem. However, once it gets to this point, you know that your man has an unhealthy ego that relies on manipulation rather than authentic connection.

It is necessary that he balances a healthy ego, as excessive pride can hinder his personal growth and even your relationships, while low self-esteem can lead to self-doubt and insecurity.



4. Past Relationship Baggage

Reasons Your Man Tries to Make You Jealous

Past relationship baggage refers to unresolved emotional issues or negative experiences from previous relationships that can impact current and future romantic involvements.

These unresolved issues, such as trust issues, fear of commitment, or lingering hurt, can affect one’s ability to trust, communicate, and fully engage in a new relationship.

Past relationship traumas can also play a role in your man’s jealousy inducing behaviors.

If he has been hurt before, he may have developed defense mechanisms, such as making you jealous, to shield himself from getting hurt again.

Understanding his history can lead to a more compassionate approach, letting you understand what help you can provide him to completely heal from his past traumatic experience.



5. Control

Reasons Your Man Tries to Make You Jealous

A man’s need to be in control can stem from various factors such as personality traits, past experiences, or societal expectations.

This desire for control often manifests in relationships, work, or personal life as an attempt to maintain order, security, a sense of competence, or the need to have things done their own way.

Your man can decide to use jealousy as a means of controlling you in the relationship.

He believes that by making you feel jealous, he can control your actions and choices

This is a clear sign of a controlling or manipulative personality.

Of course, a certain level of control is needed to get things running smoothly around you, but every man who wants to maintain healthy relationships must remember that there is a need to balance between control and flexibility.

The need to use jealousy to be in control of their partner’s life is an extreme case and should not be encouraged.



6. Feeling Neglected

Reasons Your Man Tries to Make You Jealous

Nobody wants to be in a relationship with themselves, but the world today has become such that in many relationships, there’s only one person in the relationship.

This happens when the other partner ignores and forsakes their duty as a partner in a romantic relationship and leaves the other partner to be the only one putting in the effort.

This is another high level of toxicity in a relationship.

This kind of relationship lacks emotional connection and intimacy.

Anyone who is no longer interested in a relationship should constructively request a break up, rather than ghost the other partner in it.

If you do this to your man, he too may resort to the toxic behavior of making you jealous to provoke a reaction or spark renewed interest in the relationship.

7. Copying Behavior

Reasons Your Man Tries to Make You Jealous

It is necessary that people keep company with sound-minded people and have a good orientation before they get into a relationship.

Your partner may have witnessed jealousy-inducing behavior in other relationships, among friends/family, or even in the media and adopted it as a misguided way to deal with relationship issues.

Imagine your man is displaying toxicity because of an unwholesome behavior he saw somewhere.

This highlights the importance of healthy role models and effective communication about important topics in a relationship.



8. Miscommunication of Needs

Reasons Your Man Tries to Make You Jealous

Good communication skills are paramount in both personal and relationship settings.

They allow individuals to express themselves clearly, understand others’ perspectives, and resolve conflicts effectively.

When people lack the necessary communication skills they should have, there’s the tendency to do funny things just to send their information across.

So sometimes, it may be that your man isn’t consciously trying to make you jealous but inadvertently does so while attempting to communicate his unmet emotional needs.

He may not know how else to express his dissatisfaction or longing for more attention.

You should encourage your man to develop and practice better communication patterns in order to do away with unnecessary toxicity.


While it can be frustrating when your man tries to make you jealous, it’s vital to remember that these actions often stem from deeper insecurities and communication challenges.

But you must know that regardless of the reasons behind jealousy-inducing behavior, your mental health comes first and that you do not need such level of toxicity and manipulation in your life.

Address the situation with effective communication and understanding, and suggest that your man get’s professional help if proven necessary.

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