10 Reasons Why Some Men Find You Intimidating

Ways to Deal With Mixed Signals from Your Male Friend

As you walk gracefully into that room, do you feel the shivering in people’s hearts? Do you feel the hair on their skin rise? Do you feel they are feeling subdued? Or has anyone been bold enough to tell you that you’re intimidating? Don’t fret, dear lady. “Intimidating” is a label that many strong, confident …

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12 Signs Your Man Is Faithful

As I ponder on this topic, I think of many extreme cases of unfaithfulness in relationships – too heavy to share. It’s no news that it is becoming easier to rob a bank than to find a faithful man. But in the midst of all these extreme stories of unfaithful men in relationships, there is …

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8 Ways To Treat A Player

Why Your Boyfriend Does Not Value You

Today, we’re treating players, literally. And if what comes to your mind when you see the word “players” are participants in a sports game, then you need to read this post. Also, if you know what we mean by “player” in this post, then this is your read. When someone is described as a “player,” …

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8 Kinds Of Women Any Man Will Want To Marry

8 Common Reasons Your Ex Wants to Be Friends

What kind of woman does every man want to marry? Such an intriguing question. Marriage is a major leap in anyone’s life, and what’s most important to people in marriage is finding the right partner. Isn’t that what everyone says when they’re asked? “Why are you not married yet?” “…I haven’t found the right person…” …

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8 Dating Tips For Shy People

Dating is the one thing everyone wants to have a good shot at. And why not? What’s a better feeling than having someone who is your person through and through? But as good a thing as dating can be, it can also be a really daunting endeavor, especially for those who are naturally reserved or …

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