15 Things a Married Man Should Never Engage In

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Every marriage requires effort, commitment, and respect from both partners.

In order to maintain a healthy marriage, it is important that a married man understands the boundaries that should never be crossed.  

This article outlines 15 things a married man should never engage in to preserve the sanctity of his relationship.

15 Things a Married Man Should Never Engage In

1. Emotional Infidelity

Things a Married Man Should Never Engage In

Emotional infidelity refers to forming a deep emotional connection with someone other than your spouse.  

This can involve sharing intimate thoughts, feelings, and personal details that should ideally be reserved for your partner.

Emotional infidelity often begins innocently without any intended harm in view, like when you confide in a friend or coworker, but it can quickly escalate into a breach of trust if the emotional connection deepens.

Make sure you’re discussing your feelings, concerns, and even attractions, if any, with your spouse alone.


2. Physical Infidelity

Physical infidelity involves engaging in romantic or sexual activities with someone other than your spouse.

This breach of trust can have profound emotional, psychological, and even legal consequences.

Engaging in romantic or intimate acts with someone else breaks the exclusivity that is central to a monogamous relationship.

The fallout from physical infidelity can include shattered trust, emotional pain, and potential damage to the overall health of the marriage.


3. Secret-Keeping

Honesty is a cornerstone of every strong marriage.

Intentionally withholding information or actions from your spouse that they have a right to know is detrimental to the well-being of your marriage.

When you hide significant aspects of your life, thoughts, or actions from your spouse, you create a barrier between you both.

In marriage, you must normalize sharing every detail of your life with your spouse.

This practice builds a sense of unity and reinforces your commitment to the marriage.


4. Neglecting Quality Time

Things a Married Man Should Never Engage In

As a married man, you should not fail to prioritize these moments of shared experiences with your spouse.

Neglecting quality time can lead to emotional distance and a sense of disconnect between you and your wife.

When couples don’t invest time in each other, they may start to feel like roommates rather than intimate companions.

It’s important to create a balance between personal pursuits, work, and spending time with your spouse.


5. Excessive Workaholism

Workaholism is an obsessive focus on work to the detriment of other important aspects of life, including marriage.

It shows in your dedicating an excessive amount of time and energy to work-related activities.

Excessive workaholism can strain a marriage because your wife will feel neglected and unimportant when you keep prioritizing work over her.

To counter this, you should strike a balance between your career and personal life, set boundaries for work hours, and prioritize the time you have to spend with your wife.


6. Comparing to Others

Constantly comparing your spouse to others, whether in terms of appearance, achievements, or behavior, can erode self-esteem and create feelings of inadequacy.

Comparison can be hurtful and damaging to a marriage because when you compare your wife with others, you ignore the unique qualities and strengths she possesses.

Every individual is different, and focusing on external comparisons can lead to unnecessary dissatisfaction.

Instead, keep your mind open to discover your wife’s unique qualities, and appreciate them all – both big and small.


7. Lack of Appreciation

Things a Married Man Should Never Engage In

Failing to express gratitude and appreciation for your spouse’s efforts and contributions can lead to feelings of being undervalued and unacknowledged.

Expressing appreciation is a simple way to nurture a healthy marriage.

When you leave your wife’s efforts unnoticed or unacknowledged, you bring her to a place of resentment and emotional distance.

Regularly verbalize your gratitude for both big and small gestures to help her feel valued and reinforce the emotional connection between you.


8. Ignoring Financial Responsibilities

Neglecting your financial responsibilities, such as budgeting, bill payments, and joint financial decisions, can lead to financial stress and conflict within a marriage.

Every married man should be able to shoulder the financial responsibility of his family with the support of his wife.

Financial issues, when not handled with care, are usually a common source of tension in relationships.

Ignoring your financial responsibilities can create mistrust and frustration between partners.



9. Not Supporting Personal Growth

Failing to support your spouse’s personal growth and aspirations can lead to feelings of stagnation and resentment.

Your wife’s personal growth contributes to the growth of the marriage as a whole.

If her ambitions are neglected, it can lead to an unfulfilled life and hinder her overall well-being.

Encourage her aspirations, whether they involve career advancement, hobbies, or personal development, to foster a sense of support and mutual growth.



10. Disregarding Household Chores

Things a Married Man Should Never Engage In

Sharing household responsibilities helps to ensure that one person is not overworked in the marriage, especially in cases where both partners are career/business persons.

As a married man, you must not neglect your share of the household chores, leaving all the housekeeping responsibilities to your wife.

Rather, by working with her to make sure the house and home are kept in good shape at all times, you build teamwork and strengthen the bond and love between you both.



11. Lack of Intimacy

Neglecting physical intimacy, such as emotional closeness, affection, and sexual connection, can lead to emotional and physical disconnection between partners.

Intimacy is an essential component of a healthy marriage and must be treated with value.

To maintain a strong connection between you and your partner, prioritize intimate moments, such as cuddling, holding hands, and sexual intimacy.

Sexual intimacy also plays a significant role in nurturing your bond, so ensure that you’re both communicating openly about your needs and desires in this area.


12. Engaging in Harmful Habits

Engaging in harmful habits, such as substance abuse, excessive gambling, or other detrimental behaviors, can not only impact your health but also strain your relationship.

Substance abuse and other harmful behaviors can lead to strained finances, deteriorating health, and emotional turmoil.

If you find yourself struggling with such habits, it’s crucial to seek professional help and support.

Openly discussing your challenges with your spouse can create an environment of understanding and empathy, and taking steps toward recovery together can strengthen your bond.


13. Not Respecting Boundaries

Things a Married Man Should Never Engage In

Failing to respect your partner’s personal boundaries, whether emotional, physical, or otherwise, can lead to discomfort, misunderstandings, and conflicts within a marriage.

Everyone has their own set of boundaries that define their comfort zones and limits.

It’s important to discuss your concerns openly and set healthy boundaries that both of you are comfortable with.

Respect your partner’s wishes and agree on how best to handle disagreements when they arise.

Disregarding these boundaries can cause your partner to feel disrespected and violated.


14. Disrespecting In-laws

Things a Married Man Should Never Engage In

Disrespecting or disregarding your partner’s family, including in-laws, can lead to tension, conflicts, and strain within your marriage.

Family relationships are an integral part of your marriage.

Disrespecting your wife’s family members, whether intentionally or unintentionally, can lead to hurt feelings and strained relationships.

Treat your in-laws with the same care and respect you accord to your own family.

However, you and your wife must agree on the boundaries for your external family in order to maintain peace and harmony in your marriage.


15. Avoiding Communication

Avoiding open communication and failing to address issues can lead to misunderstandings, unresolved conflicts, and a breakdown in emotional connection within a marriage.

Effective communication is the backbone of a strong marriage.

When important topics are avoided or swept under the rug, it creates a barrier between you and your wife.

Unresolved conflicts can fester and lead to resentment over time.

Regularly check in with each other, address issues promptly, and actively listen to understand your partner’s perspective.




By keeping these acts at bay in your marriage, you create an opportunity for both you and your wife to have a loving marital experience.

As a married man, every action you take affects your marriage, so choose to uphold the values that will lead to a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment together.

In doing this, your wife will be assured of your love for her and your commitment to the marriage.

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